60 Days Inside Country Visa Change – Complete Guideline 2022

60 Days Inside the Country Visa Change

60 Days inside country visa change

60 days inside country visa change: Need to extend your Dubai visa status but don’t want to travel back out of the country? Don’t worry! We have an easy and fast solution for you that won’t require you to leave the country nor waste time going in circles – a solution which will allow you to change your visa status without exiting UAE and can extend UAE visa for 60 days, keeping things nice and simple. This can be done by arranging for an Extension for 60 days inside country visa change if that’s what you need. What’s more? We will handle all the paperwork along with the entire application process so that you never have to go through any unnecessary hassle ever again! Whether you are traveling abroad or living in Dubai, you have probably already heard about visa corruption. Our 60 days inside country visa change package means that there is no need to exit the country and come back when changing your visa status. You can now do it from anywhere in the country, hassle free, and more relaxed! In order to apply for a 60 Days inside country visa change visa some documents will be required. Apply at least 3 working days before your scheduled exit. There is no need to return home, or go anywhere else in the world! The status of the visa can be changed while staying in the country, and even extending UAE visa once already inside is possible for 60 days inside country visa change – all that’s needed is a simple form that you can fill out online instead of having to leave the country again. If you have been laid off, cancelled your employment visa, or are awaiting your salary; do not worry — as long as you are in the country, there is still a way for you to stay!

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Documents Required for 60 days Inside the country visa change

Visitor’s Documents required

  • Applicants’ colored scanned copy of the Documents:
  • Passport required for Bio Page and Last page
  • Minimum of 6 months of validity of the passport required
  • Latest passport size photograph with white background

Guarantor’s Document for 60 Days inside country visa change :

Relative or a friend who is currently based in Dubai for work or as resident in UAE can be called as a Gaurantors

  • Scanned colored passport copy
  • Scanned resident visa copy with minimum 3months validity
  • Scanned Emirates I.D copy

Additional Documents for Visitors with NO Guarantor in UAE:

  • Confirmed Hotel booking
  • Confirmed Return ticket booking
  • Tour itinerary copy.

How to apply for 60 days inside the country visa change ?

  • Just fill our simple online visa application, in which we required your name, nationality, contact address, travel date,
  • Send clear scanned visa-related documents via email or WhatsApp Dubaivisa@forevertourism.com/00971526422120.
  • Payment Mode: Use your credit card to pay through our secure gateway.
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