The Best 12 Picnic Spots in the UK

Picnic Spots in the UK

The onset of picnic season coincides with the lengthening of the nights—during the day or even after school. These are some of our favourite rural and coastal picnic locations in the United Kingdom. Picnicking is a terrific way to explore the countryside, and because many of us now work from home, there are more options for picnics when the weather warms up in the spring. No matter where you are in the United States, you will not have to drive far to dine outside while taking in breath-taking scenery. These are some of our favourite and most inspirational outdoor dining locations in the UK visa.

The Best 12 Picnic Spots in the UK with a visa from Dubai

1. The castle of Corfe, Dorset

There is much more to Corfe than the castle that rules over the Purbeck Hills; however, it does provide for a beautiful picnic spot surrounded by history. Visit the Model Village, the Animal Rescue Center, and the Parish Church to turn a picnic into a full day of sightseeing. In addition, you may wander around the hamlet, see the Purbeck Hills, and, if you have the time, take a steam train to Swanage. If you are up for a stroll down the seaside as part of a vintage experience, then you are in luck.

2. Keswick’s Castlerigg Stone Circle

Enjoy your picnic in the middle of one of Britain’s most interesting prehistoric sites, surrounded by an old stone circle. You will also be able to see four of the Lake District’s tallest peaks. There are numerous scenic walks suitable for all abilities in the area.

3. Pembrokeshire’s Barafundle Bay

A picnic will enhance any visit to this award-winning beach, as all amenities are at least a half-mile over the cliff. One of the best beaches in Britain, Barafundle Beach is known for its golden sand and clear water.Whether you choose to swim in the ocean, explore the sand dunes, rock pools, and caves, or simply take in the breathtaking natural scenery, the tranquil setting is ideal for a picnic. Explore some of the best coastal walks in Pembrokeshire and learn about the most popular places to eat and stay.

4. Tatton Park, Knutsford, County of Cheshire

You can enjoy the beauty of this estate and the wildlife in the park while doing many different things. There are many different kinds of events at Tatton Park, such as workshops and demonstrations, headlining concerts, and fireworks.

On behalf of the National Trust, East Cheshire Countryside manages the parkland. There are many chances for exploration, starting with the exquisite neoclassical Georgian palace itself, which has stunning furnishings and artworks by artists like Canaletto, Van Dyck, and Gillow. The wealthy town of Knutsford, with its abundance of antique shops and tearooms, was the inspiration for Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford.

5. Bowlees Picnic Area, County of Durham

Admire the four waterfalls that serve as the backdrop for this picnic area. Take a stroll along the riverbank and travel the short distance to the breath-taking High Force waterfall. High Force is the largest waterfall in England, with a drop of 21 meters. From the picnic area, a riverbank trail leads to Gibson’s Cave, named after a notorious bandit who hid below the waterfall.

6. Devil’s Dyke, West Sussex

Devil’s Dyke is the United Kingdom’s longest, deepest, and widest dry valley. It is surrounded by beautiful views and lively animals. Its high position gives it great views of the English Channel and South Downs. It is also a great place to fly kites (learn how to make a kite here) and roll down hills. A picnic location that combines gorgeous landscape with an enjoyable day trip.

7. Upper Wharfedale, the Yorkshire Dales, and the county of Yorkshire

Enjoy a tranquil stroll through the picturesque Upper Wharfedale valley. The countryside surrounding the village of Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales is dotted with pools and waterfalls, making it an idyllic location for a spot of wild swimming followed by a riverside picnic. Families bring their rubber dinghies to the meadows south of Grassington to go hopping on stepping stones and sliding down water slides.

Nearby Ghaistrill’s Strid provides exhilarating rapids, while Loup Scar’s high jump and plunge pool attract the most brave. Farther to the north, between Grassington and Conistone, lies Grass Wood, a lovely old wood covered with wildflowers. Utilize this guide to recognize British wildflowers.

8. Marsden Bay, South Tyneside

Combine a picnic with a trip to the beach, especially on a sunny day when Marsden Bay serves as a windbreak and sun trap. Explore the caves hidden beneath the limestone cliffs and observe the sky, as this area is well-known for its colonies of seabirds.

9. Warwickshire’s Burton Dasset Hills Country Park

Passing across a sea of sheep, place your picnic blanket on a slope of ironstone near “The Beacon.” A Grade II-listed building that was utilized as an observation tower during the English Civil War. Originally, it was erected as a tower mill. According to a toposcope atop a hilltop, on a clear day you can see Coventry Cathedral more than 30 kilometres away.

10. Wimpole Estate, Cambridgeshire

This property, owned by the National Trust, consists of an attractive home and a thriving rural estate. The exquisite Georgian interiors are open to visitors, with the famed Yellow Drawing Room probably being the most spectacular. Outdoors offers as much, if not more, than inside. Amble around the lovely gardens and investigate the lively farmyard. You may also explore the manicured park further, passing through forests, lakes, and farmland. There are several family-friendly activities held throughout the year, including outdoor theater and wild camping.

11. Richmond Park Picnic

Have a picnic in Richmond Park, which is a designated nature reserve where deer are free to roam.
This is London’s biggest royal park, so put on your backpack, pack a picnic, and get ready to go exploring. It has been set aside as a nature reserve, and 600 deer live here in the wild.

The park has a 7.5-mile trail that you can run or ride a bike on. If you see one of the beautiful deer in Richmond Park, try not to get too close to it. From May to July, the mothers will be very protective of their young, and in the fall, when it’s mating season, the males won’t let you near them.

12. Greenwich Park Picnic

Greenwich Park is another great place to look for a great picnic spot in London. By river, you can get to this one. Take the Thames Clipper from one of the stops listed in the link above and get off at Greenwich. If you’ve heard of the famous Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park, you might want to stand on the Prime Meridian, which is where East meets West and 0 degrees of longitude run. Or you might just want to have a picnic in the spring under one of the beautiful cherry blossom trees.

Locals also come here to eat lunch as the seasons change and the park takes on new colors and shades. From the top of the Observatory hill, you can see the London skyline lit up at night. This is a beautiful sight. Greenwich is a fun place to visit on its own. The Cutty Sark is the only tea clipper that is still around. So you can do lots of things before or after your picnic.


Visitors can see the beautiful Georgian interiors. The famous Yellow Drawing Room is probably the most impressive. Outdoors offers as much, if not more, than inside. Amble around the lovely gardens and investigate the lively farmyard. You may also explore the manicured park further, passing through forests, lakes, and farmland.

There are several family-friendly activities held throughout the year, including outdoor theatre and wild camping. Choose from the list! If you want activities you can enjoy on a UK tourist visa from Dubai, learn about the UK visa from Dubai price and get the UK visa from UAE. UK visit visa from Dubai.

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