The Top 10 Tips for Women Visiting Turkey

Tips for Women Visiting Turkey

Turkey is a great place to visit because it has a warm culture and friendly people. This place has a lot of history, beautiful scenery, and exciting things to do that can keep people there for a long time. If you use common sense and take the same safety precautions you take at home, Turkey visa is a safe place to visit.

Turkey visa from Dubai is a safe place to visit as long as you use common sense and take the same safety measures you would at home. It is very important to know about the country you are going to and the people who live there. Here are 10 tips for women who are travelling to Turkey on a visa from Dubai Price that will keep them safe.

The Top 10 Tips for Women Visiting Turkey

1. Get dressed right

So when you go to Istanbul and the surrounding area, you’ll find that people are more used to dressing in a Western or European style. But on the inside, they are more formal and conservative. So, when travelling to these places, it’s best to dress up. You will get respect if you show respect. Try to stay away from dangerous places at night.

Traveling women don’t have to cover their heads unless they are going to a mosque. Also, try to bring clothes that fit loosely, like jeggings, longer skirts, capris, yoga pants, and so on. This will help you fit in with the locals and give you something to remember Turkey by.

2. Mosque Etiquette

Istabul and Turkey are famous for mosques, places like the Blue Mosque, etc. When you go to a mosque, you must cover your hair, shoulders, and knees, and you must take your shoes off. A long skort or a pair of capris that come to the knee.

3. Act like a local and meet with people from the area

Be careful when meeting new people and getting to know them. When you’re with friends, it’s fine to give a hug, but when you’re with a stranger, it’s better to be shy. Don’t hug new people, and only shake hands with people you don’t know if they ask you to. Most of the time, a hug is seen as flirting.

The sooner you meet local people, the better it will be. The best way is to join a local club or class, like a cooking class or a pottery class. You can have them over for dinner to build trust and all that. Turks like to talk about their families. This will help break down the barrier between the cultures.

4. Rules for the home

When you visit a friend or family member in Turkey, it’s a nice gesture to bring small gifts, sweets from a local bakery, etc. They always like it when you do something like this. You can also invite them to dinner, but make sure you are hungry. The hosts always make sure you have enough to eat. At the end of the meal, you can also say, “Health to your hands,” which is another way to thank the cook.

It’s best to take your shoes off before going inside. You will probably be given a pair of slippers or shoes to wear, since regular shoes can’t be worn inside. When you get there before the meal, help the women prepare the food by joining them in the kitchen. It will be a great chance for everyone to get to know each other and talk to each other.

5. Toilet Paper is Travellers’ Gold

Even though the bathrooms in Turkey are clean, you should bring toilet paper with you.

6. Keep the hotel card

Turkey’s addresses and locations can be hard to figure out, so it’s best to get a hotel card and a map so you don’t get lost. On the card, write down your name, address, and phone number. If you can’t figure out how to get back to your lodging, you can give the address to a taxi driver and ask him to take you there.

7. Try to learn a few Turkish words

People will treat you better if you can speak a few words of Turkish, which is why you should try to do so. Turks love their country and their language. Learn simple things like “hello,” “goodbye,” “thank you,” etc. to make friends. It will also help you haggle at the Grand Bazaar and in other malls.

8. Try a Turkish Hammam

No trip is complete without a stop at these baths. These baths have been around for a hundred years, when they were used to relax and refresh. Most hammams are for both men and women, but you should still check before you go. Men and women each have their own time.

9. Talk to the locals

When you go to a different country, the best thing to do is hang out with the people who live there. Turks are friendly and outgoing people who like to make friends and hang out. If you could learn a few Turkish phrases, that would be great. This will help you feel more at home and break the ice. Don’t hug men and try not to smile, because they might take it in a different way. Just be careful and kind to the people you meet.


Turkey is an underrated travel spot that everyone should visit at least once. Here are 15 tips for women travelling to Turkey that will make sure they have a great trip. Men and women have different experiences when they go to a country where most people are Muslim. Even more unusual is for a woman to travel alone.

Turkey, on the other hand, is a great place for women to travel alone or with a group. Choose from the list! If you want activities you can enjoy for a Turkey visa from the UAE, know the Turkey visit visa from Dubai ticket prices, and get the Turkey tourist visa from Dubai.

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