11 Dubai Dinner Cruises to Make Your Vacation Worthwhile

Dubai Dinner Cruises

Dubai, the largest and most populated city in the United Arab Emirates, is a popular place for tourists to visit. Going on one of the city’s elegant dinner cruises is one of the most popular things to do in Dubai for tourists. These cruises provide wonderful meals, interesting performances, and a tour of the city’s canals.

11 Dubai Dinner Cruises to Make Your Vacation Worthwhile

1. The Dubai Marina Luxury Dinner Cruise

The Luxury Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise is a 90-minute nighttime cruise around the illuminated wonders of Dubai Marina.

What’s inside?

The two-story ship treats all of its passengers like kings and queens by giving them a feast with foods from all over the world. You can fall in love with Mariana’s wonderful music, great food, and spectacular nighttime views of the island from the top deck. Soft drinks, water, tea, and coffee, as well as welcome refreshments, are all complimentary to guests.


• At the 5-star Address Hotel Marina, you can eat Arabic and international food.
• Live music will be played while you eat a delicious meal and drink as much non-alcoholic alcohol as you want.
• The lower deck has full air conditioning and an open-air deck. There are also toilets on board.

2. Dhow Dinner Cruise along Dubai Creek

The Dhow Dinner Cruise in Dubai is a three-hour excursion aboard a classic wooden dhow around the Creek. This wooden dhow was created with all of the current demands of the visitors in mind.

What’s inside?

The ship offers a delicious Arabic and international buffet to its customers. It offers everyone an excellent opportunity to unwind while taking in bizarre music and lovely Arabic dancing. All of the passengers are amazed by the beauty of the well-lit sites along Dubai Dhow Cruise Creek.


• Live performances of Arabic dance by trained dancers
• Use the transfer service to get to and from the creek.
• There was a live band and trained singers who played live music.
• The cruise’s rooms are very nice, but they keep the traditional dhow’s modern style in mind.
• The cruise line picks up and drops off all of its guests from and to their hotels.

3.5-Star Buffet Dinner Dhow Cruise on Deira Creek

The 5-Star Buffet Dinner at Deira Creek Dhow Cruise is one of the world’s largest dhows. It takes visitors on a 2-hour tour of Deira Creek’s attractions. There are three levels of seating for visitors aboard this classic dhow. It was created with great care and beauty in order to provide its guests with a first-rate experience.

What’s inside?

The voyage includes a 5-star buffet meal with cuisine from across the world and from the ship’s own kitchen. The hotel provides a pick-up and drop-off service for the convenience of its guests.


• Folk dances like Youwla and Tannura are done the real way on the cruise.
• All of its guests can use Wi-Fi for free while they are on board
• All of its visitors can purchase souvenirs, as well as enjoy beautiful traditional henna art and live Arabic performances on a regular basis.
• The cruise can also pick up and drop off guests.

4. A lavish dinner boat trip around the canal

A traditional dhow boat can go through both a new waterfall and the man-made Dubai Water Canal on Sheikh Zayed Drive. People may go through these lovely canals on an entertaining dinner cruise in Dubai, where they’ll also get to see the Burj Khalifa lit up at night.

What’s inside?

The three-hour cruise comes with a five-star buffet dinner with both foreign and local specialties, as well as live cooking stations. Along the water canal, the tour stops at the Dubai Creek, Jumeirah Beach, the Dubai Water Canal Bridge, the JW Marquis hotel, and the Burj Khalifa.


• The guests are welcomed on the cruise with a traditional Arabic drink called Kahwa
• Two live dance and singing shows are put on during the trip to keep the guests entertained.
• The price of the ticket includes both pick-up and drop-off.
• Live stations serve guests on board delicious food that is cooked right there.

5. 2 hour evening Dhow cruise and meal

During a two-hour night time dhow cruise, passengers travel around the Dubai Creek on a classic dhow.

What’s inside?

Along with tasty Arabic food, tourists can enjoy peaceful views of palaces, banks, souks, and canals that are lit up at night. Dubai’s skyline, which is exquisitely illuminated at night, is enough to catch your eye.


• The cruise picks up and drops off all of its guests at their hotels, and vice versa.
• The food at the buffet is both traditional and from around the world, so everyone can find something they like.
• Live dance shows are offered on the cruise for the entertainment of its guests.

6. Cruise on the Alexandra Dhow in the Dubai Marina

This classic boat, the “Alexandra,” is used for a two-hour dinner cruise in Dubai. Visitors can peacefully take in views of the Dubai Marina.
What’s inside?

Anyone who attends the buffet supper is welcome to eat a lot. The conventional 120-foot dhow has a lot of seats and can accommodate plenty of people.

• On the cruise, there are live entertainment options like dance and singing shows.
• All of the guests can have as much food and drinks that don’t contain alcohol as they want.
• You can have as many cold drinks, water, juices, and appetisers as you want.
• At the dinner buffet, there are five salads, seven main courses, and four desserts.

7. Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise 4-Star Dinner Buffet

The Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina 4-Star Dinner Buffet is a two-hour cruise that runs all around Dubai Marina.
What’s inside?

The two-story structure features air conditioning as well as an open-air balcony for visitors. Every visitor is welcomed like a king or queen and offered delectable international and regional cuisine.


• The guests can have as many non-alcoholic drinks, sweets, and appetisers as they want.
• Trained dancers show the guests traditional Arabic and Egyptian dances in real time.
• When the tour is over, all guests are taken back to their hotels by the cruise.
• Guests can use the lower deck, which is fully air-conditioned, or the open-air deck.
• The cruise has a service that takes all of its guests back to their hotels.

8. Dinner cruise on the Dubai Bateaux

As they enjoy the serene city views, Cruise provides each and every one of its customers with a 5-star experience.
What’s inside?
All of the interiors of the ship are made of sleek glass, which adds to its elegance.

• The staff at the Bateaux Dubai Floating Restaurant is well-trained and ready to help the guests.
• A four-course meal cooked by trained professionals on board, along with a wide range of drinks.
• Live entertainment like dance and singing shows make all the guests feel like kings and queens.
• The glass-enclosed rooms have full air conditioning to treat all of their guests like royalty.
• There are also vegetarian options on board for all of its guests.

9. A two-hour dinner cruise at the floating restaurant Zomorrodha

A two-hour dinner cruise at the floating restaurant Zomorrodha. The two-hour Zomorrodho Floating Restaurant Dinner Cruise is held in a sizable traditional dhow. Visitors may enjoy the breathtaking views of Dubai Creek.
What’s inside?
The Sheikh’s Palace and Heritage Village, which were recently modernised, are two locations that the boat visits.

• A cruise with two decks the lower deck has glass walls and is fully air-conditioned, while the upper deck is open.
• The hotel offers its guests a 4-star international buffet.
• On the cruise, you could drink as much coffee, tea, soft drinks, and water as you wanted.
• For the comfort of the guests, a well-maintained minivan will pick them up and drop them off.
• Each guest is given a free drink when they arrive.

10. Dinner cruise on the Dubai Creek for two

A typical boat that offers visitors fantastic night time views of the city is the Romantic Dinner Cruise along the Creek in Dubai.

What’s inside?

The Dubai Creek, which is a lovely area to visit, is travelled by the dhow’s passengers. The 2-hour cruise will pass huge structures like the Burj Khalifa along the route, which would be ideal for a lavish and romantic meal for two.


• There are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options at the five-star buffet and catering service.
• The cruise has music and dance shows on board to keep its guests entertained.
• The journey also has a live horse show, a Tandora show, and a live puppet show that are all fun to watch.
• A cruise with two decks and air conditioning on both of them.
11. New Year’s Eve gala dinner boat around the Dubai Creek

The New Year’s Eve celebrations in Dubai are lavish and pricey. Don’t miss the opulent New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner Boat that travels around the Dubai Creek if you’re in Dubai on New Year’s Eve.

What’s inside?

The personnel will capture your heart with their warmth in addition to the spectacular meal and regal greeting.


• Packages for alcoholic drinks that let the facility add as much beer, wine, and other drinks as they want.
• A 5-star international buffet dinner with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food
• It comes with all kinds of party supplies, decorations, and a New Year’s cake.
• There are many music shows on the cruise, and a live Tannura show is put on during the trip.
• Live pasta stations, where professional Italian chefs make pasta right in front of you, add to the experience of eating in.
• Go to Dubai to see beautiful dance and music performances and mesmerising fireworks.

How to Have a Good Time on a Dinner Cruise

• When you get on the boat, you have to have a valid ID and a confirmation of your reservation.
• There is no strict dress code. Because of this, you can’t wear shorts, slippers, or swimwear. But on all cruises, people can wear their national dress.
• If you cancel your reservation 24 hours before the tour, you can get your money back. If the cancellation is made after that, no money will be given back.
• All babies must sit on their parents’ laps and not in the chairs. Some cruise lines offer baby chairs on request if they are needed. Children are allowed on trips as long as they are with an adult.
• The cruise trip depends on how the weather is. So, if the weather isn’t good, the tour is cancelled and the whole amount is refunded.
• To avoid more delays, you should get to the boarding point 20–30 minutes before the time to board.
• All cruises usually leave on time and return to the same place they left from at the end of the tour.

Your vacation to Dubai might be one of the most memorable experiences of your life if you make the most of it. A dinner cruise is one of the ways to spend an evening in Dubai. Throughout the city, there are several supper cruises that offer travellers delectable fare and exciting acts. Choosing the best one can be a very hard task. But a little homework never hurts. Prepare yourself for one of the most memorable evenings of your life by booking one of Dubai’s many dinner cruises. If you want a Dhow Cruise Creek Tours group to accompany you on your vacation, first purchase the Dhow Cruise Creek package, and then begin your journey by learning the Dhow Cruise Creek price.

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