The Dubai Dolphinarium hosts the Creek Park Exotic Bird Show

Exotic Bird Show

The Dubai Dolphinarium is the Middle East’s first completely air-conditioned indoor Dolphinarium. The habitat of the dolphins and seals offers visitors the opportunity to engage with the peaceful aquatic creatures and witness their performance. In addition, there will be live dolphin shows and picture opportunities. It has a size of 5000 square meters and can be found at Creek Park Gate No. 1 along Riyadh Road. The Dolphinarium was first opened to the public in 2008, and since then, it has become an excellent venue for educating, entertaining, and learning for people of all ages.

The Dubai Dolphinarium hosts the Creek Park Exotic Bird Show

Explanation in Great Detail

The Dubai Dolphinarium is a paradise for youngsters because it is home to a number of bottlenose dolphins as well as Northern fur seals. The Dubai Dolphinarium is the first completely air-conditioned indoor Dolphinarium in the Middle East. It is located on the Al Jadaf beachfront on Dubai Creek in the heart of Dubai.

The Show for Rare and Unusual Birds In addition to being home to more than 20 different kinds of exotic birds, Dubai is also home to the Dubai Dolphinarium. Go to the park to see a fantastic display put on by some birds that have been taught and allowed to be handled. At the park, you will have the pleasure of spotting birds of different shapes and sizes, ranging from eagles and hawks to love birds, parrots, and doves.

Take photographs with them and other types of birds, such as macaws from South America, cockatoos from Australia, toucans, gold macaws, cockatoos, green-winged macaws, and Eclectus parrots, among others.

A visit to the Bird Show at the Dubai Dolphinarium is the ideal way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city with your loved ones while also providing your eyes with some much-needed fresh air and vegetation. To round up your experience at the Dubai Dolphinarium and Creek Park, be sure to get tickets for the dolphin performance as well as the opportunity to swim with the dolphins and see the bird show.

The Dolphinarium features a variety of other amenities and attractions for guests, including a gift shop, a picture shop, a trampoline, a mirror maze, and a number of other activities. In addition, there is a cafeteria on the premises where you can refuel yourself.

A show of rare and exotic birds

The “exotic birds show” is yet another fascinating attraction that can be found at the Dubai Dolphinarium. Here, guests get the opportunity to observe exotic free-flying bird performances and watch in awe as the birds interact with the spectators as they soar above them. You will have the opportunity to learn about their natural habitats, social structures, diets, and conservation efforts, as well as watch some unique tricks performed by these fascinating birds.

Some of these tricks include a cockatoo painting, a macaw hoisting a flag, hornbills catching food while it is in mid-flight, and an African grey speaking English, Chinese, and Arabic.

This Dolphinarium features an arena-style seating arrangement with the pool in the centre, much like an amphitheatre. The show features dolphins and seals.
You will get the opportunity to observe the dolphins carrying out a variety of tasks in response to directions, ranging from dancing and juggling to playing ball. There are six bottlenose dolphins in all, and each one has a unique name.

Elvis, Jerry, Kyushu, Tetka, and Kai are some of the names that have been given to the dolphins. You won’t just get to view dolphins on this trip; you’ll also get to see rare fur seals. This programme will last for half an hour.

A VIP section is located in the middle of the seating arrangement, while normal sections are arranged in an arc around the VIP section. Choosing to sit in the VIP area ensures that you will have a view that is unrivalled by any other location in the venue, since this section is located directly across from the pool. When it comes to purchasing tickets, the order of arrival is taken into consideration; there are no specific lines set up.

Therefore, ensure that you arrive early in order to get a spot in the VIP section. If you can’t acquire one of the VIP seats, try to get a seat in the ordinary area that’s near the VIP section.

Activities for children

The Dolphinarium hosts a variety of fun and informative events throughout the week for visitors of all ages, including those held on weekends. These activities include colouring contests, seeing artwork exhibited in the lobby as acknowledgment for guests’ creative efforts, and many others.

Children have the opportunity to learn more about the Dolphinarium that is located in Creek Park through their participation in the monthly workshops that are held here. During the school summer break, there are a variety of unique indoor activities planned just for children. If you wish to bring your children, know more Dubai Dolphinarium ticket and Dubai Dolphinarium offers.

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