Everything You Should Know About Dhow Cruises in Dubai

Dhow Cruises in Dubai

Since many decades ago, the incredible skyscrapers and sparkling sands have completely altered people’s perceptions of the old city of Dubai. At one point in time, Dubai Creek was regarded as the sole location in which people were able to enjoy activities such as cruising and fishing in the warm, shallow waters. On the other hand, the dhow cruise business has changed completely since Dubai Marina was built as an artificial canal.

Cruising is the most popular pastime in Arab countries, which is fitting considering that dhows are such an important part of Arab culture. The Dhow Cruise at Dubai Marina is one of the best and most popular activities that tourists enjoy while visiting the city. It transports passengers on a sumptuous voyage along the waters of the Marina canal city. This guide will provide you with information regarding the entire experience that you will have at Dubai Marina if you are planning on going there for a fun ride.

Everything You Should Know About Dhow Cruises in Dubai

How does the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina appear?

Dhows are traditional wooden boats that were used for transportation and commerce in the past. The ships in question were actually used for commercial transport in the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea at various points in time. Today, in contemporary Dubai, these dhows are used for a variety of purposes, including sightseeing tours, entertainment, and cruising. Dhows have two levels, which are referred to as the top deck and the lower deck, respectively. While the bottom deck is comfortable due to the presence of glass windows and air conditioning, the upper deck is ideal for taking in the sights in the fresh air.

Cruise on a Dhow In reality, Dubai Marina is a huge boat consisting of an upper deck, a lower deck, and several seating layouts. The majority of Dhow cruises have identical appearances and frameworks; nonetheless, the services that they provide are very different from one another. Some of the dhows feature more colourful lighting and interior decor, and they are outfitted with comfortable furnishings. The men’s and women’s restrooms are kept completely separate, and there is a buffet set up in the common area so that guests can eat there.

Alternatives in terms of dining and amusement:

Visitors to Dubai have a wonderful opportunity to unwind and enjoy themselves while on a Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina, which departs from Dubai Marina. These days, dhow cruises provide passengers with a wide variety of entertainment alternatives to choose from, including dances, puppet shows, and DJs. On the dhow cruise creek, there are local artists who perform belly dancing or tannura, both of which are incredibly popular with guests.

These performers wear gowns that are adorned all over with multi-coloured lighting, and the scene that they produce when they dance and spin in them is very remarkable. You will be welcomed aboard the dhow voyage with drinks, dates, tea, and coffee that are, for the most part, complimentary.

On the dhow cruises, the waiters are really friendly and cooperative, and they will make an effort to entertain you in the best way that is feasible. The waiters will not only advise you about the key landmarks for tourism but will also provide you with specifics about each location. You will have the opportunity to sample a wide variety of international foods for dinner, including dishes from Italy, Asia, Thailand, China, continental cuisine, the Mediterranean, and Arabic cuisine.

There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, as well as an abundance of fruits and salads to choose from. Fish that has been grilled, lamb chops that have been marinated, beef stroganoff, fried fillet hamour, steamed rice, daal, sabzi, and other dishes are among the popular options for meals. Along with a broad selection of home-baked breads, there is also a vast assortment of sweets and desserts to choose from.


Cruise on a Dhow People can take advantage of some incredible sightseeing options at Dubai Marina. People can be seen walking, jogging, taking breaks, and sitting in cafés and restaurants along the three kilometres of shoreline that make up Dubai Marina, which is built along the coast of the Persian Gulf. When you go on a cruise in Dubai Marina, you will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to observe the stunning and mind-boggling architecture that the city is known for. This architecture includes skyscrapers, high-rise structures, luxury hotels, fashion brands, and more. You will get the opportunity to see some of the world’s most famous and stunning buildings and structures, such as the following:

• Twin Towers of Rolex (Rolex)
• Hotel Burj Al Arab
• Bridge of Sheikh Zayed, in addition to other bridges
• The iconic Hotel Atlantis
• Residences at the Palm Villas
• Burj Khalifa
• Beach Resort

The calm waters of Dubai Marina make for a beautiful backdrop for watching sailboats and other watercraft go about their business. You can take in the peaceful atmosphere while watching people drive and ride trams over the bridges that are directly above you. If you are interested in touring and admiring the sophisticated and elegantly made structures, Dubai Marina is a highly impressive site to visit that you should consider going to.

The best time of year to go cruising is:

If you plan on going to Dubai Marina for no other reason than to look at the sights, the best time to go is during the day or in the afternoon. Some individuals merely want to view the architecture, and they want to do so during the day so that they can appreciate the aesthetic value of the skyscrapers and the other structural aspects.

You may also visit the city at night, when all of the buildings are lit up and the whole city is shimmering, to get a better look at the modern metropolis and the gorgeous architecture it contains. At night, the view would be even more breathtaking and calm, and the atmosphere would be absolutely stunning. The allure of night time cruising, with its more peaceful and intimate atmosphere, is what draws the vast majority of passengers.

There are a number of dhow operators who can advise you appropriately on the most appropriate time to embark on a dhow tour around Dubai Marina. A few of the businesses offer an additional pick-up and delivery service between the hotel and the port of embarkation.

The Dhow Cruise Marina Package is the best of both worlds because it is located in such a wonderful location. This tour will utterly hypnotise you, and its beauty and charm will captivate you. Buy your tickets right away, and you’ll be on your way to the best city in the UAE. If you wish to go on a dhow cruise marina tour, first read the dhow cruise creek package. Then, determine the dhow cruise creek price up the creek and purchase your ticket. Dhow Cruise Creek Tours is a fantastic family vacation option. Purchase the Dhow Cruise Creek bundle right away. Then learn more and begin your trip.

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