Top 10 strange and fantastic restaurants to try at Global Village

Global Village

The start of Global Village is a definite indication that winter has arrived. On October 25 of this year, the enormous market opened its doors, and since then, we have been back and forth in search of all the exciting and fun things to do as well as the strange and wonderful restaurants that are on offer. Here are ten unusual foods to try in Global Village Dubai.

Top 10 strange and fantastic restaurants to try at Global Village
1. Meatology

We can understand why they are being referred to as Global Village’s greatest burgers. With their crimson buns and gooey, cheesy bliss, these Angus beef burgers are not only photogenic but also flavorful. The VIP burger, which comes with red-colored buns, and the cheesy cheeseburger, which is, well, cheesy, are two alternatives available.

2. Little Sugar

If you’re looking for somewhere to satisfy your sweet tooth, head down to the Culture Gate and let your senses lead you to this delectable sweet treat shop. Their pastries are fantastic and will satisfy your sweet tooth quickly. Make sure to sample the custard and fresh fruit-filled Crêpe Brûlée ice cream cone.

3. Cheese Wheel Pasta

Who says only fine dining establishments can mix cheese wheels? Presented to us by Wheel 35, if you’re looking for a meal that will have you doing the happy dance as soon as you take a bite, head to Kiosk Street and order your own customised pasta.

4. Super Slice Pizza

The largest slice of pizza you’ll likely find is this one. Although there are only two flavours available—a pepperoni and a margherita—they are cheesy, delicious, and enormous. These monster-sized slices can be cut into bite-sized pieces, which is a blessing if you need some help eating them.

5. Raclette DXB

We are present for what appears to be a recurring pattern with the food at Global Village. Although the smell of raclette cheese is not pleasant, it has a mouthwatering flavor. Put the odour aside and indulge in some cheesy fries or a super-cheesy burger. If you’re not familiar with French cheese, it is melted on a hot grill until it bubbles, at which point it is scraped onto your preferred base—in this case, fries or a beef burger—until it melts.


Are you looking for a restaurant that adds crisps to almost every dish for no apparent reason? Well, 3aballii has the phenomenon of food with a crisp coating down. Pasta and the most popular chips for everyone: Stix or Oman? They’ve got them. Also available are loaded fries with fiery Cheetos on top.


We honour whoever had the brilliant idea to thread meat onto skewers. But this grocery store has gone a step further and made the decision to skewer every food category that can be skewered. The same can be said for beef sliders, whole lamb chops, and even crispy chicken sliders that are served on skewers. It’s simple to eat, so you can continue shopping.

8. Dubai’s Big Bang Theory

At Global Village, the sweet treats are not to be avoided. A delectable French toast recipe has gone viral on Instagram. It is interactive, presents well in your news feed, and tastes even better than it appears to. French toast is served with ice cream on the side, brûléed, and loaded with delicious Nutella. Include us.

9. Circle It

You’ve probably heard of the Pink Sauce pasta and Chips Oman pasta. When Circle It notices your combination, it elevates you with pink sauce pasta and a doughnut. Yes, that really does exist. No, we did not invent it. If you dare, try it.

10. Say Cheese

They may serve miniature burrata salads drizzled with balsamic glaze, but their literal cheesecake ups the ante. Say Cheese has a cheese slice that looks like Tom and Jerry but is actually baked cheesecake.

Global Village Restaurants never fail to attract customers with the most popular authentic street foods, dishes, and desserts in the world. They offer a window into the history, culture, and cuisine of their country of origin with their mouthwatering combinations of fine ingredients. For a unique experience, a number of nations from the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe, and America are all represented in one convenient location.

There is something for everyone at the restaurants in Global Village, whether you prefer a family meal or a casual lunch. While Al Farooj is renowned for its non-vegetarian selections, including crispy rice bowls, wraps, shawarmas, French fries, crisps, and desserts, Al Amoor serves a variety of authentic and flavorful Egyptian dishes. While travelling to Bosnian House, you can enjoy Bosnian kebabs, pitas, and cevapi. You can visit Al Haaj Bundoo Khan to sample some authentic Pakistani dishes like Fish Tikka, Seekh Kabab, Nehari, Haleem, and Peshawari Mutton. If you want to enjoy the weird and wonderful food at Global Village, then know the Global Village ticket prices, go inside with a Global Village  ticket, and enjoy your food.

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