The Top 10 Water Sports Locations In Egypt For A Relaxing Vacation

Water Sports Locations In Egypt

Egypt is known for the Red Sea and its beautiful coral reefs. It also has many well-known monuments and pyramids that show how its culture has changed over thousands of years. They show what life was like during those times, and you can still see the effects of those civilizations everywhere in that country. Egypt is known for its Pharaohs and Pyramids, yet there is a great deal more to do than just explore the land. There was a lot more to see under the sea than you should have missed.

The Top 10 Water Sports Locations In Egypt For A Relaxing Vacation

1. Dive In Soma Bay

Safaga or Port A small town called Safaga is on the shoreline of the Red Sea. The above-mentioned tiny port is also among the most interesting landmarks in Egypt and is visited by a lot of people all year long. This place is very popular with tourists because there are so many water sports to do there. It is an excellent diving location for those who enjoy diving. Here, you can choose from different PADI programmes and daily diver coursework that will provide you with the greatest underwater sports expertise in Egypt that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

2. Snorkelling & Scuba Diving At Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh is among the top destinations to explore in Egypt if you want to admire the underwater beauty of the country. All of the hotels in this location are situated directly on the shores of the Red Sea, making them convenient for access to the region’s top snorkelling and scuba diving spots. Trips to Tiran Island and Ras Mohamed National Park, both accessible only by boat, are not to be missed. One of the best spots to go scuba diving is at the Scorpion dive site in Sharm el-Sheikh.

3. Dolphin House & Banana Boat Ride In Hurghada

Whoever has ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins may now make that fantasy a reality at Dolphin House. Vacation organisers come in a variety of forms, and you may pick whoever you like most. After picking you up from your accommodation, the excursion will take you on a 45-minute drive towards the Dolphin House. The water temperatures of the Red Sea are inviting, and you may view a wide variety of aquatic animals when you explore the area.

4. Parasailing At Sharm El-Sheikh

Parasailing continues to be one of the best known ways to enjoy the water in Egypt, making it another of the most prominent water sports among tourists. In Sharm el-Sheikh, you may take a relaxing balloon trip. If you’re into water sports, this is definitely something you should try.

5. Felucca Ride At Aswan

Take in the sights and sounds of the Nile from the comfort of a Felucca. We will arrange for a hotel pick-up for this transfer. Experience the magic of crossing the Nile in such an Egyptian boat and taking a leisurely spin across Elephantine Island while basking in the cool river wind. A journey on the Felucca will also take you to the Botanical Gardens. These services are often reserved for exclusive group outings.

6. Blue Hole Snorkelling At Dahab

It’s one of Egypt’s natural wonders. In order to have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, you must try to go here. Located in the depths of the Red Sea, the Blue Hole is a unique underwater sinkhole. You may take a vehicle or a camel ride to get there, and it’s one of the best sights in the area. Snorkeling in the Red Sea is a wonderful experience due to the clean seas. The exceptional scenery and adventure activity opportunities here will leave you speechless.

7. Boat Ride At Sharm El Sheikh

Because of its prominence, Sharm el-Sheikh receives a constant influx of visitors throughout the year. The wide variety of boats accessible here makes it a popular destination for those who enjoy water travel. There are many different types of boats to choose from, such as glass boats, banana boats, paddle boats, and tubes. The floor of a glass boat is completely clear, giving passengers a unique view of the world below the water.

8. Snorkelling In Marsa Alam

The resort town of Marsa Alam, Egypt, is mostly on the Red Sea. Among the things that make this area so stunning are the stunning coral reefs and pristine beaches. It is also among Egypt’s less-visited destinations, so you’ll avoid the crowds. That has ensured the continued existence of the area’s pristine ecosystems and aquatic life.

9. Dolphin Habitat Snorkelling At Makadi

Snorkeling at Makadi among the brilliant corals and observing the marine life up close transports you to a world you may not have even known existed in Egypt. Dive into the Red Sea to see the natural wonders up close and personal, and swim with both dolphins for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure you won’t soon forget. It is possible to go scuba diving either off the coast in a felucca or from one of the larger boats out on the water.

10. Scuba Diving At Hurghada

Many people travel to Egypt’s Red Sea destination of Hurghada just to dive and enjoy the region’s renowned marine life and stunning coral reefs. Among the many water activities available in Egypt, scuba diving is a top destination for tourists. Experience the thrill of scuba diving as you plunge into the depths of the Red Sea. Here, however, you will find skilled instructors who are qualified to ensure your safety.

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