Ski Dubai Snow Classic Pass Full-Day Snow Park Access

Ski Dubai Snow Classic

A Classic Snow Pass, also known as the Ski Dubai Polar Pass, is one of the best ways to discover Ski Dubai. It also comes with a number of rides and unrestricted access to the entire snow park! For more information on the Ski Dubai Snow Classic Pass, continue reading.

Ski Dubai offers a variety of attractions, including the incredible chance to get up close and personal with penguins. These include tobogganing hills, an incredible chairlift, the world’s first sub-zero zip line, and more. The park, which is home to King and Gentoo penguins, provides visitors with a number of opportunities to get in contact with these amazing creatures. A brand-new adventure at Ski Dubai is the chance to swim with penguins! Make sure to warm up with a cup of the renowned hot cocoa from the Avalanche Cafe after you’ve gotten your fill of playing in the snow.

Ski Dubai Snow Classic Pass Full-Day Snow Park Access


Ski Dubai is one of the world’s largest indoor ski slopes, located in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates. With this Snow Classic Pass, you get full-day access to the Snow Park as well as unlimited usage of attractions like the zorb ball, tubing run, climbing wall, and bobsled runs. The Snow Classic Pass provides unlimited access to all of the snow park rides. Skiing and snowboarding are examples of family-friendly winter sports and pastimes. Prepaid admission tickets minimise the need to stand in long ticket lines. With a self-guided tour, you may spend more time at your favourite rides and attractions.

Ski Dubai snow classic full day pass

An experience zone dubbed Ski Dubai was developed on the 22,500 square metres of the indoor ski facility. Tobogganing, skiing, and snowboarding are the most enjoyable winter hobbies. Make a snowman, go bobsledding, ride the thrilling coasters, and explore a winter cave. You may ski on a hill after ascending it with a typical chairlift. The world’s largest indoor snow park will have your heart pounding while you enjoy a wonderful time.

The Snow Bullet Ride and the Chairlift Ride have made this spectacular sight possible. Depending on the ticket you choose, you may also get to interact with the adorable Gentoo and King penguins. Put on your coat, boots, gloves, and helmet. This location provides everything you need to enjoy your favourite snow activity. Pay the ski Dubai admission charge and enter if you wish to go skiing.

What is the Snow Classic Pass for Ski Dubai?

This Snow Classic Pass is the ideal way to enjoy Ski Dubai. It offers admission to all the key rides and areas of Ski Dubai, making it ideal for a fun outing with family and friends. It was formerly known as the Ski Dubai Polar Pass. The Snow Classic Pass is popular for the following reasons:

• A whole day at the Snow Park at Ski Dubai
• One trip on the chairlift, where you may see the Snow Park from all angles.
• One thrilling mountain ride that is likely to send your blood pressure rising
• several trips on the giant snowball, tubing and snow bumpers, toboggan tracks, and slopes
• Keep an eye out for the penguin march.
• Free use of the park’s free winter clothing rentals
• Receive a 20% discount on food and drinks at North 28 Cafe. Pick up your meal certificates at Ski Dubai.
Ski Dubai Snow Plus Pass
Alternatively, we advise choosing the Ski Dubai Snow plus Pass if you want to experience everything that this winter wonderland has to offer. This package gives you the option to choose one of four other activities at Ski Dubai in addition to all the activities included in the Snow Classic Pass. These four pursuits consist of:
• Two passes for the Snow Bullet Ride; a 40-minute penguin encounter; a discovery skiing session; a discovery snowboarding session.
Along with these activities, the Polar Express Pass offers the following benefits.

• The park offers free rentals of all necessary winter clothing.
20% off food and beverages at North 28 Cafe Watch the March of the Penguins, which is performed several times during the day. Pick up your meal certificates at Ski Dubai.

Skiing Events in Dubai

Ski Runs

Try indoor skiing in Dubai while the city is baking hot. At Ski Dubai, there are five separate slopes where you can navigate fresh snow. At Ski Dubai, there is a slope for everyone, novice or expert. You can take ski lessons from the qualified instructors at the Ski Dubai Ski School, so don’t worry if you can’t ski.


One of the most well-liked activities at Ski Dubai is snowboarding. There are slopes for experts to enjoy as well as skilled instruction for beginners. The ski school also offers lessons. Maximize your day by taking a 2-hour snowboarding lesson at Ski Dubai.

Bench Lift

What activities are most enjoyable at Ski Dubai? Obviously from above, to see unmatched views of Ski Dubai, take a trip on the chair lift. The Snow Plus Pass includes one trip on the chairlift.

Mountain Horror

This is the bobsled for Ski Dubai. Ever wanted to run down a mountainside and experience the wind on your face? You can enjoy a swift descent as the Mountain Terror begins at Ski Dubai’s highest point. One Mountain Thriller ride is permitted with the Snow Classic Pass.


Zorbing is yet another unusual adventure sport available at Ski Dubai. Think of a huge, transparent ball. And now picture yourself inside it, slowly rolling down a slope! What a rush. Zorbing down the snow-covered slopes is a tonne of fun when you’re at Ski Dubai.

Ice tubes

Enjoy an exciting ride on the snow tube slides. This is available for unlimited rides with the Snow Classic Pass. As you travel down the slopes on this slide, it is very wonderful.

Arctic penguins

The Penguin Encounter at Ski Dubai is the main draw in this area. Each and every person can enjoy the March of the Penguins. For closer encounters with the penguins and the chance to see them swim, choose the 40-minute penguin session included in the Snow Classic Express pass. The penguin encounter can also be scheduled independently.

Winter Bullet

You can fly down the hillside on Ski Dubai’s very own zip line, the Snow Bullet. The Snow Bullet is located 16 metres above sea level. Enjoy this 150-meter, adrenaline-pumping journey.

Ski Dubai Tickets

All ski Dubai ticket prices and ski Dubai ticket offers can be bought directly from the website or in person at the park’s gate. We recommend booking Ski Dubai Snow Park tickets because they are very cheap, come with an extra 5% cashback, and can be changed or cancelled at any time.

Ski Dubai’s Rules of Conduct

Fashion Code

Visitors to Ski Dubai Snow Park are given all the clothing and equipment they need to stay warm, such as disposable socks, coats, winter pants, and snow boots. When you make a reservation, all of the aforementioned outfit rentals are free. They are free and are a part of your ticket.. But you will need to bring your own caps and gloves because they are not provided.

Take advantage of this Classic Pass, which grants you unlimited admission to all of Ski Dubai Snow Park’s attractions and thrills, to explore a winter paradise. Head over to the snow park and spend as much time as you like with family or friends enjoying the magical snow park zones. You have plenty of time with the Snow Classic Pass, which is valid from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., to experience rides like Mountain Thriller, Zorb Ball Snow Bumpers, and other downhill thrills.

Join the fun in the snow at -4 degrees and escape the oppressive heat outside. Get the chance to see the March of the Penguins parade as well; your kids will love it. Children under the age of 13 are given helmets out of an abundance of caution, and everyone will receive warm clothing.

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