Take to the skies at Sky Views Dubai, the newest Instagrammable location in the city

Sky views Dubai

Sliding from the 53rd floor of a glass-encased high-rise or walking along a ledge approximately 220 metres above the earth with no windows or other impediments in your path if that’s your thing, make a trip to Sky Views Dubai a top priority right now!

The Address at Sky View in Downtown Dubai has become the emirate’s newest destination for thrill seekers. This attraction, also known as The Sky Walk Dubai, opened to the public in November 2021 and instantly became a major hit. Let’s take a closer look at this breathtaking attraction.

Take to the skies at Sky Views Dubai, the newest Instagrammable location in the city

Dubai Sky Views Information

The Sky Views Dubai Bridge, which connects the Address Sky View Towers in Dubai, is expected to be a popular attraction for individuals who enjoy an adrenaline rush.
Views of the Sky Dubai is the epitome of incredible engineering, thanks to a highly skilled workforce of over 300 engineers, construction specialists, and design specialists. Many of the same architects who worked on the world-famous Burj Khalifa designed it. Many tourists visit Sky Views Dubai at sunset for the spectacular views of the cityscape as the sun sets.


The Sky Walk provides tourists with a bird’s-eye perspective over Dubai, including views of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountains. An observatory, a glass slide, and a promenade along the edge comprise the three-part attraction.

Sky View Observatory

The Sky Views Life observatory, located more than 200 metres above Dubai, features a 25-meter-long glass floor with magnificent views of the city below! Take in the vistas from a panoramic elevator with three sides of glass.
Ride the outdoor glass slide, which transports visitors in a clear glass tube from levels 53 to 52.
The total experience includes 30 minutes of Sky Walk and one glass slide, with each additional slide costing 25 AED.


The fascinating Sky Slide will keep you coming back for more. Visitors approach the tower via a glass tube that wraps around the outside of the structure, connecting levels 53 and 52.
The Sky Slide is constructed from 12-meter-long quadruple-laminated glass sheets made in Germany. If you dare to look up, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking vistas of the metropolitan skyline.
Weight: 30 kg to 120 kg; height: 135 cm to 200 cm; age: 12 to 65 (those under the age of 18 need parental consent in person).

Other requirements for the glass slide

• People who want to join must not have any physical or mental conditions that would make it hard for them to finish the ride.
• For instance, sharp jewellery and cell phones must be taken off.
• A certain rug or mat must be used during the sliding experience, and Sky Views supervisors’ instructions must be followed.
• No opioids, spirits, or other substances that impair judgement should be consumed by participants.
• Only one person at a time may use a single slide.


It’s a challenge! Because it takes you along the ledge of the 53rd floor, the Sky Views Edge Walk is only for the brave. Over 220 metres above ground, the city’s tallest full-circle, and hands-free ledge walk encircles the top of the Tower’s main pod.
• Visitors defy gravity to take in the amazing views from the top of the Burj Khalifa. This is the highest level of thrill-seeking, since there are no windows or other barriers between you and the sights.
• Visitors are given a safety harness. They also receive safety training before heading out onto the ridge, which is 219.5 metres above the ground.
• Other requirements for the edge walk
Arrive 20 to 30 minutes before your scheduled arrival time. If you want to see the sunset at Sky Slide between 3 and 7 p.m., plan your entry 90 minutes ahead of time.
• Participants should avoid wearing skirts, high heels, or shoes with sharp metal edges, which can scratch the glass. Each ticket includes one slide.
During the sliding experience, you must use a special rug or mat and do what Sky Views Observatory tells you to do.
• Sharp jewellery and cell phones, for example, must be removed and stored within the bag.
• Avoid touching the glass while sliding down the slide.
When lying on your stomach or back, avoid sliding.
• Without previous warning, entry hours and/or ticket pricing may be changed, adjusted, or updated.

Pre-book two of Dubai’s most exhilarating experiences at The Address with a Sky View Observatory or Edge Walk ticket. Book ahead of time to ensure your preferred experience and time slot, and then go to the hotel on your own. Purchase an Observatory ticket to walk the glass-floored observatory’s 53rd floor, take in the stunning city views, and ride the outdoor, suspended glass slide. An edge stroll is a tethered, hands-free walk along a 720-foot-high outdoor ledge. It makes things more exciting. Get a ski view ticket and go right away because you’ll experience so much more in person than if you watched the ski view online.

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