Everything You Should Know About Russian Tourism

Russian Tourism

The process of planning a trip can be extremely stressful. The word “overwhelming” can, however, be an understatement if the journey entails going to the biggest nation on earth! Russia is intriguing, intense, epic, diverse, quirky, and insane, to put it mildly. Here are six crucial suggestions you should be aware of before travelling to Russia in order to help you blend in as an “invisible tourist.”

Everything You Should Know About Russian Tourism

1. A visa will probably be required.

The majority of visitors from outside Russia will need a tourist visa, allowing them to remain for up to 30 days. It’s an easy procedure. The online application form, your passport information, and a letter of invitation from an authorised travel agency or a Russian citizen are also required, in addition to the price. Submit as soon as possible; late applications may incur significant fees.

2. Recognize the Cyrillic alphabet and essential Russian vocabulary.

Having heard occasional English around well-known tourist destinations, take into account that English is not a language that is spoken frequently in Russia. The Cyrillic script is also used extensively in the writing of signs, maps, menus, and schedules. Therefore, learning a little Russian will only be beneficial. You can get by if you learn the Cyrillic alphabet on the plane and a few fundamental Russian phrases. It goes without saying that you don’t want to have to wing it when it comes to supper!

3. Be strategic with your packing.

Russian weather may be very unpredictable, so be sure to check the forecast before leaving. It goes without saying that you’ll need to be warm if you’re travelling in the winter. Additionally, you must keep yourself dry. Your best buddies will undoubtedly be a waterproof coat and a pair of winter boots. Be sure to bring comfortable, lightweight clothing while vacationing in the summer. But for frigid evenings, don’t forget a blazer and a sweater. Dressing up is expected if you plan on going out in Russia, whether it’s to a bar, the Russian Ballet, or a fancy restaurant. Dress up for the occasion by bringing a pair of high heels and a chic dress or skirt.

4. It’s forbidden to mix vodka and beer.

It only makes sense to consume vodka in Russia in the traditional manner. i.e., no sipping, toasting among shots, and pure drinking! Order some nibbles along with your beverages, as food is an essential component of any Russian vodka-drinking session.

5. Examine the Metro in Russia.

The finest transportation in Russia is the metro, which is efficient, practical, and beautiful. It could take a while to get your bearings, but once you figure it out, getting around cities won’t be difficult. Names, maps, and timetables will be exclusively available in Russian, so those Russian phrases you picked up on the aircraft will be useful.

6. Consume locally.

Although the appearance of McDonald’s and KFC could be alluring, Russian cuisine will not let you down. Russian cuisine is among the most varied in the world, with dishes ranging from pancakes to pelmeni, ikra, and stroganoff! If you’re looking for great, reasonably priced, and flavorful typical Russian food, visit a stolovaya, or self-service cafeteria. Don’t forget to sample the local cuisine!

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