10 surprising and interesting facts about Russia

interesting facts about Russia

Many individuals never even consider travelling to Russia. If you haven’t already, put on your list of places to see this underappreciated gem. If you’re looking for a vacation spot with incredible cuisine, fascinating culture, and stunning architecture, go no farther than Russia! There are several things you should know before you go if that’s the case. Here are reasons why you should immediately book a flight to Russia.

10 surprising and interesting facts about Russia

1.The World’s Longest Railway

The overall distance between Moscow and Vladivostok via the Trans-Siberian Railway is 5,772 miles. The Trans-Siberian Railway is a wonderful option for those who wish to take their time when travelling across Russia. According to your means and preferences, you may select either the first-class cabin or the third-class seats.

2. The Birthplace of a Great Decade of Literature

Literature aficionados are likely aware that Russia is the birthplace of some of the world’s most celebrated authors. In Russia, you may visit museums honouring many of the world’s most renowned authors. Most of them located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Everyone, from the most ardent reader to someone who has never heard of either of these authors, can learn about their lives and the history of Russian literature by visiting the museums dedicated to them.

3. 12 Active Volcanos

Russia also contains 12 active volcanoes, which is a startling fact in and of itself. Kamchatka is among the most visited of these volcanoes because of its convenience.

4. Most of the land is made up of Siberia.

Siberia is a large region in northern Russia. Siberia is 77% of the land in Russia, but only 20% of the people live there because it is so harsh. Siberia is gorgeous; we drove through it in the summer. Siberia made us think of Canada a lot. And everyone was so nice and helpful. Siberia is a great place to go if you like to get away from the crowds when you make the journey.

5. Russians believe in a lot of superstitions.

Another interesting thing regarding Russia is that most Russians have a lot of beliefs and customs. One of the most common customs is to only give flowers in groups of three or five. Many Russians think that only cemeteries should have an even number of blooms. If you give an even number of flowers to a Russian, they might take it personally.

6. Russia utilizes one of the busiest subways in the world.

Moscow’s subway station is the world’s fourth busiest. Seoul, Shanghai, and Tokyo’s subway stations are the few ones in the world that get more ridership. There are almost two billion annual metro users in Russia.

7. Russia is the origin of Tetris.

Despite its widespread popularity, few know that Tetris was really created in Russia. The original Tetris was created by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984 on the Electronika 60 computer. The popularity of the game swiftly expanded over all of Russia. It was among the most played video games of all time after its 1987 debut in Europe and North America.

8. Russians are taught to frown.

One other fascinating truth about Russia is that as they get older, Russians learn to frown. Russians don’t consider smiling to be a sign of happiness or friendliness, despite the fact that many other cultures do. Smiling is seen as a symbol of weakness and of hiding one’s genuine emotions among Russians. Russians do grin, although not as often as individuals from other ethnicities do, when they are with people they know and are concerned about.

9. Russia is the country with the most land mass.

Russia is the world’s biggest nation in terms of total land area. This is great news for tourists since it indicates there is a lot to discover.11% of something like the world’s total area of land is represented by that. Canada is the second largest nation in terms of area, with 3,855,101 square miles.

10. Women Make Up 54% Of The Russian Population

In Russia, there is a significant disparity between the male and female populations. Males barely make up 46% of the population in Russia, while females make up 54%. When 25 million Russian troops perished in World War II, a demographic deficit was created. Even if there is no longer a war, men in Russia continue to live far shorter lives than women.

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