10 Awesome Family Friendly Activities In Turkey

Family Friendly Activities In Turkey

Whether you are travelling with little children or young teenagers, Turkey provides many activities and locations to visit for those looking for the ideal family holiday. There are several activities to pick from, so once you’ve set the dates for the ideal family vacation, it’s time to organise the finer details. Turkey, with its crystal-clean coasts, fascinating towns to discover, hikes, camping, and many other activities, provides all you need to enhance family relationships.

10 Awesome Family Friendly Activities In Turkey

1. Rahmi Koc Museum

The museum was founded in 1994 by Rahmi Koc, a member of one of the country’s wealthiest and most recognised families. It is committed to the history of transportation, industry, and communications. The industrial museum is more of a “boys'” museum, with a fantastic collection of trains, automobiles, boats, buses, aircraft, and engines, as well as a WWII-era submarine that you can enter for a fee. When you check the event schedule and register for one, it also contains a session for children.

2. Adaland Aquapark

If an aquapark is indeed the highlight of your family vacation, here is the spot for you. At Aquapark Adaland Kusadasi, there is plenty to do and swim in. A large family slide, a water rollercoaster, a loop waterslide, a kids pool, an activity pool, a wave pool, a lazy river, canoeing, and a safari park are among the resort’s main attractions. If you like, you may add some academic and historical value to your trip by visiting Ephesus.

3. Travel to Cappadocia

The Fairy Tower Land Nothing beats Cappadocia when youngsters hear the word “adventure” and find that the trip involves hot-air balloons! After arriving and witnessing the snowy peak of Erciyes (if coming in winter, you may want to take a full day out of skiing there already), you will walk into your relatives’ cave hotel and rest. The greatest way to begin the day will be to view this amazing panorama the next morning from a warm balloon (maximum age: 6), although there is still a lot to be doing.

4. Olympos Beach and Cirali Beach

If your company includes children who want to camp in tents or treehouses, renting one close to the old Lycian remains of Olympos might be a possibility. Whereas the region is famous with hippie travellers, there is also a luxury hotel right on the beach, as well as several moderately priced family cottages. The Chimera is yet another attraction that may be accessed after a 40-minute hike up the hill to view the everlasting lights that have been blazing for many thousands of years.

5. Oludeniz

Exploring portions of the Lycian Opportunity is a terrific way to gently take in the stunning vistas of the Mediterranean. The overall path is roughly 540 km long and takes around 29 days to complete from Oludeniz in Fethiye to Antalya. It is ranked as one of the world’s top ten best walks. It may not be possible to walk the full length using the kids; however, a short section, such as the trails surrounding Oludeniz, would be an excellent half-day or early-morning workout. The paths are well-marked and mostly comprise rugged and rocky terrain.

6. Bodrum

Listen, Halicarnassus, being one of the wonders of the ancient world, is pure fantasy for those seeking a more enjoyable summer holiday. Bodrum offers a variety of family activities, including daily gulet rides and accommodations with a kids club and other amenities. It features over 70 blue flag beaches with just a wide range of sandy to pebbly coves, and virtually all provide a wonderful selection of cafés, restaurants, and other family-friendly amenities. If you want to try some water activities, Gumbet, which offers parasailing, banana rides, and kayaking, may be an excellent choice.

7. Antalya

Antalya is not just a refuge for chain resorts; it may also be a good location if you want to take advantage of the kids club on certain days and leave for an experience on others. It’s much better if you’re travelling with older children or teens. Lara is among the top selections, in addition to several of the most popular blue-flag beaches in the area. The city centre contains an aquarium.

8. Have a Fantasy Vacation on a Private Yacht

If everything or kids’ clubs aren’t your thing, let’s splurge on luxury! One of the finest choices for large family holidays is to charter a private historical gulet boat. You’ll board in one of the harbours of Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, or Antalya and set sail on one of the most memorable family vacations. A highly competent team will handle the cooking as well as organising water activities and tours according to your interests.

9. Challenge of Turkish Ice Cream

Whether you spend your entire vacation climbing in the mountains or not, you cannot miss this enjoyable experience after all the delicious lokum (Turkish delight) delicacies in Spices Market. You may easily locate the ice-cream cart on one of the busiest streets or locations. The ice-cream seller will be there, dressed traditionally, ringing the bell while dangling his long scoop from the cart. As soon as you are in line and prepared to purchase the delectable ice cream produced from milk, mastic, and orchid tubers, you can relish the vendor’s surprises in store until you receive the entire container. Allow the children to take on the task of this common and enjoyable procedure step.

10. Hamam

Sweat on the marble “belly” stone, cleanse, relax, and drink fresh tea. Turkish baths were one of the finest cultural meeting places for centuries, particularly before technology. Envision a more traditional spa. If you get to Istanbul earlier and your kids are older than four, this is a great start to the family trip. Hot baths enhance blood circulation and endothelial dysfunction, making jetlag easier to overcome.

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