12 Stunning Tourist Attractions and activities in Russia

activities in Russia

Mountains, valleys, freezing plains, and warm sands: the largest country in the world has it all, and then some, with an unbelievable amount of wonderful natural locations to wow any traveller. Some of Russia’s oldest towns, such as Moscow & St. Petersburg, have preserved the imperial beauty of their heyday. This is seen not just in their buildings but also in their parks, malls, and even subway stations.

12 Stunning Tourist Attractions and activities in Russia

1. Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is almost impossible to top when it comes to setting new benchmarks. At a maximal depth of 1,642 metres and an estimated age of 25 million years, this enormous elevated rift lake in Siberia is the earliest and deepest lake in the globe. In addition to being the deepest lake on Earth, Baikal also holds more than 20% of the globe’s freshwater resources.

2. Moscow

Given that the vast majority of flights from outside touch down in Moscow, spending at least a day there is highly recommended. The open spaces, beautiful buildings, and plenty of historical sites make Russia’s capital a really remarkable place.

3. St. Peterburg

St. Petersburg is a smaller place than Moscow, yet it has so many attractions that seeing them all would take much too long. In St. Petersburg, magnificent art and excellent design details blend with history to create a more European atmosphere than in Moscow.

4. Altai

Siberia’s Altay Mountains span international borders spanning Russia towards China, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia. Locals and visitors alike go to this area, which was historically occupied by a variety of ethnic groups engaged in horse husbandry and forestry. The Altay Mountains are a component of a UNESCO World Heritage Site that also comprises a variety of resources and lakes.

5. Sochi

Located on the coast of the Black Sea, the resort town of Sochi attracts visitors throughout the summer with its wide selection of spas and outdoor markets, as well as its vast lengths of pebble and sand beachfront, impressive specimens of Stalinist construction, and big annual film festival, Kinotavr.

6. The Russian Tundra

The tundra is a rare ecosystem that can only be found in the Arctic. The low temperatures prevent tree growth; instead, only moss, shrubs, and some species of grass are able to survive the winter.

7. Peterhof

The Peterhof Palace is the main attraction in the little city of Peterhof, which is also home to a university and a large Russian watch manufacturing facility. The palace grounds span about 4000 hectares, and they were originally constructed and erected in the early 1700s for Tsar Peter the Great in a style similar to that of the Palace of Versailles.

8. Olkhon Island

Olkhon, among the nation’s biggest lake islands, is a taiga and forest-blanketed mountainous island. Located in the far eastern part of Siberia, the island is home to a sparse but significant population, the majority of whom are Buryats, an indigenous Mongolic people who hold the island in high regard as a sacred spiritual destination.

9. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, inside the Russian Far East, is cut off from the rest of the country by a ring of volcanoes, one of which is the active, winter-weather Koryakskaya Sopka. The first and only method of reaching the city is via plane.

10. Vladivostok

Vladivostok is Currently the largest port city and is situated between the Chinese and North Korean borders and across the ocean from Japan. Because of its importance as a station along the Trans-Siberian Railway, this city, which was once off-limits to outsiders due to its proximity to the border with the Soviet Union, today sees a large influx of curious travellers from across the world.

11. Anapa

Sand beaches, spas, and beautiful sights atop the rocky peninsula where Anapa’s lighthouse rests have made the resort town of Anapa famous for decades thanks to its ideal location opposite the Black Sea. Anapa is a less extravagant vacation spot than Sochi, but it still has enough to offer tourists beyond its beautiful beaches.

12. Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk, just on the shores of the Ob River, is the third-largest town in Russia and the informal capital of Siberia. The city boasts a man-made beachfront on the margins of a reservoir, and summertime weather may reach comfortable sunbathing levels, while winter lows can drop to -45 degrees Celsius.

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