The 10 Best Places To Visit And Things To Do In Malaysia

Things to Do in Malaysia

Choosing which sights to see and ways to maximise this highly anticipated vacation In addition to its many stunning tourist sites, Malaysia offers a great deal of fun, thrills, and excitement. Rather than engaging in cliché activities, explore some of the best things to do in Malaysia for an unforgettable vacation. You cannot afford to skip out on any of the activities Malaysia has to offer.


1. Petronas Tower

The Petronas Tower, one of Malaysia’s best places to visit, is a significant symbol of the city and is well-known for its breathtaking views from the summit. The renown highest twin tower on the planet is one of the wonderful sights to see in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. Amazing city sights are available from the 41st-floor skybridge. The 86th-floor Observation Deck’s sweeping views of the city, particularly at night, will strike you in wonder and are among the most captivating activities in Malaysia.

2. George Town

The second-largest city in Malaysia’s older section has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, yet George Town’s culinary reputation rivals that of its historic buildings. George Town, also known as “the culinary capital of Malaysia,” is home to a few of the favourite street cuisines in Asia, which can be found in neighbourhoods like Gurney Drive, which is right on the water, and Chulia Avenue, one of the country’s finest roads and a favourite hangout for travellers.

3. Tandem Skydiving

Tandom sky diving in Kuala Lampur is the ideal activity for you if you’re unsure of doing anything in Malaysia. Love the fun to the fullest as you leap from a tremendous altitude over the azure water, glide, and land while being harnessed properly with the instructor. The trainer will always guide you from exiting the aircraft until the parachute is opened, making this the best option for newbies.

4. National Park of Gunung Mulu

The park, which bears the name Mount Mulu, draws tourists from across Asia who come for the hiking, caving, hot springs, and scenic grandeur that led to the designation of this location as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. Helicopter

A helicopter flight over Kuala Lampur ought to be on your wishlist if you’re thinking about travelling to Malaysia. A half-hour ride in a Robinson 44 or EC125 helicopter will provide magnificent panoramas of the city from an altitude of 1500 feet above sea level.

6. Perhentian Islands

These coral-fringed, remote islands provide many possibilities for kayaking, discovering, snorkelling, and scuba diving (together with the well-known site of a sugar barge wreck), in addition to the opportunity to volunteer with regional organisations in eco-friendly and Hawksbill turtle protected areas.

7. Kuantan

It may come as no shock that Kuantan’s major point of distinction is its beaches, given its location directly along the South China Sea. A turtle sanctuary and a traditional hamlet that creates and sells classic batik can be found close by at Cherating Beach, whereas Teluk Cempedak Beach is still just minutes from the downtown area and boasts a tree-lined, pristine coastline.

8. Borneo Rainforest

The island of Borneo, which is split between Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei, is covered with one of the oldest known rainforests and acts as a natural haven for imperilled species like the Bornean orangutan and the eastern Sumatran rhinoceros. you must apply Malaysia visa well in advance before entering country.

9. Langkawi

Langkawi, a collection of 99 islands situated off the coast of Malaysia, is home to 3 Geoforest parks that are under protection as well as numerous coconut vine beaches that rank among the country’s best. Beaches in the lesser northeastern islands are more private and offer a landscape of limestone cliffs, but some beaches, such Pantai Cenang beach, are highly well-liked by visitors. Malaysia visit visa from dubai available for tourism purposes.

10. Cameron Mountains

Tea has a long history of being grown on the undulating mountainside in the steep Cameron Highlands. Despite being among the most popular photo locations, farms are still a big draw to the Cameron Highlands, which is also home to strawberry and lavender farms.

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