The best way to tour Dubai is by dhow cruise.

dhow cruise

Imagine visiting Dubai and exploring one of the world’s most famous monuments, colourful streets, sandy beaches, and stunning skylines. Imagine visiting all of these places while relaxing on a river cruise. The Dubai Dhow is an excellent choice for making your fantasies a reality. Dhows are traditional wooden boats used for navigation that were specially designed and built by local fishing communities. These dhows have evolved from simple sailing boats to top-tier luxury cruise ships. So let’s take a row together and look at how to choose a dhow cruise creek tour, what it offers, and the highlight options covered on the cruise so you can choose the best Dubai dhow cruise creek for you!

The best way to tour Dubai is by dhow cruise.

Dhow cruise information and on-board experiences

A captivating cruise adorned with gleaming lights that will take you around Dubai’s beauty the cruise has two decks, one of which is fully air-conditioned and dedicated to pure entertainment .The second deck is partially open, allowing you to enjoy the cool breeze and the calm waters of the Arabian Gulf.

 On board entertainment and dining

A dhow cruise offers one of the most adaptable and customizable on-board experiences; whether for a small group or a completely private experience, it can be tailored to your preferences. The cruise includes a variety of entertainment options, such as DJ parties, live shows, and dances. Initially a popular form of entertainment, belly dancing has gradually been replaced by “Tanura” – a traditional Turkish dance commonly performed by a dancer dressed in a graceful and elaborately decorated gown. International dinners as appetisers, entrees, and desserts complement the enjoyable entertainment. Coffee, dates, and snacks will be served to you. You can sample a variety of cocktails and beverages, as well as delectable and mouth-watering desserts. One of the highlights is the “kahwah” – a traditional Arabic coffee served on the cruise, and the aroma of the coffee will be remembered forever.

Dhow Cruises of Various Types

It’s difficult to believe that Dubai is devoid of natural water. Nonetheless, the Dubai Marina, an artificial canal city, was built nearly two decades ago in Dubai. The three-kilometre-long artificial marina was opened in 2003. Dubai Creek is a natural bay that serves as the starting point for many enjoyable dhow cruises. Though the marina and Dubai Creek are the two most popular places for tours, there are a few others on the list!

 Creek Dhow Cruise

Dubai Creek is a one-of-a-kind waterway that runs between two popular buildings, giving rise to the magnificent Dhow Cruise Creek. A cruise that allows you to see the high-rise buildings of Dubai’s striking skyline this particular cruise draws a large number of visitors due to its complimentary pickup and drop-off services, live shows, and unlimited food availability. This 2-hour cruise should be on your list if you want to experience the heart of Dubai.

 Marina for Dhow Cruises

This cruise explores the Dubai Marina Canal and is entirely dedicated to the traditional Bedouin way of life. It takes you on a tour of various cultural aspects located around the lovely body of water. Its beauty across traditional songs and performances will leave you speechless.

Dhow Cruise: City Tour of Dubai

If you’re short on time, the cruise offers an interesting option to tour around the city’s top landmarks, including the spectacular Burj Khalifa and the peaceful Palm Islands. A fantastic 4-hour cruise that will give you a bird’s-eye view of Dubai, complete with its finest structures and world-class establishments A Dubai city tour will make you very happy with its mouth-watering culinary delights.

 Dhow Cruise in Musandam

The Musandam cruise from Dubai is a popular getaway destination not only for tourists but also for locals. A paradise where the mountains meet the sea, with beautiful scenery, sparkling waters, and views of the mighty Hajar Mountains This region is a part of Oman that is separated from the mainland and is close to Dubai. Musandam is an unforgettable destination due to its charming seaside villages, ancient culture, lively local markets and towns, and abundant marine wildlife.

Highlights of the Dhow Cruise

Depending on where you go, you will come across some of Dubai’s most prominent structures while touring the city. The view across the dazzling lights and vibrant colours should not be missed. The following are some of the highlights of the Dhow Cruise:

  • District of Al Bastakiya
  • Sheikh Saeed’s House
  • Heritage Village
  • National Bank of Dubai
  • Spice and Gold Souqs
  • Chamber of Commerce

 The best time to go

Dhow cruises sail throughout the day, providing opportunities for sightseeing as well as fine dining. Depending on your preferences and the type of experience you seek, choose a daytime cruise known for sightseeing tours or an evening cruise known for dinner and on board entertainment. If you want to see the architectural wonders early in the morning or late in the afternoon, that’s fine, but avoid being on an open deck during the sunny hours of the day.

There are numerous exciting activities and attractions in Dubai that can provide you with unforgettable experiences. The Dhow cruise is one such modern-day activity that will have you delighted to see them all while cruising on its pristine waters. So, whether you want to glide through the sunsets or under the magical night skies, the choice is yours, but a trip to Dubai would be incomplete without a Dhow experience. So you should immediately explore the Dhow Cruise Creek package. Choose your Creek Dhow Cruise price now. Start your journey immediately.

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