The Top 10 Abu Dhabi Game and Entertainment Centers

Abu Dhabi Game and Entertainment

The list of things to do on an Abu Dhabi city tour is virtually endless, so it’s natural to be confused about which ones to try. Abu Dhabi is a treasure trove of diverse experiences, with dozens of sky-piercing towers, architectural masterpieces, historical landmarks, and entertainment hubs. Whether you seek moments of comfort and tranquilly or prefer action and adventure over all else, the capital city of the UAE promises to provide exceptional holiday experiences for all. There is no shortage of fun experiences in Abu Dhabi, thanks to the presence of large amusement parks such as Wadi Adventure and Yas Water world, where you can participate in thrilling slides, rides, and kayaking, rafting, and other activities.

The city also has a number of museums, including the Louvre Museum and the Emirates National Auto Museum, which offer educational tours. Bounce. Fun is also useful if you want to learn about the older version of Abu Dhabi. Yas Mall, Spacewalk, Yas Kart Zone, Fun City, and Kids Factory are all located on Yas Island. Here are some of the top 10 Abu Dhabi game and entertainment centres.

The Top 10 Abu Dhabi Game and Entertainment Centers

1. Bounce Abu Dhabi

Bounce in Abu Dhabi, the city’s largest trampoline park, is a popular urban playground destination. This massive venue incorporates airbags, trampolines, and adventure challenges to create freestyle playgrounds that are unrivalled in action entertainment. Bounce’s mission is to inspire everyone to get away from their worries and immerse themselves in super fun and adventure with their loved ones. Allow your child to bounce, flip, and wall-run on more than 80 interconnected trampolines, creating great memories of pure fun and laughter.

One of Abu Dhabi’s most kid-friendly areas, Bounce, is on a mission to spread a message about inspiring movement, expression, and human connections around the world.The facility has something for everyone, from pre-schoolers to teenagers to fitness enthusiasts and corporate groups.

The most fascinating aspect of the location is its infectious rush. Everyone is buzzing and having the time of their lives, whether they are launching into the famous Big Bag, running up the massive wall, or relaxing in the incredible free jump area. If you enjoy taking on challenges, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here: a hard-core exercise that burns your energy and calories without your knowledge, acrobatics on the training grounds, or some mind-blowing actions.
Location: Marina Mall – Al Marina – Abu Dhabi – UAE

2. Fun works Yas Mall

Fun Works, founded by Landmark Group, is the ideal place for play and learning, equipped with cutting-edge technology and located at Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi. Each activity’s uniqueness promises to encourage and foster parent-child interaction while providing playful learning experiences. Giggles and wide-eyed wonder are everywhere inside this fascinating place.

Discover two floors packed with first-of-their-kind attractions, adventure rides, video games, a massive soft play area, learning workshops, toddler playgrounds, and more. Customized school trips, themed kids’ parties, kid-friendly dining options, and a parents’ lounge are all available.
Location: Level 1, Cinema Parking, Yas Mall – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

3. Spacewalk

Your Aviation Dream Is a Reality! The Abu Dhabi Country Club is home to the city’s only indoor skydiving facility, Spacewalk. It’s your chance to feel the pure exhilaration of free-fall or skydiving without having to jump out of an aeroplane or use a parachute. Your Spacewalk experience requires no prior experience. You only need a sense of adventure and enjoyment to fly! Our instructors will explain everything you need to know for your flight in a quick and easy-to-understand training class.

The Spacewalk Abu Dhabi experience is not a ride or a simulator. Which generates enough wind to lift an average-weight adult. Every experience includes one of our professional instructors assisting you inside the flight chamber as well as a controller adjusting the wind speed to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight. You won’t be afraid of heights, jumping, or falling because you’ll be only a few feet above the ground. The trampoline-like floor of the flight chamber is made of super-strong aircraft cable.

You’ll enter the tunnel, stand in the open doorway, and lean forward as your instructor guides you. The wind will be activated and will support your body; in seconds, you will be flying! You’ll be directed back to the doorway to exit the tunnel. The thrill of free-fall skydiving doesn’t get any easier than this. Your package includes all of the necessary flight equipment. Facts about the Abu Dhabi Spacewalk skydiving experience: Appropriate for groups of up to 12 people; various packages and frequent flyer programmes are available for frequent visitors.
Location: Shakhbout Bin Sultan St – Al Mushrif – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

4. Yas Kart zone

You can get behind the wheel of a manoeuvrable go-kart and race your friends and family on a.5-mile (.8-kilometer) track with a fun session at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi. Book a short driving experience for kids or a longer adult session to reach speeds of up to 37 mph (60 km/h) as you pin the accelerator and navigate the curves.

This go-kart ride includes a printout of your driving performance graphs and statistical data. Adult and child go-karting lessons in Abu Dhabi: learn how to drive a go-kart. All required equipment is provided. Bring a performance printout home with you. Suitable for families: There are several times available throughout the day.
Location: Yas Marina Circuit – Yas Island – Abu Dhabi – UAE

5. Tasleeh Shooting

Tasleeh Shooting is pleased to announce the opening of the world’s first Airsoft Battle Zone at Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi. Tasleeh Tactical Store features one of the largest indoor battlegrounds as well as a state-of-the-art airsoft weapons and accessory store. After you’ve finished shooting, sit back and relax in our Kalashnikov Café, where you can refresh yourself with a wide variety of hot and cold drinks and snacks.

Tasleeh Shooting introduces an entirely new concept to the Middle East, providing you with an unparalleled adventure experience for all ages, so come down to play in our shooting ranges or in a group and compete against another team for ultimate glory in our indoor arena, The Battle zone!
Location: Yasmall, Abu Dhabi, UAE

6. Fun City

Parents looking for an exciting weekend activity for their children should consider Fun City. It is the ultimate destination for your children to embark on an adventure. It is a well-known children’s entertainment centre with numerous branches throughout the UAE. The Fun City series of popular indoor kids’ play areas can be found all over the UAE. They want to provide activities that are enjoyable and engaging for children. The play areas will keep your children on their toes, rushing from one game to another, with colourful interiors, fun games, and entertaining activities for ages up to 12.

Kids can run around in the colourful ball pits or ride Fun City’s unique rides, like the Crazy Gliders and Ocean Carousels. The play area is intended for children to climb, jump, and crawl around without worrying about their safety. These soft play areas are regularly inspected for safety hazards and supervised by highly trained staff. In addition, the playground is sanitised, and strict hygiene is maintained in all outlets. Fun City offers a variety of family activities. Parents, too, can have a good time with their children. They can compete in the games with their children.

These rides are intended for people of all sizes to enjoy. There are both big and small rides. The former, as its name suggests, is intended for older children and includes attractions such as bumper cars. The latter, like a carousel, are ideal for children aged 1 to 5.Balls & Walls, another attraction, is an interactive virtual play space with over 15 games. Zombies vs. Brains, Ice Cream Factory, and other games are among them.
Location: Abu Dhabi Mall – Al Zahiyah – Abu Dhabi – UAE

7. Kids’ Factory

Kids’ Factory is a 4500 square foot art, hobby, and education centre located in Dalma Mall, where children of all ages can experience a world of creativity and imagination! Each corner of the Factory is designed to be warm, welcoming, and happy—a place associated with fun and remembered as a part of a wonderful childhood!

When kids Factory first opened its doors in 2014, it combined entertainment and learning, paving the way for a new era in children’s edutainment. Children in the capital fell in love with art without even realising they were being drawn away from their daily iPads and PlayStations.
Location: Dalma Mall Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

8. Marina Eye Ferris wheel

Marina Eye in Abu Dhabi is a massive Ferris wheel on the Corniche that can be seen from all over the city. It has 42 capsules as well as luxury VIP capsules. A ride on this marvel lasts about 5 minutes, but every minute is breathtaking, with a breathtaking view of the city’s horizon and the sparkling blue waters of the coastline.

The massive wheel, which was built in 2015, dominates the skyline in front of the famous Marina Mall. The Marina Eye is an eye-catching attraction, especially at night when the wheel is illuminated. The ride, which is mostly seen as a great observation deck, provides a panoramic view of the entire area.
Location: Parking lot, Al Marina, Abu Dhabi, UAE

9. Action Zone Boutik Mall

There’s something for everyone, including a brand new state-of-the-art cosmic bowling alley, ping pong, billiards, mini rides, arcade games, and jumping castles. Birthday parties and corporate events are popular. Boutik Mall, right in front of the food court. Nothing beats Action Zone!
Location: Boutik Mall, Shams, Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE

10. Abu Dhabi Air Mania

Air Maniax is a multi-activity sports and recreational facility that embraces cutting-edge technology while providing exceptional service and non-negotiable safety. We are the UAE’s first large-scale indoor inflatable park with a warrior assault, zip zag, and inflatable football court. So, whether you’re a toddler, a child, an adult, a school, or a corporation, Air Maniax will get your heart racing, your blood pumping, and your adrenaline pumping.
Location: Marina Mall, Airmaniax, 1st floor, across from Borders, Al Marina, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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