The Top 10 Epic Things to Do in Abu Dhabi

Epic Things to Do in Abu Dhabi

The list of things to do in Abu Dhabi is virtually endless, so it’s natural to be overwhelmed when deciding which ones to try. With dozens of sky-piercing towers, architectural marvels, historical landmarks, and entertainment hotspots, Abu Dhabi is a treasure trove of varied experiences.

Whether you seek moments of comfort and tranquilly or prefer action and adventure over all else, the capital city has no shortage of fun experiences, thanks to the presence of large amusement parks such as Wadi Adventure and Yas Water world, where you can participate in thrilling slides, rides, kayaking, rafting, and other activities. The city also has a number of museums, including the Louvre Museum and the Emirates National Auto Museum, which offer educational tours. Here are ten of the best epic things to do on an Abu Dhabi city tour.

The Top 10 Epic Things to Do in Abu Dhabi

1. Visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Seeing the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and admiring its opulence has to be one of the most important things to do in Abu Dhabi, as the mosque is one of the Gulf’s most iconic architectural wonders. This masterpiece’s design is inspired by elements of various types of Islamic architecture from around the world and is unlike any other building in the world. The majestic mosque is known for its domes and columns, as well as housing the world’s largest carpet and the world’s third-largest chandelier. One must visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque at least once in their lives, either to absorb the spirituality and peace or to capture the man-made beauty.

2. Go to Emirates Palace

Emirates Palace is an ultra-luxury hotel that spans 100 hectares and redefines royalty even in Abu Dhabi. The grand structure of Emirates Palace, with landscaped gardens on one side and an endless stretch of sea on the other, is a sight to behold. You can enjoy the tasteful interiors and captivating architecture even if you are not staying at the hotel because some areas are open to visitors.

3. Visit the Louvre Museum

A visit to the Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi is highly recommended for culture, art, and architecture enthusiasts visiting Abu Dhabi to discover its many facets. This is one of the finest buildings in Abu Dhabi, ushering the world into an era of ultra-stylish museum complexes. The museum complex, which is surrounded by water, covers an area of 60,600 square meters, specifically reserved for galleries dedicated to ancient art pieces as well as artworks by renowned modern artists. The theme-based display of artworks and artefacts from various times and civilizations establishes and presents the link between the arts of various regions.

4. Heritage Village is a must-see

Stepping into Heritage Village Abu Dhabi is almost like stepping into a time machine that will transport you to a time when the region looked completely different, with earthen structures and buildings built in traditional designs. A tour of this walled complex is an entertaining experience for culture vultures interested in seeing an earlier version of Abu Dhabi. This village’s highlights include a replica of a fishing village, a desert camp, and a mosque, as well as camels, cows, and goats. The complex also includes a seaside dinner and a souq where you can buy authentic handicrafts.

5. Trip to Al Ain

Al Ain City, an oasis city near the Oman border of the UAE, is an ideal stop on a heritage tour of Abu Dhabi and is thought to be one of the oldest permanently inhabited settlements. Aside from palm tree clusters and natural springs, the most valuable aspect of Al Ain City is its Bronze Age ruins. This is one of the most the city is brimming with structures dating back hundreds of years that are significant from a tourism, historical, and archaeological standpoint. Hike and explore the priceless gems of Jebel Hafeet, visit the Al Ain Palace Museum to see traditional architecture and a wonderful collection of artifacts, and immerse yourself in history at Al Qattara Oasis.

6. Abu Dhabi Dhow Dinner Cruise

The Abu Dhabi Dhow Dinner Cruise is one of the most romantic things to do in Abu Dhabi if you are travelling with your loved one. It has a lovely atmosphere, vibrant sights, a delicious dinner, and good company. Nonetheless, this cruise experience is an unforgettable delight for everyone and on any occasion. A cruise on one of the well-equipped, traditional Arab boats with a lavish buffet featuring dishes from various cuisines is a healthy treat. Furthermore, the iridescent Abu Dhabi skyline and its reflection on the water will take your breath away.

7. Go to the Emirates Park Zoo.

Emirates Park Zoo is one of the most recommended attractions in Abu Dhabi for wildlife lovers, with over 1700 animals and a wide range of experiences, including animal shows. This zoo is home to an exceptional variety of wildlife brought over from around the world, including cheetahs and white tigers, as well as lions and a majestic Siberian bear. Enjoy your breakfast with parrots, share your breakfast with giraffes, or observe wild animals up close—there are numerous activities that you can enjoy here with your entire family without becoming bored.

8. Camel safari

The camel safari, one of the most popular activities in Abu Dhabi, is an excellent way to see the city from a different perspective. A camel safari is a perfectly safe activity that you can try with your family and friends to find solace and tranquilly in Abu Dhabi. Enjoy the most surreal sights by going during sunset, when the golden desert turns orange under the crimson sky. Camel safari experiences are frequently combined with other cultural activities, such as BBQ dinners and belly dance performances, to create the ideal evening in the desert.

9. Go to the Marina Eye Ferry Wheel

Marina Eye, one of the structures that dominate Abu Dhabi’s skyline, is a Ferris wheel with a maximum height of 196 feet. The wheel has 42 glass capsules that have been meticulously designed to ensure maximum safety and the best views. The Marina Eye is a must-see attraction that combines thrills and sightseeing. If you do this activity with your family, these moments will become the highlight of your entire trip. You’ll be hooked on the illuminated cityscape of Abu Dhabi during the four fast rounds that you get to enjoy in a single ride here.

10. Arabian Wildlife Reserve

Arabian Wildlife Park, which is home to over 10,000 wild animals, is a popular tourist destination. One of the most entertaining and educational things to do in Abu Dhabi is to watch the beautiful wild beasts roam freely in the jungle. The park, which is located off the Coast of Yas Island, is ideal for those who enjoy wildlife and want to get away from the traditional malls and beaches of the UAE.

There are daily safaris where you can see the indigenous animals in their natural habitat. Because there are no fences here, the experience is truly one-of-a-kind and wonderful. Giraffes and gazelles are frequently seen, and if you’re lucky, you might even see a cheetah or hyena.

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