9 tips to get you started at Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai

Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai

 Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai, Dubai’s largest water park as well as one of the most popular water parks, has grown significantly in recent years. The Aquaventure water park is a complete product in and of itself. It is proud of its 20+ water slides, which are rated as the world’s longest and most adventurous slides, as well as various other intriguing water rides.

The water park features designated sections where visitors may have fun feeding cow nose rays, playing with cuddly sea lions, and having adventures with friendly dolphins. There are numerous areas designated for children to have the most fun, where they can either plunge into the lazy rivers, climb the towers, or participate in a variety of recreational activities. If you want to enjoy the Dubai city tour, contact one of the best tour and travel agencies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


1. Ride some of the world’s top water rides, such as the blackout and the trident tower, in this water park.
2. Adventure activities such as scuba diving and swimming allow you to swim alongside the crazy marine life of this ocean realm.
3. Get a chance to feed marine fish up close.
4. Sea fauna such as clownfish, sharks, dolphins, and eels can also be seen.
5. Dubai is quite hot. Everyone knows that Dubai is hot.
6. And the first thing we recommend is that you chill off in Aquaventure in Atlantis, on the Palm.
7. We’ve compiled a list of tips based on our recent visit so that, if it’s on your radar, you get the most out of your day!

9 tips to get you started at Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai

1. Arrive at 10 a.m.

The park opens at 10, and many people will still be in bed, eating breakfast, or getting ready. You’ll beat a lot of queues if you can get a jump on them all and arrive when it opens! And it’s not like it’s going to be frigid at 10 a.m.!

2. go straight to Leap of Faith

For good reason, Leap of Faith is one of the park’s most popular rides! The near-vertical waterslide drops you nine stories in a matter of seconds, and lineups are to be expected. But go there first thing in the morning, and you’ll be there in no time!

3. Bring Your Own Tube

Take a tube from Torrent Beach to the Tower of Neptune. You’ll need it to climb each waterslide. Shark Attack and Surge are arguably the best, so get up there ASAP!

4. You are permitted to bring your phone onto the slides.

Isn’t this insane and risky? No, no, no! You may acquire a waterproof pouch for your smartphone, hang it on a lanyard, and take it on the rides. useful if you don’t have a locker or enough space to store everything!

5. Hire a GoPro!

Aquaventure has GoPros for rent directly after the main entrance. It encourages you to bring your own, but if you decide you want one on the day, they’re right there!

6. Put Money in Your Wristband

You can receive a wristband and put money on it at the towel huts. This prevents you from leaving money on the rides and allows you to spend it throughout the park with the flick of a wrist.Any money that you do not spend will be returned to you.

7. You can rent a towel.

You are welcome to bring your own towel, but if you forget, you can rent one for 30 AED (about £60 at the time of writing). If you want to save a few pounds, you can obtain a towel and locker combo for 50 AED instead of 70.

8. Take a buggy to travel around.

Aquaventure features its own mini-transport system, with buggies looping around the park all day. Simply hop on and off as you go to avoid wandering about in the scorching heat.

9. Feed the sharks.

If a waterpark isn’t thrilling enough for you, there are supplementary extras available for a cost. Zip lining, shark feeding, and scuba diving are all offered!

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