The top 10 outdoor activities in Sharjah you shouldn’t miss

activities in Sharjah

Sharjah, the artistic center of the United Arab Emirates, is a melting pot of tradition and culture. The city has made significant attempts to preserve its heritage, earning the designation of “Cultural Capital of the Arab World” from UNESCO. Sharjah is a haven for art and architecture lovers, with a plethora of superb tourist options.

The renowned Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization and the Art Museum are the city’s two biggest jewels, although there are many additional tourist sites and noteworthy buildings connected to Emirati heritage. Here are some of the must-see sites in Sharjah that you should not miss.

You can certainly bring your children to this family-friendly resort since there is much to keep them entertained. Al Noor Island, with its butterfly house and underwater aquarium, is a prime example. Learn more about this gorgeous city in this post, and prepare to pack your luggage for Sharjah. Contact one of the best tour and travel agencies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, if you want to enjoy the Sharjah city tour.

The top 10 outdoor activities in Sharjah you shouldn’t miss


Al Badayer, also known as the Big Red, is a massive, saffron-colored sand dune. It is an ideal spot for adventurers and thrill seekers looking for outdoor activities in Sharjah.

Al Badayer Oasis is an eco-tourism project that provides tourists with luxurious lodging as well as various enjoyable activities and adventures in Al Badayer. On weekends, locals and tourists alike go to Al Badayer to ride the dunes on 4×4 buggies and quad bikes. Sandboarding is another popular outdoor activity at Al Badayer. The vast dunes are excellent for an exciting sandboarding adventure.
Helmets and 4×4 vehicles can be rented from one of the area’s many rental firms or tour operators.

2. In the mountains, hiking and mountain biking

It is one of the best trekking destinations in the UAE. The meandering routes span over 6 miles, and hikers can expect an interesting three-hour excursion through the trek at Wadi Lasal. Wadi Lasal is also a popular destination for bikers who camp in the vicinity. Mountain bikers frequently visit the region to investigate the unmarked paths.


Mangroves, or Qurm as it is known in Arabic, are home to a diverse range of natural vegetation and fauna.Exploring the mangroves is one of Sharjah’s most popular activities. The Al Qurm Nature Reserve is home to various bird species, including the endangered Arabian Collared Kingfisher. The reserve has more than that. Nesting hawksbill and green turtles can be seen on the surrounding beach.

The reserve’s recreation centre has something for everyone’s sense of adventure. If you’re looking for an adventure in a mangrove jungle right here in Sharjah, consider taking a kayak or paddleboard excursion. Those interested in bird watching should bring their own binoculars.

4. Adventures in Kayaking

Thinking about what to do in Sharjah while on vacation? Kayaking is a popular water sport in the Emirates.
The best places to kayak in Sharjah include Al Khan Beach, Khorfakkan Beach, and the mangroves of Khor Kalba. All of the aforementioned water sports centres rent kayaks and other watercraft. For an additional fee, you can take a guided kayak excursion or explore the region on your own. Several tour businesses in the vicinity provide guided tours and kayak rentals.

5. At Wasit Nature Reserve, discover the wetlands

The Wasit Nature Reserve is known as Sharjah’s green respiratory system. A lush green reserve is home to exceptional wetlands. For individuals who enjoy nature, the Wasit Nature Reserve is one of the best places to go in Sharjah. The Wasit Nature Reserve contains a variety of other small mammals, reptiles, and insects, some of which are unique to the area.

6. Adventures in Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Sharjah

Looking for scuba diving in Sharjah? The calm, clean waters of Al Khorfakkan are great for Sharjah scuba diving and snorkeling. Shark Island, Anemone Gardens, Coral Gardens, and Martini Rock are some of the best snorkelling spots in Sharjah.

These destinations have pristine waters, making scuba diving a memorable and thrilling experience for everyone. Sharjah dive centres feature highly qualified professional divers that offer diving vacations, PADI training, and guided scuba diving tours.

7. Dubai Frame

A recent addition to Dubai’s top attractions is the Dubai Frame at Zabeel Park, one of the biggest picture frames in the entire world. AED 230 million was spent on the construction of the 150-meter-tall frame.

8. Dubai Parks & Resorts

This one is undoubtedly Dubai’s version of Disney World. The theme park is split up into Riverland, Lego Land, Bollywood Park, and Motion Gate, each offering a tonne of entertainment. Riverland offers a glimpse of a rural Dubai set against a picturesque background. Lego fans will find utopia in Lego Land, and thrill seekers will find paradise at Motion Gate. For people who adore, think about, and watch Bollywood, there are parks!
This is not everything. Adventure seekers can spend a day at one of the city’s many other theme parks, like IMG World, Aquaventure, or Ferrari World, and then return for more! Include this in your itinerary for Dubai travel.

9. La Mer

What would a trip be without some beach and sun? La Mer, one of Dubai’s main attractions, is a 13.4 million square foot space. Each of the three zones that make up the beach has an outstanding selection of stores and restaurants. The beach also has children’s play areas, cabanas, beach mattresses, and a trampoline park named Hawa-Hawa. After a busy day at the mall, you know where to go if you want to relax.

10. Ski Resort Indoor

Who would have guessed that Dubai’s top attractions would include a ski resort? One of the coolest locations to visit in Dubai is the indoor, full-service ski resort known as Ski Dubai. In addition to offering skiing lessons, the ski arena features ski games for both adults and children. Last but not least, enjoy the hot chocolate in the Avlanche cafe. And finally, to make the experience more genuine, you’ll see penguins gathering nearby.

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