The Aqua Fun Water Park, a Wonderful Experience in Dubai

The Aqua Fun Water Park

The Aqua Fun Water Park, the world’s largest inflatable water park, has been awarded a Guinness World Record for being anchored just across from JBR Beach in the Gulf of Mexico. Aqua Fun, which initially opened its doors in 2016, has now grown to 42,400 square metres, more than three times its original size. It now says, “I adore Expo 2020 Dubai,” and planes flying into Dubai can see it. If you want to go here, get your Aqua fun waterpark Dubai tickets right away. Enjoy the Aqua fun water park with your family. If you would like to enjoy the Aqua Fun waterpark ticket, contact one of the best tour and travel agencies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

A Quick Overview of Aquafun

Splash and slither away your worries at the world’s largest inflatable water park! Aqua Fun, one of Dubai’s newest attractions, is a terrific spot for anyone searching for tonnes of special experiences to spend with friends, kids, and family. If you appreciate wild water amusement and don’t mind getting wet, a visit here ensures you a pleasantly exhilarating trip on the spectacular beach settings of Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) Beach.

Aqua Fun is one of the Top 5 Things to Do in Dubai, with a total area of about 2,700 square metres and measurements of 130 metres by 30 metres. It features over 74 games and challenges, with views of Blue waters Island and Ain Dubai in the background.

It’s worth noting that the configuration of all the rides, slides, and other attractions on the float spells out “Dubai” in its design. Because it was inspired by the official Dubai logo, the handwriting and colour are identical. When you arrive at the venue and put on your life jacket, you can immediately begin this lengthy course that is precisely planned out in the midst of the ocean.

It differs from most other parks of its kind in that you must tread carefully through each of its inflatable tube rides, rippling slides, swings, and blockades. This makes it great for testing your ability to balance without falling into the water and for having fun in races with friends and family.


You can enjoy the luxury of this water park by riding some of the top water coasters in the world, such as the Blackout and the Trident Tower. Swim with the unusual marine species found in this area by participating in adventurous activities such as scuba diving and swimming. You can approach marine fish and feed and interact with them. Other aquatic animals to see are eels, sharks, dolphins, and clown fish. Every ticket bought includes just one park pass. Take breaks throughout the day, then resume whenever you want. You can return whenever you wish to relax on the beach or stroll through JBR. There are also nearby showers and change rooms.

Dubai seems to have a rich history with the Guinness Book of Records

According to Ahmed Ben Chaibah, CEO and Founder of Aqua Fun, the project’s purpose five years ago was to strengthen the offers of the Dubai Marina and JBR sectors. According to Talal Omar, national manager of Guinness World Records Middle East and North Africa, Dubai is no stranger to world records, and the city is continually stunning its citizens with its originality, distinctiveness, and drive to compete with itself.

Aqua Fun offers the best of both the sun and the sea

Because it is available all year, there are different ways to participate. Make the most of your time outside by working on your strength and agility. Make it an all-day event that concludes with a relaxing (and well-deserved) meal in the evening. In the surrounding region, there are a range of laid-back or elegant al fresco dining options, including Shake Shack, the impressive Couqley French Bistro, and the many delectable finds along The Walk at JBR.

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