The New Activities to Try at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Activities to Try at Ferrari World

Every car enthusiast should check off the world’s first Ferrari-branded theme park on their bucket list. There’s a rush at every turn on this rollercoaster, which holds world records for the fastest (Formula Rossa) and highest loop (Flying Aces). The destination is currently counting down to its 10-year anniversary in November by welcoming some exciting new attractions.

First and foremost, the park debuted its brand-new Family Zone this month. This new area, which includes a variety of rides and attractions, has a gentler theme that contributes to the parks being truly an all-ages destination. Instead of watching their older siblings have fun, little ones can experience their own thrills on four miniature versions of the park’s most popular attractions, including Turbo Tower and Speedway.

Fans of the theme park can also expect more additions throughout the rest of the park. Visitors will be able to stroll along a 600m walkway above the park’s red roof or soar through the air on a 400m zip line before the end of the year. Mission the Ferrari will be the world’s first roller coaster with a tilt-and-drop feature, and will undoubtedly be the hottest new ride to strap into when it opens before the end of this year. Get your Ferrari World Abu Dhabi tickets now if you want to experience Ferrari World’s new activities. Here are some of the new activities to try at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

The New Activities to Try at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

The following are some of the best new rides at Ferrari World:

1.Rossa Formula

Formula Rossa is the best choice if you want to go fast! When you start screaming, the world’s fastest roller coaster creates stomach-churning swirls instead of a sudden drop from extreme heights. But it’s not going to be an easy ride. This ride moves at the speed of light. You will be transported at a speed of 149mph in just 2 seconds. The hydraulic launch system used here is comparable to those found on aircraft carriers. This ensures unprecedented speed. This 2km long track also has some tricky corners that add to the thrill of the ride.

2. Ferrari World’s roof walk

Guests can scale the park’s signature red roof and enjoy spectacular views of Yas Island as part of this experience. This allows Ferrari World’s sprawling red roof to see over the entire island of Yas. As a result, this skyline will take visitors to great heights during the 90-minute roof walk. You’re going to love this new addition to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. They can get a watch with the world’s largest Ferrari logo!

3. Magic’s speed

When you realise that all of the rides in Ferrari World are about speed and only speed, the Speed of Magic will come as a surprise. At first glance, the ride may appear to be similar to other roller coasters and “level-children.” But, after a few seconds, it turns out to be very different from what you expected. You must virtually follow an animated character while flying at high speeds in various exotic locations. The effects of the flight’s highs and lows make the ride impressive and exciting.

4. Zip Line at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

It allows guests to experience the first-of-its-kind challenge on Yas Island as they zip through the Flying Aces roller coaster loop from the heart of Ferrari World. If you bring family and friends, you can even sign up for the dual racing challenge, which adds an extra thrill to the unforgettable adventure. The newly added zipline path begins in the park’s centre and travels through the iconic Flying Aces roller coaster loop. It provides visitors with the opportunity to compete in a dual race around the path.

5. Scuderia Competition

This is for those who enjoy virtual racing games. Scuderia is a racing simulator that will immerse you in a thrilling racing experience. It will make you feel like you are driving on a racetrack. The 180° screens and steering wheel will make you feel like you’re in a real race when you step out of the simulator. Hit the brake and feel the jerk. Hit something and you’ll feel like you’ve come to a halt, then press the accelerator and enjoy the speed. If you’ve always wanted to see an F1 race, you won’t find a better opportunity than this.

6.A Ferrari ride

Ferrari World is more than just a theme park themed around Ferrari; it also owns a Ferrari. And, surprise, you can take a genuine Ferrari ride here. If you are 21 years old and a licenced driver in the UAE, you can even drive the Ferrari and experience the thrill for yourself. An expert will accompany you on the track as you race the car. If you do not meet the driving eligibility requirements, you can still enjoy the ride because you will be accompanied by an expert driver who will drive the car at high speeds. This could be your only chance to ride in a real Ferrari. Once you’re there, don’t miss it.

7. Flying aces

It’s not your fault that you can’t turn your world upside down; Flying Aces can. This ride was inspired by Count Baracca, the legendary “aces of aces” aviator. It is a 63-meter-long ride with a stunning 51-degree incline. Consider the adrenaline rush you’d get if you were moving at 120km/h on the world’s highest roller coaster loop.

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