The Top 9 Interesting Facts About Sharjah

The Top 9 Interesting Facts About Sharjah

Interesting Facts About Sharjah

Sharjah has the distinction of being the UAE’s designated cultural capital by UNESCO, despite not being as flashy and vibrant as its posh neighbour Dubai. Sharjah, which is a true melting pot of cultures, offers an intriguing medley of views, experiences, and activities, so there is never a shortage of things to do there. This city offers a fantastic vacation experience with its beaches, gorgeous mosques, museums, and natural parks. If you would like to start taking a Sharjah city tour, contact one of the best tour and travel agencies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Top 9 Interesting Facts About Sharjah

1. Sharjah has had just one ruling family since the seventeenth century

Monarchs oversee each of the emirate states. It’s interesting to note that the Qawasim family has been in charge of Sharjah’s government since the state’s founding. They created this power in the 17th century, and they’ve retained it ever since. His Highness, Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, is acting as the 18th ruler at the moment. The U.A.E. shares a common structure for its military, legal, and economic departments, although other aspects of its administration are still distinct.


Sharjah was designated as the Capital of Arab Culture by UNESCO in 1998. As such, Sharjah and UNESCO jointly give awards to people, organisations, and organisations that advance and revitalise Arab culture. Both the Sharjah International Book Fair and the Sharjah Biennial Art Exhibition are held in Sharjah, where modern and traditional architecture coexist alongside libraries and light displays.

3. The dynasty ruled from 1600 AD

Sharjah’s ruler since January 25th, 1972, is His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi. In a line of Al Qasimi emperors that dates back to 1600 AD, he is the 18th ruler of the Emirate.

4. Education in Sharjah has improved

Sharjah was the site of the first educational institution, library, and local government in the United Arab Emirates. In 1942, it became the first of the seven emirates to offer women’s education. Take a look at the stunning Al Noor Mosque.

5. The etymology of “emir”

The United Arab Emirates are known as the Emirates because the Arabic word “emir” implies lord or commander-in-chief. To represent their rulers and their status, they may also be referred to as sheikhdoms.

6. Unwind at the beautiful Al Mamzar Beach

This resort is spread out over 106 hectares and features 3 pools, 5 beaches, picnic spots, and lovely palm trees. On weekends, you can spend the ideal day with your family at one of the many playgrounds and barbecues available. One of the best things to do in Sharjah for a restorative break from sightseeing is to relax on this picture-perfect Sharjah beach, go swimming, or go snorkelling.

7. Explore Sharjah Aquarium to discover the wonders of the sea

This wonderful aquarium, which is spread out over two floors, gives visitors a glimpse of the abundant marine life found in the deep ocean. The aquarium is one of the best things to do in Sharjah with kids to experience the fascinating world of clownfish, seahorses, eels, and sharks. It has 20 different tanks, each of which recreates a different aquatic environment. Your children will find it both interesting and informative to observe coral reefs filled with fish and to learn about the underwater delights of a lagoon or mangrove.

8. Explore the Sharjah Desert Park’s diverse worlds

Four sites, each providing a look into the distinctive Arabian desert ecology, are located in this wonderland, which is one square kilometre in size. It features a children’s farm, a botanical museum, a natural history museum, and the wildly popular wildlife centre (Sharjah Zoo). One of Sharjah’s most kid-friendly activities is taking the kids to an animal farm, where they can feed and pet the animals in their natural environment. At the natural history museum, embark on a fantastic voyage, while at the botanical museum, explore the fascinating world of plants.

9. At the Arabian Nature Centre, pamper the wildlife fanatics inside

This centre should be on your list of family-friendly activities in Sharjah because it is without a doubt one of the best places in the world to observe the whole variety of flora present in the Arabian Peninsula. The Arabian Animal Centre offers a variety of exciting opportunities for wildlife viewing, from the critically endangered Arabian leopard to the Oryx antelope, and cheetahs to flamingos. It is a portion of the magnificent Sharjah Desert Park and is located about 30 kilometres outside of Sharjah city.

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