Take a Morning Desert Safari in the Red Sand Dunes with a Camel Ride and Sandboarding

Morning Desert Safari

One of the best experiences you can have while visiting Dubai is a safari through the desert, which offers a perfect vacation day full of adventure and thrills. Because of the breathtaking scenery and large expanses of loose gravel that sparkle in the reflection of the day and night lights, this area of Dubai has earned the label “Pearl of the Gulf” with justification. A safari in the Dubai desert is a must-do experience that transports you to a different part of Dubai where there aren’t any gleaming beaches or high-rise structures but only a vast expanse of golden land. Regardless of the safari type you choose, all of them are built to take you deep into the Arabian sand desert, where you will undoubtedly be overcome by its exquisite beauty.

The safari becomes a thrilling occasion by including activities like camel rides and dune-bashing in your Dubai desert safari trips. In addition to this, you may go stargazing, go on a hot air balloon ride in the desert, go sandboarding, go sand skiing, or witness cultural performances, to mention a few, here after a satisfying BBQ dinner. Even with the assistance of professionals, you can attempt a quad bike ride on the sand dunes on a safari in the Dubai desert. If you want to visit the desert safari in Dubai, Contact one of the best tour and travel agencies in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

Overview  to Take a Morning Desert Safari in the Red Sand Dunes with a Camel Ride and Sandboarding.

Take a morning desert safari tour to learn about daily life in the Arabian Desert. You will be picked up at your hotel or residence in Dubai or Sharjah by a professional safari certified guide, who will then take you by 4WD Land Cruiser out into the desert. After arriving at Lahbab Sand, take a short break while our safari guide deflates the tyres of the 4WD vehicle to help it grip the desert better. Take pictures; ride a camel around a track for ten minutes. After your camel ride, get in your Land Cruiser and drive into the desert while fastening your seatbelt and holding onto your hat as the car slides and sways across the sand dunes. Surf the desert sand while using a sandboard, or simply

1) Desert Safari and BBQ Dinner

Feel the thrill of adrenaline as you race across Dubai’s sand dunes and take a memorable desert safari in the Lahab desert. Witness the magnificent sunset and enjoy other enjoyable activities with your loved ones, like henna designs and camel rides. Experience the authentic Arabic culture by attending sessions of belly dancing, shisha smoking, the Tanura show, and a fire display. Enjoy the BBQ supper, which comes with appetisers, nibbles, regional specialties, desserts, and drinks.

2) Humming Desert Safari

The most picturesque and dramatic sand dunes in the Arabian Desert may be traversed while driving a 44-Hummer. To experience the best desert safari excursions in Dubai, observe the desert sunset and race through the enormous dunes. Participating in events like sandboarding and camel rides can make the day more exciting and pleasant. Enjoy a barbecue dinner filled with regional specialties while feasting on the delectable flavours of Arabian cuisine.

3) Early-morning desert safari

Take part in a dawn desert safari in Dubai to witness the Arabian desert’s beauty in the early morning hours. Enjoy the sun’s first appearance behind the glittering dunes as you start your refreshing day. One of the most exhilarating desert activities is dune bashing, where you hit the rolling sand dunes. You can also participate in a session of quad biking, sandboarding, or camel safari on your Dubai desert safari tour to feel more exhilarated and rejuvenated.

4) Camel trekking in Dubai

Travel through the huge expanse of rolling sand dunes while riding a camel, the typical Arabian conveyance. Get atop the “ship of the desertback” to go to locations that are often out of the reach of other vehicles. Dress up in the traditional garb for more pleasure and imagine yourself as a sheikh exploring the boundless desert. Take as many photos as you can to capture the best moments of your Dubai desert tour.

5) Sandboarding 

Sandboarding is a desert-based activity that involves sliding down a desert hill on specially fitted sheets tied to your feet. Sandboarding is continuously possible in Dubai due to the city’s typical terrain and environment. From the ridges, you occasionally descend as far as 1,000 feet and slide over the sand like you might on a day off. The game is completely safe and appropriate for players of all ages. To make it easier to slide down the ridges, you should just attach your boots to a smooth piece of sandboard.

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