Experience family thrills at the new Ferrari World Family Zone

Ferrari World Family Zone

Family Zone’s design is dedicated to creating unique experiences and more thrills for younger guests, as well as a broad array of attractions and experiences for family members of all ages. The new Family Zone features four miniature versions of the park’s most renowned rides, ranging from Formula Rossa Junior and Flying Wings to Turbo Tower and Speedway Race, giving your little ones a thrill like no other! If you want to go to the new Ferrari World, then get your Ferrari World theme park ticket now. Experience family thrills at the new Ferrari World Family Zone.

Experience family thrills at the new Ferrari World Family Zone

The Ferrari World Family Zone: What to Expect

Nothing is more infuriating than paying for theme park admission only to discover that your children are unable to ride half of the rides. This was a serious problem that Ferrari World Abu Dhabi had been dealing with for a long time. We’ve always recommended it as one of the top teen activities, but parents with school-aged children should avoid it. Four new Family Zone attractions have debuted, each meant to be younger versions of Ferrari World’s most exhilarating favourites, and all with child-friendly height limitations. The new rides available at Ferrari World Family Zone are as follows:

1. Rossa Junior Formula

Abu Dhabi is all about incredible rides that fly at great speeds, leaving you gasping and demanding more thrills. Using vast fields of science and futuristic technology, this fantastic attraction uses hydraulic pumps to discharge 240 kilometres per hour of energy, accelerating your rides to hilarious heights and speeds. Inspired by the fancy looking Italian race vehicle known as the Autodromo National Monza, the Formula Rossa is one of the classiest and trendiest attractions in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and is a must-try on your trip.

A little roller coaster created exclusively for children, yet with enough twists and turns to keep the younger crowd entertained, and available from a far lower height limit than many other roller coaster attractions in the UAE delivering equivalent thrills. This is undoubtedly the best version of the adult ride, travelling at 45km/h and suitable for youngsters as young as 0.9m (1.1m unaccompanied).

2. The Turbo Tower

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi never disappoints with its unique and engaging rides, which include some of the world’s most difficult theme park rides. The first standing and inverted roller coaster rides are among the most fascinating and incredibly exciting turbo tracks. Tighten your seatbelts and grip the bar handles as the ride takes you to a huge height of 64 metres before dropping you into oblivion.

Take a trip on this masterpiece with your pals and take home some hilarious memories. You’re hoisted 13.5m above the ground for a flying fun ride vertically, great for panoramic views of the entire theme park and the excitement of a tiny zero-gravity fall. You must wait for the full version, which launches you horizontally before vertically.

3. Wings that fly

The spectacular flying aces, which opened in 2016, have been a successful addition to Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari universe. The Flying Ace is a steel roller coaster with a track length of 1500 metres and a height of 63 metres. With such lavish and fascinating enhancements, the ride transports you at 30 kilometres per hour on non-inverted loops that are some of the world’s largest constructions. The ride through the 52-meter-long loop, according to the riders, is the most fun and entertaining part of the entire excursion. So, for an instant adrenaline rush, challenge yourself and soar through blinding speeds.

4 .Speedway Competition

You are in a 2-seater car on a fixed track in a miniature version of Junior GP, and your car accelerates at each corner for minor motion excitement. At 0.9m, this is the most beginner-friendly of the four new rides. The larger version is available from 1.1m, but it can be more difficult for small children to steer. All of these new rides are great additions to Ferrari World’s existing Family Zone. The former attractions were primarily interactive games, soft plays, and shows. The new option considerably expands the number of “thrill” experiences available to people under 1.3m.

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