The Top 9 Activities At Bounce Abu Dhabi

Bounce Abu Dhabi

Bounce Abu Dhabi, the largest trampoline park in Abu Dhabi, is a popular urban playground destination. This massive venue incorporates airbags, trampolines, and adventure challenges to create freestyle playgrounds that are unparalleled in action entertainment. Bounce focuses on inspiring everyone to get away from their worries and immerse themselves in super fun and adventure with their loved ones.

Allow your child to bounce, flip, and wall-run on more than 80 interconnected trampolines to create great memories of pure fun and laughter. In one of Abu Dhabi’s most kid-friendly areas, Bounce is on a mission to spread a message to the world about inspiring movement, expression, and human connections.

The facility has something for everyone, including preschoolers, teenagers, fitness enthusiasts, and corporate groups.
The most intriguing aspect of the location is its infectious rush. Everyone is buzzing and having the time of their lives, whether they are launching into the famous Big Bag, running up the massive wall, or loosening up in the amazing free jump area.

If you enjoy taking on challenges, you will find them here in the form you prefer—a hardcore exercise that burns your energy and calories without your knowledge, acrobatics on the training grounds, or some mind-blowing actions. If you want to visit the Abu Dhabi city tour in Dubai, contact one of the best tour and travel agencies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Highlights of Bounce Abu Dhabi

DodgeBall, Performance Trampolines, Free Jumping, Mini Bounce, and Big Bag are some of the exciting activities available.
Jump from trampolines to tumble tracks, banked walls, and dodgeball courts.
Bounce Abu Dhabi is the best recreational location for children to play and exercise together.
If you enjoy basketball, you can visit the Slam Dunk area, which features high rings suspended above trampolines.
If you want to feel like a ninja, you can learn to run like one on The Wall and have fun bouncing higher on special performance trampolines.
Experience the thrill of the two main attractions: the Indoor Zipline and Mammoth, a 40-meter slide.

Top Attractions & Activities in Abu Dhabi by Bounce

1. Freestyle

Bounce has long been a training ground for some of the world’s most adrenaline-fueled sports professionals, including skiers, skaters, trickers, freerunners, and others who can use freestyle features.

2. Arena for Free Jumping

Even if you don’t know how to flip and jump like a pro right now, you will in no time. This is because the area is completely equipped with more than 80 trampolines that provide you with the ultimate bouncing experience.

3. Slam Dunk

The Slam dunk area, designed specifically for basketball players, includes basketball hoops at extreme heights such as the tops of trampolines, soft floor mats, and padded walls. The area is ideal for honing your skills and scoring games while having fun.

4. Performance

This activity allows you to reach a higher height with a higher bounce. The performance trampolines are ideal for honing your bouncing abilities while having fun. For your safety, the area has a height restriction of 110 cm or higher. You’ll fall in love with the place the moment you walk in and notice the cool atmosphere.

5. Large Bag

You can safely jump, flip, twist, and return to the ground thanks to this activity. You can practise various manoeuvres here that you can then use on more advanced and better performing trampolines. To avoid injuries, participants are advised to give each other equal access to the area.

6. Dodgeball

The Dodgeball court, one of the most popular activities at Bounce Dubai, features the most advanced trampolines on which one can express their battle instincts while having the best experience and fun. The two teams are supposed to throw two dodgeballs at each other while jumping and flinging to determine the winner.

7. Xpark

The X-park is a freestyle playground for thrill-seekers and adventure-seekers. It has various levels of obstacles that can be navigated as desired. The X-park is designed in such a way that both amateurs and professionals can find a setting that suits them.

8. The Wall

It may take some time to learn the tricks and techniques, but once you do, you will have the most fun with this adrenaline-pumping activity. It is normal that you will not be able to do so on your first trip.

9. Supertramp

It is a massive trampoline monster that provides the ultimate platform for aerial stunts at great heights. At Super Tramp, you can show off all your off-axis tricks and have the most thrilling experience. Airsport athletes find the activity extremely beneficial to their training, but even amateurs can enjoy the extra space and fun of show bounce.

10. Speed Slide

The ultimate 40-meter slide, the Speed Slide, provides an unforgettable experience. The super slide, also known as the Mammoth, has a 70-degree drop and can span four building stories. This is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable activities available at Bounce Abu Dhabi.

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