The Top 10 Things You Should Know About Aquaventure Dubai

Aquaventure Dubai

Learn why a vacation to Atlantis, The Palm should include a stop at Aquaventure Dubai, the largest waterpark in the Middle East. The multi-award-winning waterpark is a stunning world, truly unique to anything you have ever seen, anywhere, having redefined and dominated the world of waterparks for nearly ten years. If you want to visit the Atlantis, get in touch with one of the best travel and tour companies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

What you may not know about Aqua venture Waterpark’s top water slides is some of the accompanying interesting info.

Here are some of the Top 10 Things You Should Know About Aqua venture Dubai.

1. Aquaventure is an aquatic amusement park with over 18 million litres of water that features thrilling rides with cascades, tidal waves, and rapids.

Aquaventure, which is located in a 17-hectare playground of fun and adventure, is brimming with a dizzying array of heart-pounding water rapids, water coasters, white water chargers, tidal waves, and pools to let you make more of a splash with your family. Unless the waterpark is incredibly empty with no lines at all, which is never the case at Aquaventure, it is just impossible to try all of the rides in one day.

2. The park offers a 2.3-kilometer river ride that features water rapids, tidal waves, and wild water chargers. It takes an astonishing 45

Ever wonder where the Middle East’s longest river trip is located? You are free to put that thought to rest now. It is located at the nearby Aquaventure Waterpark. The Tower of Poseidon and the Tower of Neptune, the two primary engines of adventure and boundless pleasure at the waterpark, are connected by a massive lazy river ride. You may float around for an astonishing 45 minutes if you take a trip down the 2.3 km long river adventure attraction that circles around Aquaventure’s tropical aquatic setting.

3. Aquaventure can generate waves and surges with swells up to almost one metre high by using over 790,000 litres of water every minute.

The rides at Aquaventure that generate huge waves and swells beneath you on the surge of more than 790 kilos of water in a single minute are pumping up the pleasure.

4. The only waterpark in the Middle East that offers marine animal encounters is Aquaventure. Examples include Cownose Ray Feeding and Shark Safari, which involve feeding and engaging with hungry rays underwater.

Aquaventure not only offers exhilarating water coasters, slides, pools, and waves all in one location, but it also provides special marine animal encounters like Shark Safari and Cownose Ray Feeding in the Shark Lagoon that redefine the phrase “waterpark.”

5. The Rapids is the longest waterpark river in the Middle East. Through high-intensity rapids, wave surges, and waterfalls that encircle the lush tropical waterscape of Aquaventure, inner-tube riders are propelled on this 1.6-kilometer river journey using 15 million litres of pure water.

There is nothing that compares to the originality of The Rapids, which offers the thrill of a true river excursion and ups the ante with inter-tube slides, intense rapids, and wave surges that propel you through the connected waterways flowing around the tropical waterscape of the waterpark.

6. The only waterpark in Africa and the Middle East with 700 metres of white sand beach is Aquaventure.

The majority of waterparks lack the 700-meter stretch of opulent private sand beach that Aquaventure Waterpark possesses. With stunning views of the waterpark’s tropical vistas, Aquaventure Beach provides the ultimate in relaxation and barefoot beach luxury.

7. The largest circumferential water ride in the world, the first twin racing tube rides, and the longest zip line circuit in the Middle East are currently located at the 17-hectare waterpark.

The vast selection of Aquaventure rides will keep you satisfied if you want thrills and adventure. One of these is Zoomerango, the widest circumference water coaster in the world, which will carry you along its curved walls before sending you slicing and sliding down a series of nearly vertical zooms back-to-back.

8. The Atlantean Flyers is also the first zip line in the world to be placed into a waterslide tower.

The Atlantean Flyer Zip Line, the longest in the Middle East and the first in a waterpark, is also available at Aquaventure to increase your level of excitement even further. While zipping across the whimsically beautiful tropical lands of Atlantis, 20 metres above Aquaventure Waterpark, the 500-meter-long zipline offers breathtaking views of The Palm and beyond.

9. Slitherines and Aquaconda, the world’s first timed double slide experience within a slide, are located at Aquaventure.

Going down a water slide is more enjoyable than anything else. Before splashing down on a pool, you have to wade through a maze of nauseating tunnels and take several unexpected turns. The largest water slide in the world, Aquaconda, will unquestionably launch you on an experience of a lifetime! You’ll be competing with your friends and family to finish first on Slitherines, the first twin racing tube ride in the history of the planet.

10. Visitors to Aquaventure Waterpark can float down the lazy river and rapids in one of the 1433 double or 906 single inflatable tubes that are now available.

The size and prominence of Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark demand a record-breaking number of inflatable tubes. As the largest waterpark in the Middle East, Aquaventure is outfitted with the most single and double inflatable tubes to meet the needs of its visitors all year long.

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