The best 10 family-friendly events in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi on your trip.

events in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

The first theme park in the world to bear the name “Ferrari,” events in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, honors the passionate nature of the legendary racing brand. In addition to family-friendly activities, cutting-edge simulations, live concerts, and a treasure trove of inspirational racing memorabilia, its distinctive structure houses a range of adrenaline-pumping rides, including the fastest roller coaster in the world.

Due to its attractions, which also include two shops and a variety of eateries that respect authentic Italian culinary habits, it is the place to experience the real Ferrari narrative. Every day of the year, Ferrari World theme park ticket Abu Dhabi welcomes visitors of all ages for an exciting experience in a comfortable indoor environment with climate control. One of Yas Island’s main draws is Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, which is the largest leisure and entertainment destination in the United Arab Emirates.

It is found on Yas Island, where it is found in an area that stands out from all others. Enjoy adventures and entertainment that are designed to be shared with friends and family as you experience life at its fullest. Some of the most exciting attractions, such as sporting events in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi , concerts, opulent hotels, and more, can be found in the UAE. Contact one of Dubai’s best tour and travel agencies if you want to visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Explore 10 family-friendly events in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi on your trip

1. Summer Sprint

Families and friends can have fun playing life-sized checkers, Knots & Crosses, and other Berto the Mechanic-inspired games, or by dressing up as playing pieces in a life-sized board game. A Benno the Racer-inspired bowling competition is also available, and visitors can build their own Ferrari to earn a mechanic’s certification.

Children can participate in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s Junior Champion Challenge 2.0 by obtaining five stamps—one for each ride they attempt—from the exclusive lineup of rides and attractions in order to be entered to win a free craft project. Family members can also participate in workshops where they can build their own cookie cars, make a mosaic of an F1 Scuderia Ferrari race vehicle, or test their driving prowess at the Karting Academy at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

2. Parental Zone

Incorporating twisting and turning tracks as well as a varied selection of rides and experiences for family members of all ages, the Family Zone’s design aims to provide additional thrills and special experiences for younger visitors. Four miniature replicas of the park’s most famous attractions are included in the new Family Zone, giving your little ones an exhilarating ride-riding experience like never before on Formula Rossa Juniors, Fly Wings, Turbine Towers, and Track Race.

3. For would-be racers

The Junior Training Camp allows kids aged seven and above who are looking for a thrilling experience to take on various challenges at Ferrari speed. Children who appreciate Junior GP and don’t forget, Driving with the Champion, will enjoy simulating some of the fastest cars in the world! The Speed of Magic and Benno’s Great Race will be the children’s favourite rides at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, while Nello’s Adventure land is home to safe play areas with slides, a playground, and a vibrant range of exciting activities for the youngest visitors. Little fantasy travelers who adore dream scapes and interactive rides will also enjoy the Speed of Magic and Benno’s Great Race.

4. Italian Zone

Fly over the Fiorano Circuit in Maranello, across gorgeous regions of Italy with Viaggio in Italia, or experience an atmospheric miniature replica of well-known Italian cities and structures with Bell’Italia. Kids have a one-of-a-kind chance to peek behind the curtain of the renowned Ferrari Factory at Made in Maranello, which offers a virtual tour inside the grounds of the facility where Ferrari is created and constructed. Little Ferrari lovers will get to see the intriguing process up close, from the first phases of designing the engine parts to the finished assembly.

The thrill should definitely whet your appetite. There are a variety of eateries in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi that serve the best Italian and international cuisine. Even the pickiest eaters will be satisfied by the selection of kid-friendly bite-sized delicacies at Mamma Rossella, the park’s famed Italian restaurant.

5. Formula Rossa Abu Dhabi

Formula Rossa Abu Dhabi is all about breathtakingly rapid thrills that leave you panting and longing for more. By using hydraulic pumps that discharge energy at a speed of 240 km/h, this spectacular rollercoaster speeds up your ride to absurd heights and speeds. It makes use of cutting-edge technologies and many different scientific disciplines. This Formula Rossa was inspired by the opulent Italian Autodromo National Monza race vehicle. You must ride it while you are there because it is one of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s fanciest and most upmarket attractions.

6. Fiorano GT competition

Your reactions will need to be quick on this ride. The ride’s focal point is a pair of spider-shaped F430 automobiles that move in opposite directions. These twin roller coasters cross paths at multiple moments during the ride, giving the passengers the impression that they will soon collide, and heightening the thrill. With a top speed of 270 km/h, the fantastic Fiorano GT Challenge is a quick and thrilling ride. Using four-person, tiny, and smaller Ferrari vehicles, this 1.08 kilometer-long roller coaster ride travels through a tunnel. This is one of the riskiest and most difficult roller coasters.

7. G-Force

Visit G-Force If you’ve never experienced the thrilling, heart-pounding sensation of free fall, you won’t soon forget it. The G-Force is one of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s most intense attractions, and you should put it on your bucket list. A huge tower that encircles a seating area in a square shape complements the ride’s 62-meter height. You ascend gradually on the ride, then at the peak, you are suddenly thrown off a precipice and into oblivion. Another excellent method for comprehending the concept of gravitation is the G-force, as its name suggests.

8. Ferrari Challenge

A modern racing simulator is called World Game. A computerised Yas Marina Circuit is used for speed competitions between six men. Thanks to the 180-degree screens in front of you and the steering wheel in your hand, you feel as though you’re in a real race. The tiny, car-like pods in which each participant sits are also equipped with hydraulic supports that respond to everything displayed on the screen.

It is comparable to watching a 7D movie in a theatre. When you step on the brake, inertia is sensed. If you run into something, you’ll feel a bump. You’ll feel the speed as soon as you push the accelerator. You’ll find yourself swinging in all directions if you make sudden turns.

9. Rocket Track

With its inventive and amusing rides, some of which are among the most difficult amusement park attractions in the world, Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi never ceases to amaze. The turbo track on the first standing and inverted roller coaster is fascinating and tremendously fun.
As the ride lifts you 64 metres into the air before dropping you to the ground, fasten your seatbelts and grip on to the bar handles. Take a ride on this masterpiece with your friends to recall some amusing times.

10. Visit the Ferrari World Roof Walk in Abu Dhabi

When deciding what to do at Ferrari World, picture yourself stepping onto the renowned red carpet or roof. You can get up close and personal with the world’s largest Ferrari logo during this delightful 90-minute journey. This fantastic walk can be combined with zip lining for a total of 120 minutes of enjoyment if you’d like to take part in both activities concurrently.

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