Enjoy a VIP Desert Safari in Dubai With a buffet BBQ Dinner Served at Your Table


Take part in this 6-7-hour tour of adrenaline-pumping activities and VIP Desert safari in Dubai services. Adventure, cultural entertainment, and a lavish dinner under the stars are all included in your desert safari experience. The true high point of the desert safari tour is a thrilling 4×4 drive deep into the desert to discover the enormous stretch of golden dunes in the deep ditches and rising dunes. After that, you’ll go to a genuine Arabic Bedouin campground where you can enjoy traditional Arabic coffee, smoke flavor-infused shisha, and see Tanura and belly dance performances while getting a true sense of the spirit and beauty of the desert. Dinner will be given to you at the table.

Your safari guide drove a 4WD to pick you up from the hotel, setting the stage for an exciting afternoon. Enjoy six hours of entertainment with VIP services and thrilling activities in the largest desert in the Arabian Peninsula. A desert safari tour combines adventure, cultural entertainment, and a peaceful dinner beneath the stars. Before getting ready for the thrilling dune drive, you will stop briefly to get the car ready for a fantastic trip. If you wish to visit the VIP Desert Safari in Dubai, contact one of the best tour and travel agencies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Highlights of a VIP Desert Safari in Dubai with a BBQ Dinner include:

1. Enjoy a sense of excitement while participating in thrilling activities such as dune bashing in the Arabian desert.
2. Enjoy the stunning desert sunset view and take part in a range of activities influenced by Bedouin culture.
3. Attend a seductive belly dance performance by professional belly dancers.Unwind by the bonfire, then end with a spectacular fire display.
4. Unwind by the bonfire, then end with a spectacular fire display. While you savour your scrumptious meal, which is a BBQ, and the beverage that is also brought to you at the table.
5. The tour then moves on to a classic Arabic Bedouin encampment, where you can get a true sense of the grandeur and soul of the desert while sipping traditional Arabic coffee and smoking flavor-infused shisha.

Concerning the VIP Desert Safari in Dubai with BBQ Dinner:

Dubai’s Desert Safari is the ultimate experience that will give you an adrenaline rush as soon as you hit the sands in a vehicle that is operating at its maximum torque and power. This captivating journey is energised by a wide variety of activities, including shisha smoking, belly dancing, the Tanura show, and a fire show. The evening desert safari tour combines an exciting safari excursion with a look at traditional Arabic culture.

Regarding the activity:

  1. If you choose bus pickup, you will be picked up from your hotel in Dubai, Sharjah, or other designated areas at roughly 2:30 PM.
  2. You will take a journey across the dunes in a Land Cruiser after arriving.
  3. You will take a journey across the dunes in a Land Cruiser after arriving. The best place to catch the sunset over the huge desert is at the location where it will be taking place.
  4. If you still feel like you can handle more adrenaline or if you’re looking for thrills and adventure unlike any other experience, try various activities like henna design, camel safaris, and sandboarding.
  5. Take pleasure in a barbecue dinner with appetisers, salads, the main course, a barbecue station, desserts, and beverages. Additionally, the camp will provide limitless coffee and tea choices.
  6. Relax by watching various entertainment programmes (belly dance, fire show, and Tanoura show).
    Additional fees apply for other fascinating sights and activities, including a long camel safari and souvenir shops;
  7. sand art galleries;
  8. fresh juice stands;
  9. private shisha at the table; and specialty tea and coffee at Boston Corner Shop.
  10. At 9:30 p.m., you’ll be dropped off at your hotel or place of abode after dinner.

What You Should Know Before a Dubai Desert Safari With BBQ Dinner 

• Your pick-up time will be reconfirmed in advance by the operator over the phone or WhatsApp.
• The Circle will host the Cameleer Safari.
• Follow any state government-provided guidelines that have been issued. Keep your distance from society. Mask use and frequent hand washing are advised.
• During the holy month of Ramadan, belly dance performances, alcoholic beverages, and entertaining music will be off limits. In addition to other activities, guests can still partake in meals and non-alcoholic beverages in the camp.
• Pregnant women, pensioners, and anyone with certain medical issues (such as back difficulties) are not advised to do these tours.
• You can show a mobile voucher for this activity.
• Please arrive in the lobby of the hotel 10 minutes prior to the pickup time.
• When making a reservation and upon arrival, every foreign national must provide information on their passport and visa.
• There will be an extra fee for pickup locations in Sharjah.
• Upon entrance, each visitor is required to present identification.
• Only the scheduled date and time are covered by the tickets for this activity.


• Pick-up and drop-off at hotels by a professional safari driver/guide
4-wheel drive transportation Accommodating Land Cruiser (Sharing Vehicle)
• ‘Dune bashing’ (20-30 mins)
• Sandboarding and a photo stop to capture the sunset
• Falcon photography
• A brief camel ride (which can be repeated)
• smoking shisha (free in the smoking shisha area only)
• Henna Art, Local Costume There are separate facilities for men and women.
Buffet At your table, you’ll receive a barbecue dinner (vegetarian and otherwise).
• Unlimited soda, water, coffee, and tea, dessert, and fruit within the camp
A Tanura Dance Show, a Belly Dance Show, and a FIRE Show


• Beverages containing alcohol (available for purchase)
• Gratuities
• gift products and souvenir photos, which are for sale (available to purchase),

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