The Amazing Dhow Cruise Experience In Dubai


Welcome to Dubai Marina, the world’s most talked-about waterfront development. The entire Dubai Marina, including the lagoon that passes through it, was created with tourists and leisure in mind. Sailing on the tranquil waters of the lagoon in a wooden boat known as a Dhow is the ideal way to enjoy it.

Dhow Cruise experience in Dubai an engaging and skyline-gazing is offered by Al Wasl, an award-winning dinner cruise company. It offers a night time perspective of the Dubai Marina District. It is home to some of the most well-known and iconic developments, including JBR, Cayan Tower, the Bluewater, Ain Dubai (the most prominent and largest wheel in the world), and numerous other eye-catching sky-high structures.

Relax on a traditional dhow boat trip after a day of thrilling excursions and sightseeing. While gliding over the tranquil waters of the Dhow Cruise Experience in  Dubai Marina, enjoy a delicious buffet meal comprising both local and foreign cuisine. Visit places like Palm Island and Atlantis while admiring the sparkling Dubai skyline. As you sail through the refreshing sea breeze, you might see The Palm Hotel.

When dining al fresco at the Dubai Marina, be cautious. Enjoy a buffet dinner and non-alcoholic beverages. A dhow boat ride gives you the chance to see the city’s monuments. Delivery and pickup from your hotel or port are both included. If you want to go Dhow cruise Marina, contact one of the best tours and travel agencies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

A buffet meal and a cruise around Dubai Marina

Spend a night of fun in the Dubai Marina while appreciating the beautiful scenery of “New Dubai” on our delightful wooden cruise ship, which is furnished with modern conveniences and has an authentic appearance. The bottom deck’s full window view of the Dubai Marina and the upper deck’s outdoor setting could have had you transfixed the entire evening.

Enjoy a great supper and a live Tanoura dance performance while taking in the stunning surroundings. View Dubai’s stunning buildings, including The Dubai Marina Mall, as you cruise down a two-mile-long man-made canal that borders the Persian Gulf. The setting is perfect for a memorable date with your significant other!

The Best of the Dhow Cruise with Dinner

• Experience the exotic Arabian nights while savouring the splendid coasts from a Dhow boat.
• Pay a visit to the yacht club promenade and the Dubai Yacht Club.
• Enjoy a cosmopolitan buffet with Arabic specialties and limitless soft drinks.
• Take in other live performances and the renowned “Tanura” dance.
• Visit the Marina or the Creek in Dubai.
• Take advantage of the international buffet’s unlimited selections, which include Arabic specializations and infinite soft drinks.
• Take in the dazzling illuminations of Dubai at night.


A dhow is a quick trip you may take in a beautifully painted wooden boat. On the Dubai Dhow Cruise, the nighttime vistas of the city are breathtaking. A popular attraction are these wooden dhows, which sail along Dubai Creek at night and give passengers breathtaking views of the city’s present and past structures.

The Palace of Sheik Zayed is the most famous, although there are also a lot of other interesting sites.
While you enjoy the delectable international dinner, you can also have authentic Arabic coffee and Arabic background music. From 8:30 p.m. until 10:30 p.m., dhow cruises frequently depart.
Dhow cruise activities in Dubai

The goal of the dhow cruise is to give guests an enjoyable experience. Visitors are greeted as they enter the dhow with energising music and mouthwatering welcome drinks. As the dhow sets sail, passengers are treated to a delicious buffet dinner with local and foreign cuisine. Additionally, entertainment shows that involve Tanoura dancing are available to the attendees. They are also permitted to roam the cruise’s upper deck in order to safely take in the surroundings and aquatic life.

Here are some lists of Dhow Cruise Marinas where you can enjoy memories with your loved ones.

1. Dhow Cruise Experience in Dubai

An amazing way to view Dubai is on a Dhow cruise. You can visit historic sites to learn about this fascinating culture and have a fun evening in an aquatic setting. A romantic dinner with your special someone can be had, or you can simply enjoy the beauty of Dubai Creek.
Additionally, the Dhow Cruise, which primarily operates in Dubai Marina and Deira Creek, is a delightful escape from the monotony of daily life. This makes it a lovely area for folks who wish to unwind and enjoy the cool breeze on their faces.

2. Deira Creek 5-Star Buffet Dinner Boat Cruise

The luxurious cruise ship Deira provides its guests with a romantic dining experience against the seductive backdrop of the ocean. Their top priority is to meet the demands of the tourists, so they offer a first-rate shuttle service. This largest dhow tour allows guests to enjoy the mouth-watering cuisine in addition to a wide range of entertainment options. Since there are numerous live music performances scheduled, don’t miss the opportunity to witness the Youwla and Tanoura folk dances.

3. A Sophisticated Dinner Cruise on the Dubai Marina

The luxurious Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise offers a 90-minute sail through Dubai Marina’s lit night time attractions. On this double-decker excursion, you’ll receive first-rate service and a huge buffet with dishes from across the globe and home.

The upper deck’s stunning view of the marina during the splendour of the night must be seen by everyone. Visitors can get free access to water, soft drinks, tea, coffee, and welcome refreshments. Whether travelling alone or with a significant partner, this option is perfect for people who want some peace and quiet.

4. An Elegant Canal Cruise

This lavish canal trip offers a stunning perspective of the night while travelling amid alluring bursts of brilliant light. The objective of this 3-hour cruise is to allow customers to escape the monotony of life and relax while inhaling the clean Dubai air.

The traditional complimentary kahwah, which is often a specially prepared variety of green tea, is served to you as soon as you board. Additionally, visitors can treat their taste buds to a journey of different flavors while seeing dance performances and live music performances.

5. Dubai Marina’s Alexandra Dhow Cruise

The dinner cruise in Dubai brings you back to an era when one of the modes of transportation was sailing across the magnificent background of the ocean. Everything about this two-hour tour is worthwhile, from the range of international cuisines to the mesmerizing ocean vistas.

Whether you are travelling with family or spending time with loved ones, the vibrant and illuminated evening on board will enhance your memories. Like the remainder of the cruises on this list, this voyage offers a range of entertainment options, including the well-known Tanoura dance.

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