The Top 10 non-dinner date ideas in Dubai

non-dinner date ideas in Dubai

Even if we adore a traditional dinner date, there are times when we want something a little more creative. And Dubai city tour is the ideal location to arrange an unforgettable romantic and enjoyable date. There are many dates in Dubai that are sure to impress, such as gazing out from a tall building, creating a masterpiece, sampling wine, and picking your date up off the floor at the roller rink. If you’re still looking for a place to eat, check out this list of Dubai’s top restaurants, but keep reading for a list of 15 other scorching hot date options.

The Top 10 non-dinner date ideas in Dubai

1) At the Museum of the Future, expand your horizons.

Every time you go along Sheikh Zayed Road, you will see the spectacular Museum of the Future, one of the city’s most eye-catching structures. The museum is a must-visit day trip if you haven’t been since it opened in October of last year. There is a lot to take in while you go around with your companion because there are multiple floors and numerous themes, from technology to health and wellbeing, covered. Not only will you be able to learn something new, but it will also be an enjoyable way to spend a few hours and give you something to talk about.

2) Camp at The Green Planet overnight

This enormous indoor rainforest, which is home to more than 3,000 exotic plants and animals, is the ideal place for nature lovers to go on a date. While exploring the incredible biodome, you may explore anything. There are stunning birds as well as monkeys, bats, porcupines, piranhas, and reptiles (don’t worry, they are not roaming, or slithering, free).  Stay the night with a unique camping adventure that includes dinner, breakfast, wildlife sightings, toasting marshmallows, and more. You’ll forget you’re in City Walk as you listen to the chatter of monkeys, the tussle of a sloth, and the cooing of tropical birds.

 3) Use We Love Art to produce a masterpiece. 

Do you consider yourself to be a competent painter? We Love Art’s Paint & Grape sessions are a good bet for a dinner-free date night in Dubai if you or your partner are artistically inclined. The three-hour lessons include all the painting supplies, two glasses of grape juice (or four soft drinks), and top-notch instruction from the pros. The workshops are held at various hip spots throughout the city. You’ll have a great time, and when you come home, you’ll have a unique work of art to show off.

4) Drinks at the Ice Bar are cosy.

Do you feel the heat? The London Project on Bluewaters Dubai offers a brand-new ice bar where you can unwind with a drink. You can enter the ice bar and get a drink in an ice-carved glass. There are warm coats available, so there is no need to wear your thermal underwear. Quite cold? By taking a tour around the island and seeing the imposing Ain Dubai, you can defrost.

5) At the Laughter Factory, LOL

When it comes to bringing in funny talent from all over the world, the city’s well-known, long-running comedy club, The Laughter Factory, pulls out all the stops. Every month, three belly-laugh-inducing performers perform, guaranteeing you a fantastic night out. Additionally, there are high drink costs, making this a great date night for anyone in need of a laugh—and who doesn’t, really?

6) Visit Wavehouse and go surfing.

With a restaurant, bowling alley, arcade, and bar for adults only, Wavehouse is a great place for a romantic night or a family outing. Why not demonstrate your surfing prowess for something a little different? The Surf’s Up Wave Rider, which may be used for bodyboarding, knee boarding, or, if you have the balance, surfing, pumps out seven tonnes of water every second from the Wavehouse. You’ll be performing some impressive movements that are sure to wow your partner, and even if you fall, you’re still guaranteed to have a great time.

7) Explore the vista from The View in awe.

If your companion likes heights, it’s time to view the city from a different perspective. The Panorama, which debuted on the Palm Jumeirah last year, provides a 360-degree view from 240 metres above the ground. With a bird’s eye perspective of the magnificent Palm fronds, you’ll be able to see all the magnificent Dubai monuments, like the Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa, glittering in the distance, and admission costs for a self-guided tour, an immersive theatre, and a viewing deck. Alternatively, risk it all and spend on the Next Level experience, which grants access to a VIP lounge and a unique viewing deck.

8) At the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, meet the penguins.

Are you interested in playing with penguins? With this ticket, you’ll gain admittance to the Underwater Zoo as well as access to the Instatastic aquarium tunnel, a behind-the-scenes tour, and an interactive platform to see the penguins. The birds are housed in Penguin Cove, an aquarium and underwater zoo in Dubai designed to replicate their natural habitat. The Antarctic Gentoo penguin can dive down to 200 metres at a speed of 36 kilometres per hour and can hold their breath for up to seven minutes. They have a cute appearance.

9) The Tasting Class will help you develop your nose.

The Tasting Class offers a variety of activities throughout the month that make for an excellent night out, making it a great choice for grape connoisseurs on dates. Not only will you learn more about grapes, but it’s also something a little bit unusual. There are grape experiences, sampling tours, classes on different grape varieties, and even lessons on malt beverages.

10) wing-practice at TopGolf.

To enjoy yourself at TopGolf, you don’t need to be the next Rory McIlroy. All skill levels of golfers are welcome at this super-cool multi-level driving range, which is also completely legal, so you can sip some drinks as you tee off. Choose a game from a variety of options and prepare to swing that club. The breathtaking views of the marina add a romantic touch to the proceedings.

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