The Best Things to Do on Yas Island in 2022

Things to Do on Yas Island

Yas Island, an artificial island covering a surface area of 2500 hectares, is situated in Abu Dhabi. Aldar created it as a posh centre for residential, retail, and entertainment. It is well-liked by tourists from all over the world due to the high international standard of living.

However, it is the numerous outdoor and entertaining activities that this island offers that have made Yas Island Packages so well-liked. Yas Island is ideal for individuals who desire to live life to the fullest thanks to its outstanding retail centres, 5-star hotels, opulent homes, and hip restaurants. The island is easily accessible by bus, metro, rented car, or Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Some of this location’s most popular tourist attractions include Ferrari World, Yas Marina, and Yas Mall. You should always visit the island when the weather is more comfortable or during the winters, though, as Abu Dhabi’s summers can be chilly. Here are some of the best things to do on Yas Island in 2022.

The Best Things to Do on Yas Island in 2022

1. Yas mall

Yas Mall, which houses more than 370 retailers, has helped Yas Island become a well-known shopping destination. At this massive shopping mall, fashionistas and compulsive shoppers will be in raptures. Everything from luxury clothing to expensive perfumes to sporting goods may be found in this mall. High-street clothing retailers like H&M, Victoria’s Secret Pink, Zara, Adidas, and Mango can be found at this mall.

The candy stores and kids’ game enterprises will be a hit with your kids. This mall houses KidsZania, a state-of-the-art indoor playground for kids. This mall offers restaurants including Black Tap, Al Fanar, and P.F. Chang’s, making it the perfect spot to eat. In this mall’s theatres, you can eat, browse, shop, or watch a movie.

2. Ferrari World

There is a reason Abu Dhabi attracts so many vehicle and racing enthusiasts. The reason is Ferrari World on Yas Island. Your Yas Island holiday won’t be complete if you don’t select one of the Ferrari World Packages offered on Yas Island. At Ferrari World, there are about 37 rides, with the Formula Rossa being the most popular.

It is the fastest roller coaster in the world and can give you an experience you won’t soon forget. Flying Aces is a 52-meter-tall looping roller coaster. Ferrari World built the first zip line on the island, which crosses the Flying Aces’ circle. Additionally, you can go to the park’s red roof and stroll around on it.

3. Yas marina circuit

Yas Marina Circuit is another destination for Motorsports fans on Yas Island, in addition to Ferrari World. Its F1 track is the longest in the world and hosts the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November. Additionally, it provides a number of racing venues, each of which is distinct. Driving race cars like the Aston Martin GT4 is something you might not think is possible here. You can participate in a variety of sports, from drag racing to drift taxis.

4. Yas waterland

Yas Waterland is a great place to experience some thrilling rides and slides. Included in the more than 40 attractions at this park are all the unique rides and slides. “Legend of the Lost Pearl” is the park’s theme for the United Arab Emirates. Tot’s Playground is a playground featuring a pool, and Jebel Drop is another popular slide in this park.

If you enjoy surfing, you’ll enjoy the Rush Rider. The longest water coaster in the Middle East, Falcon Falaj, is also located in the park. A must-see attraction at this park is Cineplash, since it offers an underwater cinematic experience.

5. Warner Bros world

Warner Bros. World is a relatively new addition to Yas Island’s list of tourist destinations. This amusement park, which honours some of the most recognisable cartoon programmes of all time, is located not far from Yas Waterland. There are attractions in each of the park’s six areas that are based on popular television programmes like Batman and Looney Toons.

You can spend some time in this park with the characters you grew up watching.This park will undoubtedly be the one your kids enjoy the most in Abu Dhabi. You can get a glimpse of the lives of the Flintstones and the caped crusader in the video game Batman: Knight Flight. You enter the Flintstones’ prehistoric world with Bedrock River Adventure. To visit all the diverse theme parks on Yas Island, choosing Yas Island theme park packages would be a terrific option.


MAD’s world-class live music endeavours will drive you insane. It is the biggest nightclub in the Middle East and hosts many well-known figures in international music. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Akon, T-Pain, and NeYo are a few of these well-known names.The inside of this lively club is interesting, with a huge LED screen and 360-degree projection mapping. Additionally, the club’s DJ booth is outfitted with the newest technology, providing you with a singular musical experience.

7. Yas Beach

You will adore Yas Beach if you like white sand and clear sea beaches. The best outdoor pursuits and watersports are on this beach. Kayaking, sailing, and snorkelling are among these watersports. Additionally, this beach is home to a number of eateries and cafes where you may enjoy wonderful food while relaxing on the sand. Your Yas Island packages must include Yas Beach if you enjoy going to the beach.

8. Yas Gateway Park

Yas Island boasts a large landscape that you may enjoy with your family, in addition to the opulent malls, eateries, and theme parks. Yas Gateway Park is a hidden gem on the island and is ideal for a day trip with the family. Yas Gateway Park North and Yas Gateway Park South are the two components of the park. On the north side of Sheikh Khalifa Highway is where you’ll find the northern portion.

There are two playgrounds with play equipment in this area. The park will be a favourite place for kids to play. For people who enjoy picnics, there is also a green portion. On the Sheikh Khalifa Highway’s southern side is where you’ll find Yas Gateway Park South. By riding or strolling along the paths, you can take in this area’s scenery. Numerous locals and visitors alike are drawn to the tennis courts in this area.

9. Yas Viceroy

A distinctive five-star hotel named Yas Viceroy was constructed over the Yas Marina Circuit. The hotel is renowned for its opulent amenities and luxurious rooms. Due to their private chefs in their kitchens, the two presidential suites stand out. There are seven exclusive eating establishments where you can have a special meal.

The top three are Amici (Italian), Angar (Indian), and Kazu (Japanese). From Skylite Rooftop Lounge, you can also take in some mind-blowing vistas and enjoy the nightlife. You should not pass up the opportunity to stay at this hotel if you are visiting Yas Island.

10. Yas Links

Visit Yas Links Golf Course, even if you don’t play golf very well. This is one of the top golf courses in the UAE for a reason, and it is situated on the Arabian Gulf shore. Kyle Phillips, one of the top golf course architects, created it. A clubhouse, gym, spa, golf academy, and practise areas are located on the course.

There are some excellent dining alternatives at Yas Links. Matsu and Hickory’s Restaurant are two dining establishments where both golfers and non-golfers can eat well.You probably have a big list of things to do and places to go after reading this article. Reduce your use of social media. And book your Yas Waterworld tickets. More time enjoying Yas Island Abu Dhabi’s great activities!

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