Top 10 Sharjah Attractions You Can’t Afford to Miss

Sharjah Attractions

Sharjah is the United Arab Emirates’ cultural melting pot and capital of the arts. The city has made significant efforts to conserve its heritage, earning it the designation of Cultural Capital of the Arab World from UNESCO. Due to the abundance of fantastic tour options, Sharjah is a utopia for art and architectural fans. There are numerous additional tourist destinations and interesting structures devoted to Emirati heritage, with the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization and the Art Museum serving as the city’s two main jewels.

Sharjah, also referred to as the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is home to a diverse collection of breath taking structures and outstanding locations. Sharjah is a superb destination for anyone interested in learning more about the rich history and culture of the Arab world. The nicest aspect of visiting Sharjah is that you may bring your entire family along, including children and grandparents, in addition to enjoying the city’s incredible attractions. It is therefore regarded as one of the top family-friendly vacation spots in the UAE. You can thank us later for this list of the top 10 stunning locations to see in Sharjah. If you wish to visit Sharjah city tour in Dubai, contact one of the best tour and travel agencies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

 Top 10 Sharjah Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

1) Sharjah Art Museum:

This museum, which exhibits a variety of the most priceless Arab artworks, is a must-see if you truly love art. It is regarded as the biggest art museum in the United Arab Emirates and has 72 galleries with astounding art displays by some of the best Arabic painters. Since it only debuted in 1997, it isn’t very old, yet you must experience its authenticity.

2) Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization:

Immerse yourself in Arabic culture and appreciate the beauty of the holy texts you will see during your visit to this stunning building. After seeing it, I’m confident you’ll consider it to be among Sharjah’s most lovely sights. Many works of art that you might have never seen before are kept in the museum. It comprises exquisite handicrafts made of glass and metal, as well as others that are also constructed of clay.

3) Sharjah Science Museum:

If you have children, you should definitely take them to this fantastic museum. It is particularly one of Sharjah’s top attractions for families with young children. The entire museum is created in such a way that the kids will be captivated for hours. Building puzzles, practising your grip, finding your balance, and other enjoyable hobbies are just a few examples. Children will definitely like the planetarium, which is also housed in the museum.

4) Sharjah’s Central Market:

This iconic Sharjah location is known for its exquisite blue tile work, thus the nickname “The Blue Souk.” About 600 businesses make up the market, which is a fantastic spot for tourists to shop. The “Arabian Bazaar,” another genuine building, is housed there. Shop here with your loved ones and take in the old-world charm of the place. The Central Market in Sharjah offers a wide range of goods for purchase, including clothing, jewellery, electronics, and kitchenware, to name a few.

5) The Museum of Archaeology in Sharjah: 

Stone Age relics and amazing excavations can be found there. A bucket full of jewellery, ceramics, and other artefacts can be found here as well, along with other things. The best way to learn everything there is to know about Sharjah is to visit this fantastic museum. Visitors will learn about the long-ago civilizations that flourished in the area; the models on display in the museum will take you to the graveyards, tombs, and homes. The earliest writing techniques, which date back more than 2,550 years, are fascinating and full of information.

6) Khalid Lagoon:

Known as the third-highest fountain in the world, Khalid Lagoon is a prominent landmark in the right-center of the map. This Sharjah sightseeing is a magnificent experience in and of itself, and watching it will bring you tranquilly like never before. It is also regarded as one of Sharjah’s most lovely nighttime destinations. The sight of such a magnificent fountain, which can shoot water 100 metres into the air, is overpowering. Alternatively, you might take your significant other here for a romantic evening and some quality time.

7) Qanat Al Qasba:

A popular entertainment destination in the suburbs, Al Qasba is known for hosting a variety of engaging activities that will win you over. The Ferris wheel, known as the “Eye of the Emirates,” is the most well-known attraction there, despite the fact that it offers a great number of amazing attractions. The complete perspective of this unique city is available as you start your adventurous voyage on this wheel.

8) Sharjah Heritage Area:

The region is well-known for its unique collection of numerous museums, including Al Asra Souk, Al Midfaa House, and Al Hisn Sharjah, among others. As soon as you enter this heritage region, you start your adventure to discover the wonderful old Bedouin village homes. One unexpected feature of Al Midfaa House, one of the museums located here, is that it has a wind tower. This tower was once used to protect Arab inhabitants from the intense heat of the past. History buffs would enjoy returning time and time again because this location is rich with historical information.

9) Al Noor Island:

Located in the Khalid Lagoon, it is a public park to which you must cross a bridge from Corniche Street in the heart of the city. Prepare to explore the island’s ecology and art in depth once you arrive. Spending some time admiring lovely gardens surrounded by contemporary art installations can restore all the energy you lost while shopping. Around 500 different types of butterflies can be found at the nearby Butterfly House, another top tourist destination.

10) Al Qasba, a suburban :

entertainment destination, is well known for hosting a variety of engaging activities that will win you over. Even though it offers a lot of wonderful attractions, the “Eye of the Emirates” Ferris wheel is the most well-known one. You have a unique opportunity to see the entire city as you start your adventure voyage on this wheel.

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