The 10 best reasons to visit Dubai in 2022

reasons to visit Dubai

A Dubai city tour has countless opportunities for enjoyment. You can shop indefinitely. There are other exciting things to do. A super-luxurious holiday is also waiting for you here in Dubai. Dubai is the ideal holiday spot because of this. You can relax in a number of areas there. Moreover, no matter how frequently you visit Dubai, it never gets boring. Are you curious as to why? See the justifications for visiting Dubai listed below.

The Top 10 Reasons to Visit Dubai in 2022 are as follows:

1. Shopping Heaven

Dubai offers the best shopping opportunities for those who are compulsive buyers. The tax-free option gives customers a pleasurable experience. The place also offers special bargains and discounts from time to time. Thus, during peak shopping seasons, you might find tens of thousands of travellers visiting this location. In Dubai, there are numerous retail establishments.

Dubai Mall is the world’s largest mall. From here, you can purchase stylish clothing and jewellery. Additionally, you can purchase authentic Arab attire. A unique place to shop is the Mall of the Emirates. It is renowned as a resort with shopping. Visit the Deira Gold Souk if you want to get some excellent deals on gold. More than 300 retail establishments can be found here. But be sure to practise your haggling skills before coming here. The Bur Dubai Souk also sells carpets, silk clothing, and pashminas.

Additionally, you can purchase various mementos here. These include Aladdin shoes and BurjKhalifa mementos, among other things. Global Village is a store where you can buy goods from many nations. At this international exhibition, nations from the Arab world, America, Africa, and India participate. Additionally, Burjuman Centre offers upscale shopping opportunities. The best names in fashion are represented here, including Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Christian Dior. If you’re shopping for electrical or home equipment, make sure to check out Al Fahidi Street. Additionally, you can shop for Arabian coffee, lucky stones, hookahs, Dubai spices, and Arabic Attar or perfume.

2. Amazing Watersports

In Dubai, there are numerous water activities available. You might find the best parasailing here. A boat-guided parachute trip offers breathtaking panoramic views of Dubai. The best site to try parasailing is Arabia Horizons. Another exciting sport in Dubai is flyfishing. You’ll fly above the water while fastened to an inflatable. The best area to fly fish is at JBR Beach. At JBR Beach, you may also go speedboating. Try flyboarding by ascending to great heights while standing atop a jetpack. Ride the Seabreacher, a metallic shark, for a thrilling experience at Rixos the Palm.

Another well-known sport in this location is kite surfing. In Dubai Marina, kiteboarding is available. Enjoy diving at Atlantis the Palm and see manta rays, coral, and sharks up close. Additionally, you can do wakeboarding, water skiing, and windsurfing. Swimming with cute bottlenose dolphins is a must-do. The finest location for that is the Dubai Dolphinarium. The Persian Gulf also offers deep-sea fishing opportunities. Don’t forget the thrilling skyboarding.

3. A Unique Desert Adventure

Dubai offers you an exceptional desert recreation experience. The most exciting activity in Dubai is the desert safari. A glitzy desert safari is available at night. During your night safari, you can do fun activities like dune bashing and stargazing. A day safari is an additional choice. One is amazed when they witness the sunrise and sunset over the Arabian Desert. You really do feel like a king when you’re driving a Range Rover in the desert. Additionally, a jeep safari on sand is more exciting. The same excitement is added to your journey by a camel safari. Additionally, sand skiing is a well-known sport in Dubai. You relish the thrill of flying through the desert.

Those that ride bikes In addition, hot air ballooning allows you to see desert fauna. In the desert, you can see camels and gazelles. Dubai also provides a vibrant nightlife in the desert. You can reserve a stay in a luxurious tent and take in some entertainment. They are famous for fire eating, belly dancing, and twirling. Additionally, there is a campfire and barbecue. Atlanta Desert Safari Camp and Bedouin Camp both provide overnight camping. Al Maha Resort Dubai is another option. Without some delectable kebabs and hummus, your experience of an Arabian night will fall short.

4. An Outstanding Dining Experience

Dubai offers a variety of culinary experiences. In Dubai, kebabs are fairly well-known. Khuzi, stuffed camel, Alinazik Kebap, Hummus, Al Machboos, and Shawarma are a few of the local cuisine’s well-known dishes. In addition, Dubai is home to some excellent fine dining establishments. Restaurant Teatro has a theater-themed decor.

This restaurant draws a lot of visitors because of its wonderful atmosphere and welcoming staff. You can sample their mashed potatoes and sushi rolls. Additionally, Loca serves Mexican cuisine. On the 17th floor is a Japanese restaurant called Tomo. Its wagyu sukiyaki is excellent. Another well-known Japanese eatery in Dubai is Nobu. The ultimate eating experience is provided here by live music and DJs, together with diverse food. Cod with soy sauce is a well-known dish here.

Additionally, Tom & Serg is a well-known hangout café. Tashas is renowned for its elegant decor and delectable meals. Here, you may find some of the best salads. Here, you can sample lobster parmesan, barley salad, and kale salad. In addition, Zuma is the place to go if you want to eat at a traditional establishment. You’ll feel on par with the best in the world thanks to the luxurious interiors and aristocratic ambiance. Their roasted lobster, sashimi, and sushi are all must-tries. Ossiano, an underwater restaurant, should not be missed.

5. Wonderful Heritage Tours

There are several historical sites in Dubai. The 19th-century Middle East war is chronicled in Al Bithnah Fort. Forts can be found in the Umm Al Quwain museum. The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization offers information on the Islamic faith. The Dubai Museum is a well-known historical attraction near Al Fahidi Fort.

Many remnants of the earlier Dubai can be seen here. You will also be astounded to discover stone artefacts at the Souq Ad Hadid Archaeology Museum. In addition, MajlisGhorfat Um Al Sheif will describe the royal lifestyle in the 1950s. Additionally, Dubai Old Town will provide you with a peek into local markets and Emirati culture. There are various forts at Hatta Heritage Village.

6. Elegant Accommodations

When it comes to a sumptuous vacation, Dubai will entirely satisfy your soul. There are plenty of modern lodging options. Raffles Dubai has some of the top hotels in the modern era. It combines Egyptian and Asian architectural influences. There are 246 guest rooms and suites within, all of which have their own balconies. Along with a nightclub and spa, it also features seven dining establishments and pubs.

A regal experience is provided by Jumeirah Al Qasr. Its 292 rooms were designed with Arabian architecture in mind. Over 40 upscale restaurants and bars may be found throughout the resort. You can enjoy the customary wooden boat cruises to get to the eateries. The resort’s Souk Madinat Jumeirah is a recreation of an old market. Additionally, it contains 19 pools.The Burj Al Arab, a seven-star super-deluxe resort, is another option.

One of the most well-known hotels in the entire globe. The hotel has more than 200 suites, each of which has two stories. Full-size Hermes goods and a Jacuzzi are available in the bathrooms. At its fine-dining restaurants, the hotel provides the best dining experience. Additionally, there are two swimming pools, a bar, and a restaurant on the outside deck area. In addition, Dubai is home to a wealth of additional opulent hotels. These include The Armani Hotel, Al Maha, The Bulgari Resort Dubai, and Park Hyatt Dubai, among others.

7. Endless Adventure

Dubai has lots of adventurous things to do. It will be an once-in-a-lifetime adventure to go skydiving. You leap from a jet and plunge into the ocean to take in Dubai’s breathtaking scenery. At 4,000 metres, the Palm Islands, Burj Khalifa, and the desert all have stunning views. Another well-liked activity in Dubai is the desert safari. A thrilling experience is riding a camel.

Additionally, sandboarding and nighttime camping with wonderful meals are both well-known activities. In addition, dune-bashing is another exhilarating desert pastime. In a Land Cruiser, you ride the dunes like a roller coaster while fastened to your seat. Try quad biking over the sand as well. The dune buggy trip is another thrilling attraction. With dune buggies, thick tyres provide a comfortable ride over the desert sand.

On top of that, you can mountain bike through the Hajar Mountains. There is, moreover, the Hatta mountain safari. You get to see Hatta Fort and Hatta Heritage Village. Additionally, Dubai Autodrome offers supercar driving experiences. You can come here to realise your desire to drive on a racetrack. In Dubai, hot air balloon rides are well known. From 4,000 feet in the air, you can take in the breathtaking views of the city.

8. This World’s Wonder: Palm Islands

Three man-made islands are the Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, and Deira Island. The Palm Islands are what they are called. In Dubai, the Palm Islands are the nicest locations. Each year, hundreds of people visit these islands. The most visited of the three islands is the Palm Jumeirah. It has a lot of well-known luxury resorts. These include Atlantis, One & Only the Palm, The Palm, etc.

There are numerous good dining establishments around.
Additionally, the island is home to more than 60 restaurants. At the Lost Chambers Aquarium, you can go snorkelling and speed boating. Additionally, you may easily explore the island by kayaking in the area’s surrounding waters. Additionally, you can unwind at the Beach Club Riva. Drinks are available. Even Deira Island has a lot of lively areas. These include the RIU Hotels & Resorts, Vienna House, Deira Beach Resort, and Deira Mall.

9. The Amazing Burj Khalifa

While on vacation in Dubai, you cannot miss the tallest tower in the world. The magnificent Burj Khalifa is 828 metres tall. The observation desk here offers some breathtaking views. This structure houses the magnificent Armani Hotel Dubai. The renowned Italian designer, Georgio Armani, created this hotel as his debut. This hotel provides you with a distinctive experience thanks to its alluring interiors and first-rate services.

In addition, this tower contains close to 900 residential flats. In addition, there are four swimming pools, a magnificent spa, and a health club here. Overall, this location’s outstanding architectural design and creative perspective are overwhelming.

10. Beautiful Cruise

Dubai offers you the most luxurious cruise experience possible. In Dubai, there are a lot of opulent cruises. Most ships have TVs, air conditioning, refrigerators, and restrooms. Ships with roomy accommodations are available on the Jewels of Arabia & India Cruise. This cruise has a maximum stay of 18 nights.

A restaurant has 380 seats available. The renowned Indian Ocean & Orchid Isles Cruise is another option. It provides fantastic ships with top-notch on-board entertainment. There is a bar on every ship with background piano music. Furthermore, ships in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar Cruise provide excellent passenger amenities. Private suites with minibars are also available.

On its ships, AE Bahrain, Qatar Oman Cruise also presents theatre performances. Another well-known cruise that provides daily fresh flowers and fruits is the Pearl of Arabia & India Cruise. In addition, workshops on Microsoft, the Internet, and digital photography are available aboard the Indian Ocean Gala Cruise.


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