Dubai’s Aqua Fun Water Park: Everything You Need to Know

Aqua Fun Water Park

Dubai’s Aqua Fun Water Park: Everything You Need to Know

The Aqua Fun Water Park in Dubai’s activities is situated in front of Dubai’s sky-piercing structures and the renowned Ain Dubai, where the floating amusement park offers seaside thrills. The largest inflatable water park that is open all year round and has a Guinness World Record is Aqua Fun. The enormous obstacle course, which spells out “iLoveEXPO2020Dubai,” covers more than 42,400 square metres.

There are more than 110 different games for you to climb, jump, and slide about endlessly at this vibrant park, which covers a total area of 2,700 square metres and extends 25 metres into the water. In the most enjoyable way imaginable, it puts your coordination abilities, endurance, upper body, lower body, and core strength to the test. AquaFun, Dubai’s largest inflatable waterpark, is the perfect place to splash into an exciting day.

To visit the park, you must be at least 6 years old. Please book under “Kids” for those aged 6 to 11 and “Adult” for those aged 12 and over. Each ticket comes with an all-day pass, a life jacket, and lifeguard supervision. Currently, Aqua Fun holds the title of being the largest inflatable aqua park in the world. Contact Dubai City Tour, one of the best tour and travel agencies in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates,

It features

Ride some of the best water coasters in the world, like the Blackout and the Trident Tower, in this water park to feel the extravagance. Adventure sports like scuba diving and swimming allow you to swim with the bizarre marine species found in this environment. You have the opportunity to feed and interact with marine fish up close.

Additionally, you can see aquatic creatures like eels, sharks, dolphins, and clown fish. . An all-day pass to the park is included with each purchased ticket. Throughout the day, take breaks and return whenever you like. You can return whenever you’d like to unwind on the beach or stroll through JBR. Additionally, showers and dressing facilities are nearby.

Points of interest
Water slides

The longest, deepest, scariest, and most thrilling water slides in the world are waiting to send your adrenaline soaring. The Water Park’s record-breaking coasters and slides require a steel heart. Relax in the water park’s tranquil river or plunge into some thrilling rapids.

River Ride

Enjoy the water park’s lazy river or some thrilling rapids and other rides in the Torrent and Zero Entry Pool. Book a session and venture into the lagoon’s shallow waters to hand-feed the amiable cownose ray fish. One of the best things to do in Dubai to appreciate and see the dangerous sharks up close is a shark safari. Participation in this class does not require being a proficient swimmer. Simply put on the unique helmet and muster up the courage to approach the sharks up close.

The kids’ play area, the water slides, and climbing structures at The Splasher’s Kids Play are open for exploration and unrestricted enjoyment by parents and children. Also present in Atlantis is a section known as the Atlantis Kids Zone.

Going to Dive

In addition to participating in one of the private sessions, there is the option to learn scuba diving and snorkelling at various grades and levels of difficulty. The thrill of swimming alongside 65,000 uncommon and unusual marine animals is a possibility. The Ultimate Snorkel and Aqua Trek are other names for the ultimate experience. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stroll underwater in Dolphin Bay’s Ambassador lagoon.

1. Zoomerango: This slide rushes in all directions, making your heart race. The Zoomerango water ride will give you goose bumps as you travel amongst the enormous bodies of water.

2. The Aquaconde: One of the largest water slides in the world is called The Aquaconda. Like its name implies, the AquaConda is slithering and unquestionably larger than an anaconda. Once you finish the slide, you experience a feeling like no other, making this ride a favourite among thrill seekers.

3. Poseidon’s Retribution: Picture the rush you experience while sliding at 60 km/h. Poseidon’s Revenge is prepared to accomplish precisely that. This terrifying ride begins with a bang as the slide starts moving quickly and quickly descends..

4. Slitherine: The incredible Aquaventure Waterpark features many other slides, but Slitherine stands out since you may ride next to a buddy or a member of your family and compete with them on it. The fast-moving Slitherine is renowned for being the first twin water slide and for having many ups and downs that defy gravity.

5. The Shark Attack: The Shark Attack is a water slide that allows visitors to get up close and personal with one of the ocean’s most stunning animals, sharks. The shark attack is one of the most thrilling rides you will ever experience, and it is close to the Tower of Neptune. You won’t stop during the ride once it starts until you get to the very bottom.

6. Leap of Faith: This water slide is a must-try in the entire water park. This water slide transports you on the fastest possible ride down a 9-story drop while providing stunning scenery. Leap of Faith is a game you should play if you want to feel your blood pressure increase.

7. The Torrent: Thanks to the advancement of technology, we now have another fun water slide to enjoy. The Torrent is a unique experience since it creates artificial winds that are so exciting to ride alongside. It is located next to the river rides. The waves can occasionally reach nearly a metre in height.

8. Zero Entry Pools: The Zero Entry Pools are the calm swimming areas scattered throughout the water park. Though not rides in the strict sense, these offer a variety of ways for you to unwind in the warm weather and give off a great beach vibe.

9. Water coaster slides: These insane creations of the modern day also make use of technology. These slides use wave generators to create a wavy ride with several ups and downs before dumping you into the incredible Lazy River.


1. Staycation: Take a few days off to recover, unwind, and luxuriate in the greatest luxury and extravagance at the Atlantis Palm. Choose from a variety of rooms and suites that are available for your stay. The Palm View Suites give a wonderful view of the Palm Islands in contrast to the Ocean View Room’s breathtaking vista of the sea.

2. Spa and Fitness: Treat yourself to some opulent services at one of the Atlantis’s spas or salons. You have a wide variety of options, from Shiseido, which has more than 130 years of experience in the beauty industry, to the Gentlemen’s Tonic, which specialises in men’s grooming.

3. Sea Lion Point: You’ll be surprised by the antics of the South African furred sea lions at Sea Lion Point. Embark on a photo shoot with your pet friend in the shallow water to capture special moments.

4. Shopping: In addition to the water park, there are numerous upscale boutiques and shops there, all of which feature the newest swimwear, jewellery, watches, and other wonderful art and souvenir collections.

5. Dining: The Aquaventure Water Park and its environs provide numerous opportunities to sample food from around the world. There are a variety of dining options available under one roof, including world-class Michelin Star restaurants, fine dining establishments, and restaurants and cafés with themes.


1. Snakebites: If you want to eat at a family-friendly establishment close to Aquaventure Waterpark, Snakebites is the ideal option. The traditional meal that tastes like heaven is available along with a variety of dishes like pizza, burgers, and many others.

2. Splashers: This eatery also offers really delicious meals and snacks. Many travellers immediately stop by this hotel to sample some mouthwatering pizzas, fries, and many other options. Don’t miss the opportunity to sample some of the tastiest hot dogs in the vicinity of the water park.

3. Waves: Waves is a beautiful outdoor eatery where you can have ice-cold drinks and pizza or hot dogs. Along with a range of foods such as sandwiches, shawarmas, and others, it also boasts a hip atmosphere.

4. Barracudas: This food court offers mouth-watering cuisine from all around the world for you to enjoy. Wonderful burgers are served at TBJ, falafel and shawarmas are served at Shawafel; Indian food is served at The Dosa Factory; pizza is served at Peetza; exquisite Chinese food is served at Asia Republic Express; and fried chicken is served at Rooster 66.

5. Lagoons: You should avoid skipping the delectable food at the lagoons, where you may purchase refreshing drinks like coffee. One must absolutely try the ice cream and milkshakes because they are unexpectedly amazing.


1. If you’re travelling in a private vehicle, it’s best to get a parking space in advance because the Dubai Aquaventure Waterpark is almost always crowded.
2. Generally speaking, it is advisable that everyone who is taller than 1.2 metres purchases an adult ticket.
3. The water park is best visited during the summer months.
4. To beat most of the line and escape the rush, it’s preferable to come before 10 a.m.
5. The management of the water park has come up with a fantastic idea to offer waterproof wrist bags to protect your cash and phones.
6. Renting a buggy is a better choice to explore the park’s terrain.


You don’t need to be a good swimmer or a gourmet expert to enjoy this unique water park.
Purchase your tickets in advance, either online or in person, to ensure that you can enter the park before it becomes crowded.
Wearing freedom swimwear that is exactly one or two sizes over your actual size is essential when there are several water activities to participate in.
In addition to putting you at ease, this also avoids any uncomfortable situations.
For instance, swimwear that has shrunk or been torn. Before you get ready to take on the challenges, you must put on a life jacket.
For your trip to the park, group your items together, including a building, a hat, sunglasses, and an extra set of clothes.

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