Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, Dubai is a must-visit for your fun-filled vacation

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Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, Dubai is a must-visit for your fun-filled vacation

One of the most lavish resort complexes in the world is Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai. Its award-winning attraction, the Aquaventure Waterpark, is well known not just in the Middle East but also throughout the rest of the world. You will be surrounded by a lush tropical setting with a private beach as you sprawl across the oceanfront apex of The Palm’s crescent, which covers 17 acres. Every age group may find something to enjoy, from wave pools to lazy rivers; thrilling rides to water slides; children’s play areas to cabanas. You get the chance to get up close and personal with sharks and rays as an added adventure. For a fun-filled trip, Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai is a must-visit. If you want to go to Dubai with your family on holiday, contact one of the best tour and travel agencies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company is highly recommended for tourists who want to visit Atlantis Aquaventure Water.

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, Dubai is a must-visit for your fun-filled vacation.

What to anticipate: 

1)For Every Preference, Fantastic Water Experiences 

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

Atlantis Aquaventure is jam-packed to the gills with adventures and attractions perfect for thrill-seekers, marine aficionados, families, and young children alike. You may learn about marine biology and enjoy free admission to the resort’s biggest attractions, including the 700-meter-long Adventure Beach and Surf’s up, the ultimate wave rider attraction, in addition to unlimited access to its rides, slides, and Shark lagoon experiences.

2)Exciting Journeys for Both Adults and Children

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

Daredevil rides and attractions like the Leap of Faith, Poseidon’s Revenge, and Master Blast water coasters are available for thrill seekers. Take a trip to Aquaconda, Zoomerango, and Slitherine, the first twin slides in the world, if you want to have the most thrilling water fun possible. The Splasher, which has some fun kid-only games, slides, and climbing structures, makes it perfect for your young children as well.

3)Explore Dubai’s Mysterious Side

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

This is possible since the Lost Chamber Aquarium is accessible with your Aquaventure Super Pass! It is not only the habitat of more than 65,000 unusual aquatic creatures, but it is also a training ground for snorkelling and diving with unique completion certificates. What better way is there to spend as much time with your family and have as much fun as you want in Dubai?

4)Atlantis Dubai’s Aquaventure Waterpark features rides and waterslides in Dubai

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

For a fun-filled trip, Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai is a must-visit. Nothing beats a day spent at Aquaventure Waterpark enjoying the thrills, the jokes, and the unending fun. The centrepiece of any trip to Atlantis and one of the top family-friendly activities in Dubai is the Aquaventure Waterpark, one of the resort’s many attractions. The calm beaches, the in-depth aquarium tours, the variety of eateries, the water slides, and other unique rides.

5)Drop on the Verge of Death Leap of Faith

Drop on the Verge of Death Leap of Faith

The Leap of Faith at the waterpark is a must-do if you’re looking for adventure and you’ll understand why after you do it for yourself! The 98-foot gigantic waterslide will make your heart race as it launches you into a clear acrylic tube while sharks and cownose rays swim about you as it plummets you in an almost vertical direction at a terrifying pace of 60 km/h in 3 seconds. It will undoubtedly rank among your most thrilling and risky experiences at the Atlantis water park, Aquaventure.

6)Shark Attack: A Different Kind of Safari 

Shark Attack: A Different Kind of Safari 

Shark Attack starts 13 metres up the Ziggurat of Aquaventure Waterpark and takes you on a safari unlike any other safari. Enter the Tower of Neptune’s enigmatic core in a one-or two-person inner tube before exiting via a shark-infested underwater lagoon. You can take in a 360-degree view of the shark-filled lagoon thanks to the fiberglass.

7)Heart-Pumping Poseidon’s Revenge Ride 

Heart-Pumping Poseidon's Revenge Ride 

This slide, which is among the most dangerous in the Middle East, is similar to the Tower of Neptune’s Leap of Faith but much scarier. Feel your heart race and your excitement increase when you enter a chamber or capsule with trapdoors that are radically different from a regular slide entrance. On the ride, the ground shifts beneath you, propelling you upside down and at a speed of 60 km/h through the loops of the 116-meter water slide.

8)Fly over Atlantis in the Atlantean Flyer

Fly over Atlantis in the Atlantean Flyer

Enjoy stunning vistas of Dubai and the tropical waterscape of the Atlantis resort while experiencing the exhilaration of skydiving and hang gliding on the longest zip-line in the Middle East. The world’s first zip line integrated into a waterslide tower is the 65-foot-long Flyer zipline ride at Aquaventure Waterpark. The zipline’s magnetic braking mechanism can instantly stop riders travelling at high speeds of 15 km/h, and the entire journey only takes one minute.

9)Defy the Rapids’ Waves and Thrills

Defy the Rapids' Waves and Thrills

The Rapids is a 1.6-kilometer river adventure ride that will give you an adrenaline rush as you twist and tumble through ferocious rivers. It is the longest river in a waterpark and the only river in the Middle East with numerous levels of rapids. At the rapids, there are numerous huge pools with roomy sun decks, allowing visitors to effortlessly dip in and out of the water at their convenience while exploring the tropical waterscape of the waterpark.
Slide down Aquaconda and splat!

Do you want to take your family on a 6-seater raft adventure? Aquaconda is the largest six-person waterslide tube in the world, measuring 210 metres in length and 25 metres in height. As you twist and flip through its meandering bends with tremendous vertical banking to 4.6 metres, this serpentine waterslide experience surprises you. On two AquaTubes, riders are sent flying up the sidewalls by their narrow 9.2-meter section and jaw-dropping speeds of up to 35 km/h.

10)Slitherines Set for a Serpentine Spin

Slitherines Set for a Serpentine Spin

The first dual waterslide, Slitherine, allows you to slide through a crazed flurry of twists and turns around Aquaconda. It is a suspended waterslide within a waterslide. The twin racing tube rides are 182 metres long and 31 metres high, and they include partially transparent fiberglass tubes that let you race with friends and family. At the end of the waterslides, there are timers that record the fastest times and let you know how fast you went.
Surmount Gravity with Zoomerango.

On Zoomerango, you will experience gravity unlike any other roller coaster. Slide up and down the large six-person slide, which is 25 metres high and 156 metres long, to experience a range of thrills, including vertical zooms and mega-drop plummets that briefly make you feel weightless at the top. The massive water raft journey, which is Poseidon Tower’s most popular attraction, offers a thrilling, heart-pounding experience.

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