The best of 9 excellent ways to beat the heat indoors this summer in Abu Dhabi

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The best of 9 excellent ways to beat the heat indoors this summer in Abu Dhabi

Even though we like having sunshine every day of the year, we have to admit that some of our favourite outdoor pastimes are becoming a little too uncomfortable. Even while we may be engaging in fewer outside activities like running, outdoor dining, and kayaking, things are still fun. In fact, now is the ideal time to take advantage of Abu Dhabi’s wonderful indoor activities. Without ever leaving the cool comfort of your home, you may enjoy thrilling theme parks, massive climbing walls, fascinating museums, and more. It is no longer necessary to stay out of the sun, endure the heat and humidity, or fight with steam-covered eyewear. If you want to go to Abu Dhabi on vacation to beat the indoor heat, contact one of the tour and travel agencies in Dubai, UAE. The company is highly recommended for their Abu Dhabi city tour needs and for people looking for the best ways to beat the heat during their summer vacation. Try out our list of the best ways to beat the heat indoors this summer in Abu Dhabi.

The best of 9 excellent ways to beat the heat indoors this summer in Abu Dhabi

1. Pose with a falcon at the Falcon Hospital in Abu Dhabi

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Did you know that falcons have their own passports and can fly on airlines like Emirates and Etihad alongside passengers? Well, if you’ve ever taken a fascinating tour of the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, you would. The tour of this incredible facility, which has been operating for 20 years, allows visitors to observe simple procedures and even hold one of the falcons and take a photo with it. It’s pure gold for Instagram.

2. Challenge yourself at Adventure HQ

ways to beat the heat

You won’t have to give up your favourite pastimes throughout the Abu Dhabi summer if you’re an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys nothing more than hiking and other adventurous sports. Thanks to Adventure HQ, you can zip line, boulder, climb, and cave among some of the best malls in the city. Or you can try out the skate park and football fields if you have exceptional balance or athletic ability.

3. Experience weightlessness at Bounce

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Is there anything more empowering than using a trampoline to bounce as high as you can? Get yourself over to Bounce as soon as possible if you haven’t tried it for yourself (or since you were around six years old). This sizable trampoline park can be found in Marina Mall and allows everyone to let their hair down and be a little goofy. But there are other activities as well, such as dodgeball, basketball practice, and even a zip line, so it’s not only about bouncing. The Bounce Fit classes are also a tonne of fun if you’re looking for a way to work off those extra portions of uh-ali.

4. Watch independent films at Cinema Space

Watch independent films at Cinema Space

You’ll likely reach a point during the coming months where you’ve watched every new movie that’s been released in theatres. But don’t even consider going back for a second viewing; instead, visit Cinema Space to see a restored classic or an avant-garde filmic masterpiece. If you don’t count the required snacks, its ideal if you want to watch something a little unusual, and it won’t cost you anything either, because admission to all the screenings is free.

5. Energize yourself at CRYO

Energize yourself at CRYO

Having trouble with the heat? Cryotherapy, however, will push you to the limit. Your body is subjected to sub-zero temperatures as part of the efficient CRYO therapy at Abu Dhabi Country Club, and the advantages are significant. This therapy will give you the results you want, whether you want your muscles to recover more quickly, lose weight, appear younger, or just simply feel healthier.

6. Around the track at Ferrari World

Around the track at Ferrari World

This enormous theme park is a favourite among all thrill lovers and is home to the fastest rollercoaster in the entire globe. You’ll get a fantastic perspective of the island while you’re up there because the Formula Rossa can reach speeds of 240 km/h and heights of 52 m. Except for a few of the really large loops and dips, the entire ride is indoors, protecting you from the sun’s rays as you wait to board the next vehicle. There are several calmer rides available, as well as live entertainment throughout the day and plenty of activities for youngsters if being flung around upside down and moving quickly isn’t really your thing.

7. At Keki, they consume Japanese cheesecakes

At Keki, they consume Japanese cheesecakes

People come from all over the city to the small, informal Al Bateen restaurant in search of its renowned Japanese cheesecakes. The best part of these light and fluffy cakes, if you’ve never had one before, is the amazing light and creamy taste. They are delightfully unsteady and entertaining to photograph. Go down and see what we mean for you. It’s a nice spot to unwind for a few hours because of the ambiance, which is serene and laid-back.

8. Visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi to learn more about human history

Visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi to learn more about human history

Although this amazing museum‘s structure may be one of its most remarkable features, the actual treasures are discovered inside. While the other displays frequently vary, the main gallery chronologically examines the development of art and humanity. Some of the earliest images ever taken are on display and can help you escape the summer heat.

9. Enjoy a crazy time at Yas Island’s MAD

Enjoy a crazy time at Yas Island's MAD

If you want to “go out” in Abu Dhabi, this is where you should go. Even if the season for beach parties may be over, we still have the largest nightclub in the UAE to keep us partying all night. This place doesn’t do things half-heartedly, so be prepared for live dancers, a lot of dry ice, and great weariness the next day. After all, you only have one life. Among the well-known artists who have performed here are Tine Tempah, Akon, Ne-Yo, and French Montana. On the nights here, notable guests frequently appear.

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