The Top 10 Camel Riding Tours in Dubai

Camel Riding Tours in Dubai

The Top 10 Camel Riding Tours in Dubai

There are many different companies offering desert safari tours, so don’t be surprised if the camel ride only lasts for five minutes. Nevertheless, it will be enough time to get your picture taken and cross this experience off your bucket list. An adrenaline-pumping dune bashing ride through the desert dunes to your “camp” follows being picked up from your city hotel by a 4×4 for a traditional Dubai desert safari experience.

Depending on the tour, a range of desert activities will be available here, such as quad riding, dune buggies, and sand biking, before the famous camel ride at twilight and a traditional meal and show under a tent. Most will take you back to your hotel in Dubai that evening, but there are other overnight choices.

The Camel Desert Safari with Platinum Heritage is among the best available. The journey departs from the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and travels over the sand dunes for around 45 minutes. At dusk, you will watch a falconry demonstration and participate in a Bedouin feast and entertainment.

More than just a camel ride, this experience will also feature in-depth explanations of the desert’s ecology and fauna, as well as exceptional Bedouin hospitality. If you want to experience camel rides in Dubai, contact one of the best tour and travel agencies in Dubai, UAE. This company is highly recommended for travellers looking for a reliable camel ride for their Dubai city tour needs. Here are some of the camels riding tours in Dubai.

The Top 10 Camel Riding Tours in Dubai

1) Options for BBQ, sandboarding, and camel rides on the Dubai Red Dune Desert Safari

Camel Riding Tours in DubaiExplore the desert in a 4WD car and go on a dune drive on the red sands outside of Dubai. You’ll enjoy the exhilaration of camel riding, sandboarding, and dunking. Increase the duration of your 4-hour morning or afternoon trip to 7 hours, stay for a beautiful sunset, and include a barbeque dinner at a camp put up in the desert in the Bedouin style.

With belly dance, henna, and other entertainment, you’re treated like a VIP. Enjoy a 30-to-40-minute adrenaline rush while dune bashing in the Lahbab desert. Enjoy sandboarding, camel rides, and photo opportunities from the highest dunes in the desert. Enjoy live entertainment that features Tanura and Belly Dance.

2) Red Dunes Quad Biking, Sandboarding, camels, and BBQ at Al Khayma Camp in Dubai.

Camel Riding Tours in DubaiDubai Desert Safari Free ATV/quads, a BBQ dinner, camel rides, four shows, and snacks are all included. On this trip from Dubai, go on a desert safari. Visit a camp in the desert, then depart after enjoying dates and Arabic coffee on a thrilling quad bike ride across the sands. After a henna tattoo and a camel ride, return to the camp for a BBQ meal under the stars.

Watch a sequined belly dancing display and a mesmerizing “tanoura” performance while indulging in delectable Arabic fare. Both performances are timed to traditional Emirati music. A desert safari from Dubai includes a BBQ meal and a quad ride. As the sun sets over the desert, drive a 4×4 over the dunes. You’ll be greeted with Arabic coffee and dates when you get to a camp in the Bedouin style.

Enjoy a camel ride and a quad bike trip across the sand dunes. Enjoy a great BBQ dinner while watching fascinating belly dancers in the open air. Watch a tanoura folk dance as dancers in whirling dervish costumes twirl in front of you. Admire traditional sand art, observe henna artisans at work, and, if you so desire, have a henna tattoo.

3) Desert Safari Tour in Dubai in the Evening with Hotel Transfer, Camel Ride, and BBQ Dinner

Camel Riding Tours in DubaiGo deep into the virgin sandy desert and leave the city’s hustle and bustle far behind. You can choose from a variety of excursions on this safari tour. Ride a camel for a thrilling ride; engage in a high-speed chase across soaring dunes, and practice your sand surfing. A delectable open-grill dinner feast and a traditional performance are included in the tours.

A desert adventure excursion including dining, sandboarding and dune-bashing On-site benefits abound, including henna tattoos, regional treats, sheesha pipes, and amusing costumes. Enjoy classic entertainment such as live fire performances and belly dancing. Tanoura A private vehicle upgrade or sharing hotel transfers with smaller parties are options.

4) Dubai Self-drive Sandboarding, a camel ride, a quad bike, and refreshments

Camel Riding Tours in DubaiOn an energetic day excursion, escape the busy city and explore Dubai’s red sand dunes. With camel riding, quad biking, and sandboarding included, you can get a close-up view of the beautiful terrain. Afterward, you can relax with free refreshments offered in a camp-style setting. Air-conditioned transportation makes it simple to reach the isolated area, and hotel pickup and drop-off services are provided so that you may unwind after an active day.

Enjoy an active day tour that’s perfect for adventurers. Take beautiful pictures of the vast desert environment. Take advantage of the knowledge and guidance of your safari guide. Visit the Bedouin-style camp to learn more about traditional desert culture.

5) Majlis Camp offers a premium desert safari, barbecue, three shows, camel rides, and sandboarding.

Majlis Camp offers a premium desert safari, barbecue, three shows, camel rides, and sandboarding.This culturally-focused desert safari is perfect for culture vultures and includes a pulse-pounding dune bashing session, a camel ride, live cultural performances including belly dancing, a photograph in traditional Arabic attire, and a BBQ buffet dinner. See a camel farm and an oasis in the Arabian Desert from Dubai before taking in a breathtaking sunset.

Try out sandboarding, learn about Arabian culture, and let native henna artisans adorn your hands and feet while you explore a desert camp modeled after a Bedouin hamlet. Transportation to and from the hotel in the heart of Dubai, dinner, and unlimited soft drinks are all included.An evening desert safari from Dubai includes a camel ride, three live performances, and a BBQ meal.

6) A 4×4 Safari in the Dubai Desert with camp activities and a BBQ dinner.

A 4x4 Safari in the Dubai Desert with camp activities and a BBQ dinner.On this safari through the Dubai desert, learn about the culture and beauty of the desert. In a comfy 4×4 with a guide, depart from Dubai and take part in an exhilarating combination of conventional and contemporary desert experiences. As the sun sets, unwind at a desert campground while riding a camel or riding a sandboard down Dubai’s sand dunes.

Get a henna tattoo, take in a “tanoura” folk dance, and finish your adventure with an exotic belly dancing performance while you sit around the campfire and a great BBQ dinner with shawarma station.As a guide drives, take in the beauty of the beautiful desert environment. Ride a camel at a farm in the middle of the desert.

7) with a buffet dinner, camel rides, and the best desert safari in Dubai

with a buffet dinner, camel rides, and the best desert safari in Dubai,Take advantage of the desert to its fullest during this safari from Dubai. Sandboarding down the golden dunes will be done after an exhilarating 4×4 vehicle dune bashing activity. Then, visit a desert camp where you can ride camels, have shisha, get henna tattoos, and more.

Enjoy a delectable buffet feast to end the evening while taking in a fire performance, a folk dance, and belly dancers. Spend a thrilling evening in the desert of Dubai. Enjoy desert pursuits like camel riding and dune buggying. Experience the desert in a genuine Bedouin camp. Enjoy a wonderful meal while taking in live entertainment.

8) Dubai Desert Safari features a BBQ dinner, a camel ride, and entertainment

Dubai Desert Safari features a BBQ dinner, a camel ride, and entertainmentOn this dinner-inclusive desert trip, have fun in Dubai’s renowned sand dunes. Prior to a session of sand boarding and a sunset photo stop, start with a 4×4 dune bash. Then, take part in a variety of activities at a camp set up in the Bedouin style, such a camel ride, henna tattoo painting, and a photo opportunity in traditional Arabic attire.

A barbecue and buffet meal, as well as live entertainment beneath the stars, round out your experience. Dinner and return transports to Dubai are included.Enjoy a day away from the city’s noise and bustle. In a 4×4, venture off the beaten path. There is no charge for hotel pickup or drop-off. Courteous, knowledgeable, and experienced tour guide.

9) Camel Desert Safari from Dubai with Traditional Dinner & Cultural Activities

Camel Desert Safari from Dubai with Traditional Dinner & Cultural ActivitiesOn this desert excursion, take a camel ride across Dubai and have an Emirati dinner in a tent like a Bedouin. In an air-conditioned minivan, depart from Dubai and go into the desert to meet a camel train. Then ride a camel to a royal desert retreat amid the sloping dunes after that. Enjoy a falconry show, see how Arabic bread is made, and receive a henna tattoo as the sun sets.

Finish off with a 4-course outdoor meal featuring Arabian dancing and music.Experience a dinner in the desert with round-trip transportation from Dubai. In a regal desert hideaway, take a camel ride to a camp in the Bedouin style. Enjoy a 4-course meal that includes traditional music and dance after it.

10) Early-morning 4WD tour of the Dubai Desert, including a camel ride, a quad bike tour, sandboarding, and a camel farm

Early-morning 4WD tour of the Dubai Desert, including a camel ride, a quad bike tour, sandboarding, and a camel farmWant to try camel riding in the manner of Dubai? Then, this early-morning desert excursion includes three other thrilling activities, in addition to a Dubai camel ride. With the help of a knowledgeable guide, they venture into the desert and reach a conventional camel farm.

Take pictures of the hump-backed herbivores and any calves that are present, and ride a camel across the sands.Finish off your morning with a thrilling quad bike ride before sliding, sliding, and skiing down the dunes on a sandboard.

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