10 Fun & Surprising Things to Do in Dubai

Surprising Things to Do in Dubai

10 Fun & Surprising Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai is one of the world’s most stunning and wonderful cities. It is a city with endless opportunities for fun and surprise. Dubai has a variety of tourist attractions that are worth visiting. Some of them are the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Jumeirah Mosque, Hatta Dam, Palm Jumeirah Island and many more. Dubai is famous for its shopping malls, which have everything you can think of, from clothes to electronics. It also has some amazing parks and gardens which are perfect for picnics or just relaxing in the sun. You can go and experience all of it with our special things to do in Dubai packages.

1) Skydiving in Dubai

Surprising Things to Do in DubaiNothing gets your heart racing and your senses awakened like a skydive from an aeroplane. In Dubai, there is no shortage of fun things to do, but for the adventurer, routine activities might be pretty monotonous. Experience skydiving in Dubai, which is an unmatched experience if you’re seeking a strong adrenaline rush. Watch the beautiful city below you and take in Dubai in the most breathtaking way. Skydiving is an option over the arid region or close to The Palm Island.

2) Enjoy Thrilling Rides at Aquaventure Waterpark

Surprising Things to Do in DubaiTake a ride on one of the largest waterparks in Dubai’s exhilarating rides for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. When it comes to entertaining things to do in Dubai, nothing is more thrilling than the fury of riding adrenaline-inducing coasters like Anaconda and Tower of Poseidon.Get on the river that connects the park’s waters, ride the largest fibreglass tube in the world, and take a heart-pounding dive into a shark and ray tank.

3) Learn Surfing at Surf House

Surprising Things to Do in DubaiThe Surf House is a must-visit location for anyone who prefers visiting the city outside of malls to get a truly holistic view of the city. Indeed, one of the activities you wouldn’t anticipate doing in Dubai is surfing, but ever since Surf House debuted, both tourists and locals have become very interested in it. You may hire surfboards, pedals, wet suits, and even take lessons to get the real experience.

4) Dubai theme park

Surprising Things to Do in DubaiOne excellent place to locate entertainment in Dubai is Motiongate. The Motiongate theme park will provide you and your loved ones with the greatest of times. Experience the thrill of the Dubai theme park as you ride the Smurfs’ attractions or have a blast with the Ghostbusters as they attempt to save New York.

5) Hot Air Ballooning

Surprising Things to Do in DubaiOne of the most enjoyable activities in Dubai is riding in a hot air balloon. From 3000 feet in the air, observe the glitz and glamour of this world-famous city; take in the panoramic views of golden sandy deserts that sparkle in the sunlight; and watch as gorgeous falcons circle and soar around the balloon. There, you can also plan a fine-dining experience. Enjoy your meal while you take in the spectacular views of the sea merging with the desert and the beauty of the desert. The sunset above the Hajjar mountains, which casts tangerine hues over the sky, is simply unforgettable.

6) Flyboard in Dubai

Flyboard in DubaiIf the standard water park rides aren’t challenging enough for you, try flyboarding to advance your abilities. You’ll be enthralled by this fascinating trip to Dubai and want more. When strong spurts of water launch you into the air while you are strapped into a contraption resembling a jetpack, it will feel as though you are flying over water. While inexperienced riders can content themselves with the pleasant sensation of gliding, seasoned pros can flip and streak through the air like a superhero. The services are offered by a number of establishments, and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help you through the procedure. The thrilling experience will be something you will always treasure.

7) Enjoy at Wild Wadi Waterpark

Enjoy at Wild Wadi WaterparkDiving into the exhilarating water slides and coasters at Wild Wadi is one of the happiest things to do in Dubai. The theme park, which is based on the mythology of Juha, contains amazing slides and other features.Burj Surj, wave pools, and surfing are further attractions. You can also take part in a special simulation of a flash flood. Additionally offered are food establishments and retail stores.

8) Dune Bashing

Dune BashingDune Bashing will hit all the adrenaline-inducing places in your body and soul, unlike any other driving activity on Dubai’s magnificent dunes. You must participate in the activity while seated comfortably in one of the air-conditioned 4×4 SUVs that actually “batter or smash” the sand dunes as they go from one location to another. You are always accompanied by an expert driver for your safety. The activity is also carried out while being driven by only one other person in a buggy. Due to the high levels of excitement and adrenaline, this activity has emerged as one the most enjoyable in Dubai right now.

9) Sand Boarding

Sand BoardingSandboarding allows you to travel through the enormous sand dunes while cruising like a boat, much like any other board activity. You must keep a straight posture during the activity while fastening your feet to the boat. With the Hajar Mountains as a background and an unparalleled rush,Today, one of the most enjoyable activities in Dubai is sandboarding. You may explore Dubai’s magnificent desert while participating in this activity, and it will also give your trip to Dubai the necessary adrenaline. As you fall from the sand mounds and experience the surge of adrenaline through your veins, challenge your fellow sand boarders.

10) Enjoy Dolphin Show

Enjoy Dolphin ShowThanks to the Dubai Dolphinarium, six dolphins and various fur seals have been living in a protected and homelike environment. The area has grown to be a highly popular tourist site where visitors may watch dolphin shows and interact with the animals.These adorable animals are expertly trained to perform all the feats and acts that are asked of them, making the entire act entertaining. Visitors can participate in a “Swim with Dolphins” session and witness illusion performances during the about 45-minute presentation. Dolphins may be hugged, kissed, and danced with when handled by knowledgeable trainers.

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