Top 5 Family Friendly Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Top Family Friendly Tourist Attractions in Dubai

The stylish and breathtaking Dubai is popular for its abundance of Tourist Attractions in Dubai and most certainly a heaven for the adults, even for the children too. What’s more, the charming city houses various captivating attractions for them to explore. You might wonder why your kids must see Dubai; a place known as the most expensive cities in the world. Well, get rid of your worries away as Dubai has been crowned as one of the best family-friendly tourist attractions in the world! For best and long holiday stays in UAE you can choose any of these two visa types on your visit- 30 Days Dubai Visa, 90 Days Dubai Visa. The time duration of 30 days visa is for a period of 30 days and other is 90 days. Go through this travel guide to find a better idea on how to spend a perfect family vacation in the city.

1) Dubai miracle garden

Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Drop by the Al Barsha South region and have a look at miracle with your family which is a unique kind world of a mega garden in the middle of a desert. There are many sightseeing places in Dubai and this park is definitely one among them. It houses more than 45 million blooming flowers showcased in a variety of designs and beautiful sculptures. walk and have fun with your beloved family under a ceiling of colorful flower garden arranged like an umbrella and create wonderful memories with them to remember your family visit to Dubai. To get a family visa you can choose best travel agency in Dubai, UAE.

2) Global village

Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Get your kids along to see the world at Global Village, certainly one of Dubai’s most famous vacation destinations from October to April, containing very nearly 40 pavilions each addressing a country displaying their own local items. Allow your kids to explore and encounter a genuine worldwide experience at the pavilions set up by nations, similar to Italy, Egypt, Oman, Vietnam and others. Have a taste and buy the delightful honey from Yemen and shop for wonderful rugs from Afghanistan and Iran. The Global Village likewise offers amusement to all including the exhilarating funfair rides for adults as well as kids. They also organize comedy shows and magic shows.

3) Kite Beach

Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Dubai is well known for its sea shores and the Kite Beach is the most famous tourist spot in Dubai particularly among the people who love to spend their vacations on sea shores by enjoying water sport activity. A vacation to Dubai ceaselessly by the Kite Beach is basically an incomplete vacation, and that is true! Right across the Al Manara Road intersection, the Kite Beach offers a great excitement to all where you can appreciate sitting by the beach and have a dip in the emerald waters of the Arabian Gulf. Furthermore, there are loads of different activities at the Kite Beach, for example, the trampolines and the newly cleared Skate Park for the grown-ups to show their abilities.

4) Skydiving

Tourist Attractions in Dubai

This adventurous activity is a must for many Tourist Attractions in Dubai who are coming to Dubai and who want a sort of adrenaline rush. The skydive usually require a person to jump off a plane at a very great height of almost 4,000 meters. Parents normally don’t allow their young children to try out this activity though. Thus, the Mirdif City Centre, which is a a shopping mall, planned to come with an alternative so that younger children like above three years old can enjoy a safer skydiving. Therefore, the mall now houses one of the biggest indoor adventures in UAE, which is called as- iFly Dubai. The spot is equipped with the world’s first double vertical wind tunnel so that the flyers can experience a great flight. Now everyone can enjoy skydiving, not only children but adults as well!

5) Ski Dubai

Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Dubai is not all about the deserts and resorts; especially during the summer and neither going to the water parks is the only solution to cool down yourself. Experience winter with snowy weather at Ski Dubai with your children that is located in Mall of the Emirates. It is ideal to combine a visit there with shopping and other activities at the mall. Let your children have some funny moments throwing snowballs at each other or grab the snowboards and hit the slopes. Spend your family holiday in Dubai well so that everyone can share the plenty of excitements during this vacation.

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